Quick Summary of Fast Cash Mechanics

Rating: 2 It's a very basic program that needs a lot more work.

The Good: FCM has a cheap buy-in of just $7. The program videos are easy to follow.

The Bad: You'll need to buy FCM's upsells and/or other programs to really understand product/service selling and affiliate marketing. You are steered towards the Warrior Forum, with very little said about other affiliate platforms. The claims made by this product's sales page are not true; for example, you will need a website to make money with FCM.

The Bottom Line: This program needs a lot more material before it can live up to its claims. We also don't recommend FCM for anyone trying to quit their day job or make a significant amount of money online. For a more comprehensive training program, check out my #1 recommendation here.

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Fast Cash Mechanics Review

John Goff, the person offering Fast Cash Machines (FCM), claims that his program will enable you to make money fast. You’ll make money without having to create your own product, build your own website, or purchase a URL or hosting. Some of the money-making methods that John mentions on his sales page include the following:

  • How to create and sell your own information product.
  • How to find ideal clients on YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • How to make money through eBay and Craigslist.
  • How to advertise for free.
  • How to find writing jobs on “virtual vocations.”

All this sounds great in theory, but does FCM deliver? I bought the program, which was priced at just $7, to find out.


What’s inside Fast Cash Machines?

Once my purchase went through, I was first led to…an upsell. This FCM upsell offered me “expert level” training, which consisted of 15 training videos, for an additional fee of $27.

The majority of these training videos centered around finding work opportunities through eLance. For example, video #8 trains you on doing an eLance project bid:


Unfortunately, due to the poor choice of wording and lack of punctuation, I wasn’t sure what exactly this message was attempting to convey.

After I exited this upsell, I was able to return to my original FCM purchase through JVZoo. Here, I downloaded a zip file that contained 26 training videos, a tutorial PDF, and 5 autoresponder emails.

The videos are the main portion of this program and are listed below:

