I always equate website flipping as a cross between magic and eBay.

You see, the issue I have always had with it is how do you know all your hard work build and ranking the website will make a return on the investment?

Is it magic or is it luck?

Build Rank Flip is a new internet marketing product that states it will make learning how to make and flip sites “brain dead simple”.

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As someone who finds site flipping mysterious, let’s see if it can teach me a thing or two.

The Pitch

The sales letter is formulaic but pretty short by sales letter standards.

The author, Tony, tells me how I can turn a basic website earning $1000 a month into a $7000 sale. Are you wondering like I am, why someone would do that?

Sure if you need fast cash then fine, otherwise a thousand dollars a month is a nice supplementary income. I suppose if the site requires a lot of work then it might not be viable.

We will see.

Purchasing Build Rank Flip

Barring my fascination with site flipping, one other thing caught my eye about this product and that was the affiliate page. The products funnel is an expensive one.

build rank flip affiliate funnel
The Facebook site cost has come down to $27 per month.

The initial purchase is on a dime sale. I picked it up for around $20 bucks but it looked to be going up and up.

After that comes the first upsell, a $27 a month private Facebook group. That seems awfully expensive. While having access to peers is a brilliant thing, you can get more for your money if you shop around. Most other internet marketing membership sites are about the same price and you get a whole lot more than a Facebook group.

That being said, your peers in this group will likely be just focused on flipping sites rather than a wider range of interests.

The second upsell only happens if you take up the first and this is where it gets really expensive. It is for a $697 per month for personal coaching.  The coaching consists of a weekly one hour Skype call and email support.

In some ways this isn’t badly priced (approx. $110 per hour if you email him a lot and take up every Skype call), but as always it is something that generally won’t be needed.

I certainly wouldn’t recommend it unless you are earning a lot already, in which case, why would you need it…?

The Product

Build Rank Flip is a membership style site and is broken down into 8 sections, each one containing a mixture of video and written instructions.

1. Niche

There’s nothing complex here, the section covers finding a niche and making sure there are sufficient products available for that niche on Amazon.

2. Domain & hosting

I thought this would be a basic hosting and domain type training and for the most part it was. One thing that irked me was the author’s assumption that you would already know things, as he constantly referred to PBN’s without explaining himself. I had to Google it in the end and it still wasn’t that easy to find (Private Blog Networks if you’re interested).

The training provided on purchasing expired domains was quite good, as it takes you through the process of reviewing the domain to make sure it hasn’t been spammed to death already.

At this point I still feel that this training isn’t fully suitable for newbies, perhaps intentionally? After all there is a Facebook group available which is a lucrative monthly payment.

build rank flip majstic seo
Majestic SEO – An expensive but probably needed extra.

3. Products

Not much training here, it’s basically about going and choosing the products for your niche.

4. Creating Content

This section covers how to write the content for your site. The content will be made up of pretty much just product reviews, but the author does provide a structure to follow as well as assistance for getting the work outsourced which is handy.

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5. Site Setup

This is just a basic tutorial on setting up a bare bones WordPress site – really basic. It doesn’t even cover having a disclaimer page set up (required by Amazon and the FTC). Perhaps this is an oversight as the author is British, but he should know this stuff.

 6. Adding Content

This section doesn’t walk you through how to actually add content; it assumes you can figure that out, but rather on how to structure it so that it is not over optimized for keywords.

One thing that concerns me is that if you follow the advice of getting the articles outsourced and then also post them number of articles he suggests you will end up spending $150-$225 just on articles.

Not an issue if the site makes a decent return but something to bear in mind.

 7. Backlinks

The author now finally tells me what a PBN is! Here the author discusses how to get backlinks and things start to get a little murky.

He covers using social networks, but the main focus is on PBN’s.

Private Blog Networks are something of a grey area in SEO and the author does admit this, and I’m alsways reluctant to suggest using systems that Google frowns on, so it’s your call at the end of the day.

The training is relatively good in that it advises you on how best to go about this while minimizing impact on your sites (different hosting people, different hosting!).

It does cover other areas in brief such as using Web 2.0 sites like Tumblr and also YouTube.

 8. Flipping

The most important part of all of this is the actual flipping or selling of the site. The training runs through when to start selling the site, how to write a listing and also has lots of tips on setting the listing up, such as whether to set up a reserve for the auction.

The Bottom Line

The product is not a scam, it provides a relatively detailed account on how to build, rank and flip a website.

It isn’t perfect though, newbies will probably struggle at first without spending the $27 a month on the Facebook group.

It also uses tactics that white hat marketers will reject and that, if done wrong, could cause problems with your money sites.

Overall, Build Rank Flip is not a bad product, it goes into just enough detail to get you on the right track.

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