Quick Summary of Profit Map Academy

Rating: 4.5 A professional and well written guide to the basics of running an online business

The Good: Clear and to the point. Focuses on core elements of running a business. Well written.

The Bad: Language can get a little flowery and a little at times. I have to seriously dig deep to find a con and that should tell you something.

The Bottom Line: Overall, I was impressed with Profit Map Academy, it doesn't try to teach you how to make money, but the more important steps of how to build a business.

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Profit Map Academy Review

Everyday struggling internet marketers are faced with a barrage of new online marketing products. This is especially the case if you have signed up to a few mailing lists, or purchased a few products (and therefore have been signed up to a few mailing lists!).

Figuring out which ones are little more than scams and which ones are actually effective is a nightmare, and costly in terms of both time and money.

It’s made increasingly difficult by the different tactics and hype that marketers put on their product launches.

As such it’s refreshing to come across a marketing pitch that keeps things simple, and where the seller comes across as a regular Joe, just trying to make their own way through the internet marketing minefield.

Ant at Profit Map Academy does just that. Of course, his sales pitch has some marketing tactics, that’s the name of the game right? However, he keeps hype to a minimum and offers what seems to be a newbie friendly and down to earth product.

What is Profit Map Academy?

Ant pitches Profit Map Academy as a blueprint for getting things done in your online business – and that word is important, because even within the sales pitch he stresses the word business.

A lot of newbie internet marketers consider their new chosen path as either a quick way to make money (thinking they merely push a button and the money flows in), or more like a hobby than a serious business.

Both of these attitudes ultimately result in those people never having success, because creating an online business, whether you are promoting other people’s products, or your own, is hard work!

Purchasing Profit Map Academy

Off the bat this product is a static $19.95, no “dime sales”, no countdown timers (fake or real), and no scarcity tricks like limited number of copies.

That doesn’t stop Ant from offering you an upsell of course, and he is within his rights to do so.

Thankfully my guess about him being a straightforward marketer so far hold true, and he only offers one upsell, at the reasonable price of $27 for a further video training course.

Whether it’s actually needed is debatable.

I say one upsell, there may be more, but declining the first took me to a page that stated “Registration for Online Kickstart is Currently Closed ..”, and I couldn’t get any further. Thankfully my access to the core product was emailed to me.

Inside Profit Map Academy

What then do you get for your twenty bucks?

After accessing the member’s area, there are 5 steps, though for people like me just buying the base product, only 2 are available (the 5th is purely motivational).

Profit Map Academy motivational

The first step is a 10 minute video from Ant himself. It’s basically a short overview of both the members are and the product itself. It’s clear and concise. It does promote some of the extras but it does this in a manner that isn’t in your face.

The second step is the core product. This compromises 2 PDF files and a Word document: The Profit Map Academy Report, and Activity Workbook and a Template file.

The first thing that struck me about the report is that it is long for internet marketing training e-books (66 pages), yet has a normal sized font! I’ve seen a lot of reports which use oversized fonts to pad out the size of the so called e-books, so this instantly gives credence to a well done product.

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That being said, it’s not a wall of text either, it has lots of images that, while not always beneficial to learning, help break up the text. There are also charts and useful images too, and it’s structure professionally. Trust me on this; it’s better to have some flavor images and formatting, than a slab of text as it will make working through the content a pleasure rather than a chore.

The report is broken down into 8 sections (terms are mine, for brevity):

  • Motivation
  • Success
  • Current Analysis
  • Future Analysis
  • Milestones
  • Workflow
  • Implementation
  • The Ultimate Advantage

Reading through the report, it becomes clear that the aim is not to teach you how to make money, but instead to teach you how to change your current mind-set in order to make starting and running a business easier, and hopefully reduce the chance of you quitting or failing.

Don’t lose this motivation, it’s the key ingredient in your future success – but recognize that it needs directing to have a positive impact on your life.

While going through Profit Map Academy, I felt like I was back at school. It’s telling you to do things like analyse your current financial position and make a plan of action for your business.

Does that sound bad to you? I know at school I hated making those.

The thing is though, knowing what I know now, I would have loved it if someone came up to me when I was first starting out in internet marketing and said “Hey, you! What you are doing here isn’t a fad or a hobby, but a business. It might be a small business; it might grow to be a profitable one. But what it is, is a business, so treat it like one!”.

I would definitely have changed my approach to working online, and most likely saved a lot of money, time and heartache as a result.

This is what Ant is trying to achieve here. The report will not tell you how to make money online, it won’t tell you the hottest tips for using Facebook, or how to flip a website.

Instead it will bring you back to the absolute basics that you should be implementing before you get started.

Profit Map Academy activity 17

The book continues in this manner, forcing you to actively review your current situation, your desires, strengths and weaknesses etc. Often we forget that as a business owner we are a tool, and certainly in the early days, the main focus of the business. We also forget to closely examine that tool and its environs and instead brush that to one side while jumping on the next bandwagon.

Further into the e-book, Ant starts focusing on actual business ideas, and helping you to make sure they are viable and not another flash-in-the-pan idea. He then takes you on small journeys, exploring how you can create a route that will take you from idea, to successful business.

His addition of the Wordbook and Milestone Templates is welcome and they complement the core e-book perfectly. They also help re-enforce the idea that you need to plan, research and continually analyse what you are doing, rather than picking a direction and speeding off with no thought (been there, done that…).

The Bottom Line

We give Profit Map Academy a strong recommendation.

Ant has definitely taken his core ideas of this report and applied it to this product: I spotted no spelling or grammar errors, it’s laid out beautifully, the language is relaxed but still formal, the points tell a story (which can get a little flowery at times) but still have an actual point, and the members area is also professionally laid out.

It’s not without flaws; nothing ever is.

It could for instance, be seen as yet another self-help book, and in a lot of ways that’s precisely what it is. However, Profit Map Academy gives you actionable ways to review and analyse your situation and ideas. It tries to help you realize whether it really is the right way to be going or not.

Also, it is aimed at newbies, which means that more experienced marketers may not find as much value from it. Or something even worse, they may start skip reading and miss the actual value hidden in there!

Overall, I walked away satisfied after reading this e-book, which after reviewing countless other internet marketing products, is a rare thing for me to say.

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  • Ant Carter
    Ant Carter

    Hi Steve,

    I noticed you bought Profit Map Academy a couple of days ago. Knowing who you are and what you do here, I was interested in what you thought, and have read this article with interest.

    Thank you for an honest review of the product, you point out correctly my love of metaphors and tendency to get flowery at times with my language. I have found this helps some people understand, and put what they learn into their own context – although I guess this is a little like marmite – you are either going to connect with the way it’s written or not!

    And you correctly identified the core purpose of the product .. to help people build the foundations of a successful long term business. I hope it helps some people who rush about following a different direction every week realise where they are going wrong.

    The feedback I have received from customers has been great in this respect, and reminds me why I do this alongside my own busy life.

    Thank you for taking an interest in what I created – it means a lot to me that you did.

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