  1. Overview: Methods that make instant cash (4:05)- You are introduced to the program and told how you will not be making money. For example, you will not be making money via SEO, AdSense, MLM or mobile apps. This is because these methods take too long to set up.
  2. How to succeed in this course (6:14)- You are told to select a money-making method that works for you and then stick with it.
  3. Tools: A ‘home base’ or blog (6:39)-You are told that you’ll need a website/blog to sell your items from, regardless of whether they are products or services. You are then shown how to start a website using WordPress. I couldn’t believe that this video was directing me to start a website, especially when the FCM sales page clearly stated that I didn’t need a website or URL to make money online.
  4. Sales pages and systems (10:00)- You are instructed how to create a buy button through Paypal. Sales page creation is mentioned, but you are told that the creation of sales pages goes beyond the scope of this course.
  5. Something to sell (4:11)- The idea of creating an actual product to sell is introduced. Digital products are noted as the best products to sell. It’s important to price your products correctly, but how such pricing can be determined is not discussed. Again, I found this video intriguing because the FCM sales page specifically stated that you wouldn’t need a product of your own to make money online.
  6. Something to market (4:58)- If you don’t have your own product to sell, you’ll most likely need to do affiliate marketing of other people’s products.
  7. Affiliate networks (5:27)- You learn about the various affiliate networks available for finding your product, including JVZoo and Warrior Plus.
  8. Services to perform (7:35)- If you’re not in favor of selling affiliate products, you can perform professional services for a mutually agreed upon fee. Example services include freelance writing, video creation, etc. You can learn how to price your services by going to the Warrior Forum and seeing what other freelancers are charging for similar services.
  9. Getting your presell page and offer ready (4:28)- You are told that you’ll need a landing page and/or sales page to showcase and pre-sell your services. Again, this was never mentioned on the FCM sales page.
  10. Phase two: Specific instant cash methods (4:17)- You should now have your own or an affiliate product to market, as well as a website and some kind of sales page.
  11. How to find and write your presell copy (4:17)- You are advised to go look at the copy and product bonuses that top JVZoo affiliates have used, and to then take and customize their copy and products to your own affiliate specifications.
  12. YouTube traffic to an affiliate offer (8:14)- You are given some tips on placing your product on YouTube. Keyword selection via the Google Keyword Planner is described. The idea of offering a unique bonus product is reintroduced here, and you are encouraged to bundle a bonus with your affiliate product.
  13. Facebook traffic to your created product (11:56)- You are advised to sell your affiliate or other product to your Facebook audience because this audience already trusts you. An example sales page is generated using the JVZoo platform, which is then inserted into Facebook.
  14. LinkedIn traffic to your service offering (9:11)- You are advised to join select LinkedIn groups and to eventually market your products to them. Initially, however, you should focus on being helpful rather than just spamming group members with ads.
  15. Selling personal items (4:42)- You are introduced to selling your unwanted home and personal items on eBay.
  16. Warrior Forum signature marketing (5:04)- You are taken to the Warrior Forum and shown how to insert your affiliate link into your posts on this site. The idea here is that people will read your helpful posts, and some of these people will click on your affiliate links.
  17. Create a Warrior Forum special offer (7:02)- On the Warrior Forum special offers area, you can list your own products for $40/listing. You are advised on how to advertise your product and price it.
  18. Other networks: Pinterest, Google to your product offering (4:55)- You learn the 3:1 rule for social network posting: You need to post three non-commercial posts for every one commercial post. This strategy is recommended for when you target other social networks like Pinterest.
  19. Selling affiliate products with a bonus on the Warrior Forum classified ad section (4:53)- You can list your affiliate product in the classified ad section of the Warrior Forum for $20.  The key to selling your product successfully is to bundle it with a unique bonus product.
  20. Offering your services on the Warrior Forum (6:12)- You are provided with a how-to on offering your freelance services through the Warrior Forum. The Warrior Forum job board is explained in detail.
  21. Selling your services on Fiverr and other gig sites (3:19)- You are introduced to listing your services on Fiverr and using this site to outsource tasks. Finding gig sites similar to Fiverr is also noted (mostly by using Google search to find Fiverr alternatives).
  22. Offering services that you can buy on Fiverr (3:48)- You are introduced to Fiverr-enabled retail arbitrage of services. For example, you could pay a lower price for a service like logo creation, then resell that logo on LinkedIn for a premium price.
  23. Offline strategy with QR codes and affiliate offers (5:12)- You are advised to create tear-off tab flyers and/or QR codes, and then post these items offline at campuses, grocery stores and other public spaces.
  24. Selling digital products on eBay (3:18)- You are given some strategies for selling your affiliate and/or privately created products via eBay.
  25. Virtual Vocations and quick pay writing jobs (5:05)- Virtual Vocations, SearchTempest, Craigslist and Elance are introduced as places to make some quick cash by completing freelance writing or web design jobs.
  26. Social networking for unadvertised opportunities to perform marketing services (4:19)- Joining Facebook groups and Google+ communities is advertised as a long-term strategy for finding better-paying gigs and for becoming aware of unlisted job opportunities.

Other FCM bonuses

In addition to the videos, you get a “Tutorials” PDF. Inside this 2-page PDF, you are instructed on how to link your autoresponder with the Wealthy PLR optin page.


This is the same tutorial file that was provided in Two Cents Tube Cicks, by the way. I should add that you don’t get Wealthy PLR with your FCM product purchase, so I’m guessing that it’s another program upsell.

There are also the five autoresponder emails, but they are all geared towards selling another income system called Fast Cash Strategies:


Fast Cash Mechanics isn’t a scam, but…

This program offers very rudimentary training on developing your own product or finding an appropriate affiliate product to sell. You’re going to need a lot more instruction and help with at least these product/service creation, selection and marketing topics:

  • Sales page creation
  • Copywriting
  • Project negotiation (for freelance services)
  • Copyrights and/or patents
  • Product pricing
  • Affiliate recruitment
  • Keyword selection for SEO

This means you’ll either be buying FCM’s upsells or some other program(s) to supplement your knowledge about product/service development and marketing.

For a more comprehensive training program, check out my #1 recommendation here.

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