Generating income online is an awesome feeling, being able to simply head to bed and wake up to find emails in your inbox telling you that someone out there in the world bought a product you promoted and that you gained a commission is simply awesome.

What new comers to online marketing and internet businesses don’t always understand is that there is no one click software and no easy systems to make money online.

You need a balanced skill set, or the ability (financial or via people you know) to outsource skills you don’t have. The absolute key aspect to making money online is traffic. Without traffic (people visiting your website) you won’t sell any of your products or send leads to your affiliate sites.

You can have the most wonderful website in the world but without traffic make nothing or a really ugly site that gains lots of traffic and makes tons of money (think Craigslist).

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I am going to review a product today called Traffic Fortune, and the aim of this is to get you a lot of traffic to your site.

First Impressions

I expect sales videos to be a little flashy and even exaggerate, after all that’s the point of sales videos: to sell.

I found Frank Parkers video to be one of those subtly annoying ones, where he tries to separate himself from other internet marketers, explaining that he is different and not a scammer. For some reason I don’t believe him. The video promises you that this is a ground-breaking traffic generating formula and that commissions will “pour in” after using the system. There is all the standard proof of earnings, which as with every other system out there you cannot verify if it is real or not or even if it is related to this product.

One big concern I had with this sales pitch is that he is telling you that you can make lots of money without traffic. Hang on, isn’t this system about generating traffic? I’m hoping this is just a bit of hype.

What’s the Product About?

Frank makes a big thing about using something called a VVX and to upload this special video to a secret website.

In reality you will be uploading a video to Facebook.

Ta da! Not so secret or mind blowing really, but I must congratulate Mr. Parker on his skill in promoting uploading a video to Facebook.

Sarcasm aside, the idea isn’t actually a bad one: harness the power of a viral video and “piggy back” on it by associating your website or affiliate link with the video and generate a ton of traffic to your link.

What Do You Get?

After purchasing the product you will get access to the member area. It consists of a few sections.

Module 1

A weirdly titled menu, Module 1 actually contains all the different video modules to teach you what to do. The videos are ok quality, but highly text based so people who like to see the actual workings may be a little disappointed.

Done for you campaigns

Here you will find pre-selected videos with pre-made descriptions. You just need to add in your own website name or affiliate link.

Traffic Fortune X

This area contains alternative ways to get traffic from FB, video and ebooks.


This area contains webinars, there wasn’t any when I last checked it out.


I always know when a product isn’t brilliant: it cannot stand on its own two feet; it has to upsell to you. While I understand and agree with upsells when they are related and useful, an upsell for just making money annoys me. That is all that the Special menu gives you, an affiliate link to the Empower network, a poorly veiled MLM/Pyramid scheme.

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This section contains yet another upsell which you really don’t need.


There is no knowledge base or forum or anything like that, which is about right. There is just email support.

Make Money

You can promote Traffic Fortune as an affiliate if you wish.

Problems with this type of system

In my opinion, getting targeted traffic with this type of system is going to be quite difficult. Most viral videos, the ones that get shared hundreds of thousands or even millions of times, well they are mostly about cats, dogs, babies or idiots. The hardest time you will have is finding a video to fit your niche or product that has been viral, or is likely to go viral.

Of course you could just use the latest cute or funny video, but your conversion rate will be very low. I mean, would you click a link about making money online when watching a video about a baby dancing like Elvis? I wouldn’t and most other people wouldn’t.

If you can find a related video, then it is possible to generate a lot of traffic from a system like this (I use the term system loosely).

While you don’t necessarily need a website as you can use an affiliate link, what you will definitely need is a Facebook account, and on top of that you will need friends.

This for me is the biggest problem as I hate selling to my friends and family, but if you have no objection to that and you have a large friends list then, once more, this could be a powerful technique. If your friends list is small or you have issues with selling to friends/family, then you would be best avoiding this.

The Bottom Line

I cannot say that Traffic Fortune is a scam, but at $47 and with upsells I cannot say it is value for money either. It may be useful for people who are new to internet marketing and in particular marketing on social networks but you are likely to need additional training and support to make it work unless you already have some idea about marketing.

One more thing, though this doesn’t affect the product review, the website has the usual pop up trying to keep you on it with different offers – I counted no less than 8 popups, where finally it looked like they dropped the product price to $9.95.

Any site with that tries to keep you on there so many times has to be taken with caution.

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  • Vanessa Riordan
    Vanessa Riordan

    Thank you for saving us from wasting our time and money on jobs like these. You are a star.

  • TAlexander

    Thank You For The In-dept report, it saved me from spending my few dollars. Still looking, thanks a lot, for your honest work.

    Be Blessed.

  • Dean Robinson
    Dean RobinsonAuthor

    Thanks AbdulNasir, I give my honest opinions on the things I review. I know some people have different viewpoints on products like this, but I just say it how I see it.

  • AbdulNasir

    Thanks Dean, i was about to buy the product when i see your review.Thank you for saving my dollars.I hope you are no scammer too.

  • Dean Robinson
    Dean RobinsonAuthor

    You’re welcome Ron.

  • Ron

    Thank-you Dean for being open and honest about this product. You have saved me and a lot of others a bunch of grief and regret AGAIN, on a, basically, garbage product.

    Thanks for being one of the few marketers still out there that don’t go around promoting just anything to make a quick buck.



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