There’s a new buzzword making headway around internet marketing circles: PBN.

PBN stands for Private Blog Networks and they are the latest fad to hit SEO and marketers. With promises of secure and guaranteed backlinks, contrasting against a struggle to rank website, PBN’s are an attractive proposition.

You probably know that backlinks are still effective, but creating an effective back-linking profile is often slow going and hit and miss, unless you are dabbling in the dark (and ultimately dangerous) arts of Black Hat SEO.

A PBN offers the ability to create a structured network of backlinks to bolster your main sites rankings and supposedly these fly under the radar of the search engines if done correctly.

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If executed poorly though, you run the risk of Google’s baleful eye looking at your site and then being slapped into (search ranking) non-existence.

PBN Nova is one of the first PBN related marketing products to hit the shelves, though something tells me it won’t be the last.

It promises to teach you how to build an effective and secure private blog network which will stay hidden from reprimands by the search engines.

The pitch

The sales letter is a slick website that avoids most of the more offensive marketing techniques. Of course it still displays evidence that cannot be proved but at least it doesn’t make too many over the top statements.

PBN Nova chart

Purchasing PBN Nova

The product is on a dime sale and will max out at around $17 for the front end purchase.

After that comes a couple of upsells, the first being a $27 product for helping you find domains that can be added to your network. It’s down sold at $17.

The second upsell I didn’t get to see (probably because I never purchased the first one) but it is mentioned on the authors affiliate page as costing $37.

PBN Nova funnel

The product

The actual product is a download consisting of four pdf files. 2 of these are bonus products and have no direct correlation with the main product. The third is a cheat sheet for the course and finally the training itself.

My initial thoughts was that this was going to be a hefty document as the PDF weighed in at over 4 megabytes, but it is only a slim 32 pages long.

“A NO BS, NO Fluff straight to the point training course”

The length of the e-book is irrelevant as their statement above is absolutely bang on the nail. The training is a direct step by step process, which is clear and concise.

There are numerous images of reasonable quality to guide you through the process.

It does link to some services that cost money, such as Ahrefs, but you may already have an account with them.

The majority of the e-book covers domain acquisition. The key point here is that you can’t or shouldn’t buy a brand spanking new domain. Instead you want an existing domain with some age and page rank associated with it.

Of course, buying a used domain is a lot like buying a used car: some are real gems, kept spotless by the owners and some are rust buckets that won’t get you down the street.

As such the training covers a variety of different methods to suss out which domains are diamonds.

The rest of the training covers other aspects such as picking up hosting which allows domains to be hosted on different IP addresses (though sadly it only provides one host as an example).

It also covers, in brief, how to set up a WordPress site and link it to your money site. There are some important points raised here about the best practice of doing this, including the number of links and placement.

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The author does recommend using spun content for these sites. This is something I normally do not ever recommend, but I can understand the purpose here as these sites themselves won’t rank particularly well, and the point is to provide a quick and easy way to fake a natural website.

Still if your more ethically minded, you could easily get a little bit of content made on Fiverr or in a couple of hours that will be unique, readable and not make you feel like a dodgy marketer.

The Bottom Line

When I first heard of PBN’s I thought they were just a reincarnation of an older link building method called Link Wheels, and in some ways they are. The important difference I feel is that Link Wheels tended to be interconnected: each mini website is at the end of a wheel spoke, the money site at the hub, and the rim of the wheel connects each mini site.

PBN’s simply don’t have the rim.

PBN Nova is not a bad product, it takes you by the hand, quickly and efficiently about how to find and use ranked domains safely (or as safely as is possible in SEO).

The biggest question is: does it work?

I can’t answer that for you but there are plenty of people out there who certainly consider PBN’s to be a viable option, and PBN Nova certainly looks like a useful product to at least vet previously owned domains if nothing else.

Do you have a PBN? Let me know your thoughts on how successful they have been, in the comments!

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