Quick Summary of eComProfitMachine

Rating: 3 Not bad, but doesn't compete with WordPress

The Good: Easy to set up an Amazon product site. Fairly easy to modify a layout. Decent training.

The Bad: Does require some technical know how. Will definitely take you longer than 10 minutes to setup. Useless for organic SEO. Confusing. Some parts just don't seem to work. Lack of design options with the base product.

The Bottom Line: You can create a better store with less fuss and for free with WordPress and Woocommerce.

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eComProfitMachine Review

When it comes to making money online, nothing beats a popular eCommerce site, as you can sell virtually anything from digital products to services to physical products.

The thing is, setting up an eCommerce site is often complicated and frustrating, and that’s when you have something to sell already.

eComProfitMachine suggests that they can help you to build a profitable eCommerce store in less than 10 minutes.

That’s a bold claim, as even with WordPress you would be spending several hours getting everything together, settings and so forth, and that’s when you know what you’re doing.

What is eComProfitMachine?

The sales pitch for this software states it’s a fully automated eCommerce system.

Its main selling points are:

  • A fully featured eCommerce Website
  • Free traffic getting paying customers
  • Automated product selling system
  • Multiple passive income streams

It also suggests that you do not need any prior knowledge or technical skills.

The Pitch

As with any product in the internet marketing world, the sales pitch is slick and full of promise.

Not only does it suggest an easy system to use, but it offers up some (actually valid looking) testimonials that state how good it is. The testimonials look real which is a rare occurrence, but these are all people who also work in the internet marketing arena, so they might still not be genuine, it’s a tough call.

As always the pitch pushes the greed factor showing you how by using this software you too can take a slice of the $1.92 trillion dollar eCommerce market.

It provides “evidence” in the form of Amazon affiliate screenshots showing thousands in commissions, but it isn’t proof that this software works.

The Upsells

I get that upsells are a part of marketing, and they are a useful way to bring in extra cash, but I find upsells like this to be somewhat disturbing:

ecommerceprofitmachine upsells

After buying the product you have to wade through 3 different sales pages, all with tiny “continue here” text at the bottom.

Are the upsells useful? Perhaps. There’s a product that adds eBay products, one that is a bundle of different digital products you can sell, and finally a membership package that seems to be a bunch of products rather than an actual membership.

Are they necessary? Probably not, upsells rarely are. A product shouldn’t rely on upsells in order to work.

Installing the Software

The first thing I noticed was that the software was not a WordPress plugin. This disappointed me as well I like WordPress and also it means that the setup is likely not going to be technical free as the sales page suggested.

I followed the first installation video, which advises me to upload the files via FTP and create a database.

ecommerceprofitmachine editing htaccess

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While the videos do allow you to follow along, when you have to edit an .htaccess file and create a database, then the “NO Prior Knowledge Or Technical Skills Required” statement is invalid!

ecommerceprofitmachine no tech needed

OK, so let’s move past that. Once the files have uploaded, there’s a lovely installation wizard that makes setting it up a little bit easier but it might still be a bit intimidating to some people.

The bottom line here is that the no tech skills needed is BS – if you’ve never used hosting before it certainly will take longer than 10 minutes to get going.

Inside the Store

ecommerceprofitmachine admin

The store admin area is reminiscent of WordPress so if you’ve ever used WP, then you will have a rough understanding of the eComProfitMachine (ePM) admin area.

Overall you can do a lot here, such as adding categories, pulling in products from Amazon, changing the layout and so on.

I just didn’t find it easy to use.

ecommerceprofitmachine product area

Let me give you an example. I wanted to add a message to the website. First I had to go to the Modules and create a module, then I needed to go to Layouts and edit a layout (I created 2 new layouts before I realized this), then add or edit a section and add the module.

It’s not hard, just not intuitive. It is however like using a page builder in WordPress, but without a drag and drop functionality.

The number of modules available is quite wide though: banners, carousels, featured products, social networks, optins, slideshows, custom HTML content and more.

There were some issues I found. For one, editing the Compliance pages (disclaimer etc) was easy to do after I followed the training, but the links on the front of the site don’t actually do anything.

As well as that I still have no idea how to create new pages (layouts I thought) nor add them to the menu area.


eComProfitMachine is actually a rebranded version of a product called Shopitect, just so you know. It would have been nice if they had rebranded their support videos as well, but hey that’s just too much work obviously.

ecommerceprofitmachine shopitect

What About Traffic?

One of the selling points for this software is that it has “Free Customer Getting Traffic” which makes no literal sense, but I assumed, and I’m sure others would as well, that it means a way of getting traffic for free.

I couldn’t find any method for this. The only options I saw was for adding Facebook, Twitter and an Autoresponder to the store, but none of these will generate traffic they are just there for your non-existent traffic to look at.

As well as that you will be out of luck when it comes to SEO. Sure the system does allow you to add meta tags and so forth, but there’s no way to add a blog or create content for organic search engine traffic.

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This leaves you with the option of pulling in traffic from social media and via paid traffic.

Now if you’re selling unique and interesting products, this could work well for you, but if you’re just pushing people to Amazon I’m not sure how effective it would be. If people just want to see a list of products for hedge trimming, they’re more likely to type in “hedge trimmers Amazon” into Google that seek out your store.

Is eComProfitMachine better than WooCommerce?

When looking at ePM, I have to compare it to the giant eCommerce system in WordPress: WooCommerce.

Is ePM better? As a general eCommerce system, no it’s not as good. WooCommerce is free to get started, has more features than ePM and has a large community surrounding it.

It’s also not as intuitive as WordPress and Woocommerce. There are a lot of options that aren’t clear to begin with. The training does help though.

However, ePM does win in one regard: it’s tailored to affiliate marketers. It can pull in Amazon products with relative ease, so creating an Amazon based mini eCommerce store is really easy.

ecommerceprofitmachine product list

Another thing to think about is security. At the time of writing I have no idea how, If at all, the software is updated or how frequently.

With WordPress you have hundreds if not thousands of people constantly working to make the software better and more secure: the sheer number of updates confirms this.

Without putting the software through a technical review it’s impossible to say how secure it is, but if you’re running your own products through it, rather than simply pushing people to Amazon, security is certainly an important factor to consider.

The Bottom Line

Is eComProfitMachine a scam? No it isn’t. For your $30 you do get a fully-fledged eCommerce system.

It isn’t in my opinion as flexible as WordPress: you don’t have the ease of adding menus, nor access to thousands of free or premium themes, or the 46,000+ plugins available. As well as that, I still have concern over security.

It does allow you to easily import Amazon, eBay or Commission Junction products. It doesn’t work well for content SEO.

Overall, I wanted to like this product, I thought it might be something different to use to create niche Amazon sites, and for some people it might work well but only if organic SEO isn’t your primary way to generate traffic.

However, I’d still recommend saving your cash and using WordPress instead: it’s easier, likely more secure, has a multitude of options and is free.

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