It’s not often that you see an internet marketing product that actually tells you what it does and how it’s structured on the sale page. That’s exactly what I found when I came across Commission Kaboom.

The authors have taken every pain to ensure that you have a good idea what the product is about, in this case building and using an email list, before you outlay a dime.

And that’s great because all too often you buy an IM related product based on hype and really having no clue whatsoever as to whether it is the information you actually need.

Commission Kaboom: The Sales Pitch

In contrast with the authors straight forward and upfront information, the sales pitch is typical of an online marketing product:

Want more money?
This video will show you the simplest and fastest way to make money online today. Watch it for free right now.
  • Lots of highlight effect
  • It looks like every other word is bolded
  • Stock photo’s galore
  • Unprovable proof
  • And so on

They even included proof of their own IM guru-ness by providing evidence that they have successfully reached the top ten in other products affiliate pushes.

Purchasing Commission Kaboom

The front end product is a typical low ball price at around $10 bucks. It’s on a dime sale so the cost will eventually rise to $13.95.

After the initial purchase you are hit with the first upsell which is 4 “copy and paste” case studies for $27. Rejecting this will kick in a down sell for the same product at $17.

If you still fail to buy you are kicked out of the sales funnel and onwards towards your purchase, but according to their affiliate page, if you choose to buy the initial upsell, you could be asked to buy two more upsells, at $37 and $97 respectively.

Commission kaboom sales funnel

Is it a Scam?

If you have already read through the sales pitch then you will have a good idea of what to expect on the inside of the membership area.

A frustrating aspect from these sellers is that before you can get your product you’re forced to hand over your email again. Unfortunately if you have previously bought something from them and failed to unsubscribe from their list, you can’t use the same email (I actually registered a new email address, it was easier than trawling the hundreds of email I get daily to unsubscribe from them).

Commission Kaboom is a video training course which compromises of 3 broad areas.

Part 1 – List building course

This is comprised of ten short videos (between 2 to 5 minutes each) that cover advanced techniques for list building.

While short, the videos are packed full of pretty good advice. They focus on creating an initial product and upsells, building relationships with other affiliates, and using these to build your list to promote your won and others products too.

The aim is to have a targeted buyers list, and as such he avoids certain list building strategies like Solo Ads.

Part 2 –The actual Commission Kaboom course

This section contains 7 videos ranging from 2 to 18 minutes long (about 10 minutes on average), and focuses on how to improve you actual sales.

It covers a wide range of topics, from general advice about improving the look of your website to more specific advice about adding additional value to an existing affiliate product.

The topics don’t cover email marketing but instead branch out into general affiliate advice, but it can still very much be used.

Part 3 – Newbie friendly training courses

These short and informative videos are for people new to internet marketing.

They cover things like setting up hosting and domains, setting up an Aweber account and how to create a squeeze page and download page.

Short and to the point, the videos get the job done effectively enough.

Over all the videos make a slightly disjointed training session, and while contain usefull information it is not really a step 1 to step 10 type training system. I would say it for existing marketers who want some additional help in improving their affiliate sites sales and email list subscription rate.

The Bottom Line

While I have my doubts that the authors of this product  (Gaurab, Venkata and Tom) actually made the videos, there is no denying that they have collated enough material around the topic to make the initial payment seem worthwhile, so it is not a scam.

Making money online has never been easier...
And this free video will show you exactly everything you need to do to get started. Click here to watch it now.

The product is somewhat of a mixed bag, from a learning level point of view. Part 3 is for pure newbies, part 1 is advanced enough that newbies will struggle and part 2 also seems to be of an intermediate to advanced level.

As such an absolute newbie may find some gaps in the early to intermediate stage of learning how to build and promote n email list. Marketers with some prior experience should have no trouble following along though.

All in all, while this is obviously just bait for the upsells, it does have some value to it.

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