Quick Summary of 12 Minute Pay Day

Rating: 2 It's affiliate marketing light!

The Good: The system introduces you to the basics of affiliate marketing.

The Bad: You are inundated with questionable products on questionable affiliate networks, not to mention loads of up-sells and cross-sells for a supposedly free product.

The Bottom Line: If you really want to make money through affiliate marketing, there are many better systems out there.

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12 Minute Pay Day Review

Justin James starts out with an intriguing proposition: He will bet you $2K that you’re going to start making money using 12 Minute Pay Day in just 12 minutes. If you don’t start making money in just 12 minutes, you get to keep the $2K.

12 Minute Pay Day

Exactly how you’re supposed to collect your money just in case Justin loses his bet with you is never explained.

Justin then describes how he has a “little secret” that enabled him to bank over $2.5 million. Justin notes how a select number of individuals also banked five figures or more thanks to his system.

This test group had zero experience with online marketing and had actually never made a single dollar online.

“So, do you want to be rich?” asks Justin.


What’s 12 Minute Pay Day about?

It takes some patience to get into the actual meat and potatoes of 12 Minute Pay Day because, at least initially, Justin is quite vague about how you’re actually going to earn money via this system. Instead, he posts a bunch of motivational statements like “you’ll have as many pay days as you want” or “my buddy, who is a bartender, made loads of money using my system.”

OK, and…

“I’m risking a bet that my system will make you money.”

OK, and…

“You’re here because you want money, consistent money…”

Fine, but…

We then see these happy customer testimonials.


Unfortunately, we never hear exactly how these individuals made their thousands of dollars in “just a few days.”

Justin eventually hints that his system doesn’t involve website building, domain buying, “or any of that crazy stuff.” He states how he creates “profit accounts” in the space of about 12 minutes, and these accounts accumulate online clicks that generate cash.

Now we’re getting somewhere.

Justin then describes how he got fired for having the flu one winter. He tried finding a new job, but nothing was a good fit. Luckily, a friend of Justin’s came through with a minimum wage-earning job that involved managing his mega-millions business. And that business involved making “profit accounts” online.

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While Justin’s millionaire friend chose to keep his money-making scheme private, Justin was more altruistic and has chosen to share this system with others.

“You know how lucky you are for being here?” Justin asks.


Justin then brings up the word affiliate. So, the 12 Minute Pay Day has something to do with being an affiliate.

After some more “you’re going to make a ton of money” statements, it’s time to get down to the details of the 12 Minute Pay Day system.

So, what’s involved?

12 minute pay day 4

What this amounts to is first locating affiliate products that pay decent commissions. You then create as many as 15 web pages that are, for all practical purposes, squeeze (sometimes called landing) pages. Each affiliate product gets its own unique squeeze page. Finally, you locate traffic exchanges or other traffic streams and direct them to your squeeze pages.

As your directed traffic clicks on the links located on your squeeze pages, and hopefully purchases some of your advertised products, you make money.

Some highly recommended affiliate products, at least according to Justin, include products that help people make an online income.

Hmm…kind of like 12 Minute Pay Day?

How much money does 12 Minute Pay Day cost?

Justin starts out by saying that his system is completely free. He has enough money, given his $2.5 million bank account and the additional $25K he earned by charging $500 for each of his first 50 system users.

Then, Justin backtracks and says the following:

So, the supposedly free system is now $47.

Luckily, if you try to leave the sales page a few times, your $47 fee turns into $37, and then just $9.

12 minute

Notice how your checkout page is through ClickBetter, yet another affiliate network.

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Have you started wondering if maybe, just maybe, Justin is making his real income through affiliate products like 12 Minute Payday?

Justin also notes that his 15-site system would cost $1,600/month with anyone else due to its hosting and domain costs.

I’m not sure how domains, which cost roughly $10/each per year, and hosting, which costs about $15/month, together equal $1,600.

Granted, paying $9 for a turnkey affiliate marketing system isn’t a lot to ask. However, the system you’re buying is just the tip of the iceberg.

What the system really entails is up-sells and cross-sells so that Justin makes money from you and then later your (hopefully) affiliate sales. Here’s how the process goes:

  1. You pay your $47 $37 $9 to buy 12 Minute Pay Day.
  2. You select affiliate products to advertise by copying their associated commission links.
  3. You generate 1-15 subdomains via Justin’s system of site domains. You avoid paying hosting fees by building your squeeze pages through his own sites.
  4. Subdomains rank next to nothing in search results, so you buy traffic streams through traffic exchanges, PPC advertising, or some other traffic generating source. No doubt, Justin will have products lined up for you to try and for him to make affiliate commissions from.
  5. As long as you keep plunking down money for traffic and/or PPC advertising, you’ll turn a profit every now and then. However, unless you generate your own full websites and flesh them out with content, that smattering of 15 squeeze pages will do very little to make you a steady online income.

We’ve seen this strategy before…

12 Minute Pay Day is nothing new- last year, we reviewed a similar program called Full Money System. Its tactics sound very similar to those proposed in 12 Minute Pay Day. Auto Affiliate X also operates on this same premise.

The bottom line is…small.

While 12 Minute Pay Day is not a scam, it will probably not generate thousands or even hundreds of dollars for you on a daily basis. Successful affiliate marketing involves more than just generating a series of sales pages and directing paid traffic to them. You may end up making loads of money via 12 Minute Pay Day, but only after you spend a lot more money on advertising, content and full website generation, and traffic streams.

But hey, maybe Justin already has such a system lined up and ready to go as yet another up-sell for his members.

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