Learning internet marketing can be tiresome; it is a long and complicated process with a lot to learn, certainly not a “push button” way of making money.

Finding information on what to do and where and why is probably the most difficult thing, as even though most if not all of the information is out there, it is often spread out and hard to find and there is no guarantee whether it is out dated or not.

Coming across a site like Jack Palmer’s Marketing Secrets is interesting, as at first glance it looks like yet another scheme to make money quickly. You know the sort of site, a polished sales video, a lengthy sales page dotted with testimonials and the like.

Looking closer though, this isn’t your standard scam garbage, there aren’t any earnings claims or anything like that, the whole sales page discusses what information and training there is available after you purchase which is really interesting.

What Do You Get?

After purchasing the product (of course after leaving the page to get the nice pop up for a $20 discount) you gain access to the members’ area.

Here you will find five modules, each consisting of 4 sub sections covering a wealth of information.

Module One

  • Niche Market Research
  • Product Creation
  • Persuasive Copywriting
  • List Building on Steroids.

Module Two

  • Email Marketing
  • Blogging Power
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Tweaking and Optimizing

Module Three

  • Social Media
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Joint Ventures
  • Ad Swaps and Auto Responders
  • Exchanges

Module Four

  • Press Release
  • Forum Marketing
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Link Building

Module Five

  • Article Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Podcasting

As you can see there is a lot of information here. To be fair the content of the site is completely aimed at beginners, though intermediate level internet marketers may find some information of use.

Each section contains a lengthy video (30 minutes on average) detailing the subject at hand.

One thing that I found to be very different from most of these information type products is the choice available to you in how you want to view the information. . I for one prefer to read, so being forced to sit through a 30 minute video with someone err-ing and uhm-ing  is torture to me.

Each section is available in a streaming video from the site, or you can download the video itself for viewing offline, or you can download a PDF file to read, an MP3 (audio) file to listen to on your iPod or even a PowerPoint presentation.

It really is rare to even be able to download a video from these types of sites so having the ability to get the content in the way you like to learn is pretty good.

The content itself isn’t too bad at all, in fact I would say it is better than most out there, especially the stuff you normally get via ClickSure.

Being Social

Another unique factor about Jack Palmer’s Marketing Secrets is the ability to discuss each section via Facebook. Now of course this is primary there to help promote the content, but that in itself is interesting as it shows he is happy to show the world about the product, which often means the product is solid.

Of course this can also help you as there can be others who have asked interesting questions there.

Tools of the Trade

There is an additional section available as well which lists a bunch of websites that can assist you in your endeavors.  These are mostly free services such as banner creation, online art packages, article spinners (boo!), hosting etc.

These aren’t exactly mind blowing, but some may find them useful.


Just as a reminder, an upsell is when the person tries to sell you additional products to supposedly improve on your original purchase. Think about things like extra insurance and an extended warranty on physical products.

Internet Marketers LOVE upsells, and often the initial product is just there to get you into the so called “funnel” in order to sell you more products which are usually much more expensive that the original, but usually not necessary either.

Jack Palmer, has no upsells, though there are some adverts and affiliate links dotted about, which is acceptable in my mind.

Is Jack Palmer’s Marketing Secrets a Scam?

I see a lot of ClickSure products and if I am honest, the vast majority are scams or poor quality at best. Jack Palmer’s Marketing Secrets actually bucks that trend. The information, though aimed at a beginner level, is informative and well structured.

My only concern with the product is how often it is updated and the lack of a proper community such as via a chat system or forum. However as it isn’t a recurring membership fee, I can forgive it that.

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