I’ve come to find that a lot of people share the same fears. They’re worried about spending money to learn how to make money online because they’re afraid they won’t succeed or they’re scared that Internet Marketing may be too advanced for them. There are a lot of people who are passing on the opportunity to learn something new and potentially change their lives because of a little bit of fear.

Enter Louise. She was in your exact shoes just a few weeks ago when I first started talking to her. She had read a few of my posts regarding Wealthy Affiliate and was interested in getting started, but was apprehensive and had some questions.

Louise’s story is probably very similar to your own. She’s always been interested in making money online from home, but she was worried about spending money to get started. She wasn’t sure if Internet Marketing was something she could “do.” Here’s an actual excerpt from the very first email she sent me:

“Would I start a website? Do a blog? I don’t feel like I am a writer!! Sorry for all this – I just don’t know if I should do it, where to start, and what to do exactly!! I hope this makes sense and doesn’t just sound like a lot of babble!! Thanks for reading this! Maybe if I could feel like I had a place to “start” going in it wouldn’t feel so overwhelming.”

Sound familiar?

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Louise eventually set her fears aside and signed up for a month of Wealthy Affiliate. That was three weeks ago. She has since setup her first website, written a number of articles for it, started getting people to visit it, and has actually made quite a few bucks already!

I’ve loved talking with Louise and hearing of her progress. I just had to share her story with you guys and she agreed to do an interview for I’ve Tried That outlining what she’s accomplished so far.

An Interview with an Internet Marketing Beginner

I asked Louise a few questions and here’s a copy of the transcript…

Steve: Tell us a little about yourself!

Louise: My name is Louise Uithoven and I am a stay-at-home Mom to two kids and am married to an awesome guy! I think I’ve been fascinated with the internet since it came into being! And I’ve always wanted to find a way to make a living using it.

S: When did you join Wealthy Affiliate?

L: I joined WA in March of 2011.

S: What was your Internet Marketing experience before joining Wealthy Affiliate?

L: I’ve sold on eBay for 7 years. So I was familiar with selling online or having a product online – but I never created my own website, had a blog, bought a domain name, etc. In fact I had always thought that was something I would never do – that it was way out of my league! It scared me to be honest! But when I saw the reviews by Steve about Wealthy Affiliate and read the reviews on the website – I thought they could even teach me to have my own biz! I’m not tech savvy at all and I was able to follow the steps and I actually have a website and blog now! This is one of the most exciting things I’ve ever been involved in!

S: How many websites do you currently have? What are they?

L: I just have one. Selling Items Online and you can check it out at http://www.sellingitemsonline.org/ . But once I get this one established I think I will branch out. My son and I are actually thinking of starting one for him so he can blog about what he likes – and he is 16!! The possibilities are very exciting!!

S: Very impressive website for a beginner! What was the biggest thing holding you back from joining? Have those fears subsided?

L: Probably the cost! But I’m feeling more comfortable and actually thinking I can make this work and make some money with my website!

S: Have you made any money yet?

L: I actually have! And to be honest I was shocked! I’ve already made enough to cover all of my initial expenses and the next two months of training and more money is coming in every day! I guess that is what cements this for me. The guys that started WA know what they are doing & how to help you!

S: What advice would you offer to someone who’s currently on the fence about joining?

L: WA lays out step-by-step how to get your own website up and running! I am very impressed by the help and support offered. And they really do get how intimidating it can be to do all this when you have no prior experience! Give it a try – you will never know how far you could go until you do!

S: Anything else you’d like to add?

L: Have a mentor that is willing to help you out, encourage you and be honest with you. I actually found that in Steve! I don’t think I would have gotten this far without him! Thanks Steve! :)

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S: Aww, thanks! And thank you for doing the interview!

L: Thanks so much for this opportunity!!

-end of interview-

As you can see, Louise went from knowing nothing about Internet Marketing to setting up a website to actually making money in less than one month’s time! I highly suggest you check out her site Selling Items Online and take a look around. Again, this was made by someone who had never created a website before, but was assisted with the tools available at Wealthy Affiliate. Very impressive!

Don’t forget that when you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate through I’ve Tried That, you get exclusive access to my Top 10 Secrets to Making Money Online at Wealthy Affiliate! You’ll see the bonus added on the sign up page.

I highly suggest you set your own fears aside and click here and come join Louise, myself, and thousands of others at Wealthy Affiliate all working towards building a successful online business. To quote Louise once more, “Give it a try – you will never know how far you could go until you do!”

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