[Update June 5: We signed up for Paidride.com. Click here to read our full review.]

You’ve seen the ads on the Internet. You may have seen the cars on the road. Are people really getting PAID by companies to drive BRAND NEW cars wrapped in advertisements around? Trust me, I’m just as interested in finding more about this as you are. My Honda Civic is looking a little beat and I could use a new, free car. Unfortunately, my gut instinct is telling me that there is no way in hell this is possible. The obvious question arises: why isn’t everyone already doing this?

After looking at a few presell pages, it looks like this is the current formula:

If you’re the savvy Internet user that I think you are, you should be able to clearly see through flaws in such logic. But nonetheless, people are lured into the concept of getting paid to drive a free car. As well they should be, it sounds like a dream come true.

Presell Gone Bad
We received an initial request to review the website bigmanbank.com and the free car claims. Visiting the site brings up this lovely block of text:

More than a million people are already driving brand new cars for free as advertisers discover the power of vehicle marketing. They provide people just like you with a new car absolutely free, and the best of all is, you do not have to pay never, no monthly fees, no leasing contracts, nothing, just drive the car! Our second option is, you can get paid for driving your own car as usual, you get monthly checks! $120-$3,400 EVERY MONTH! Its that easy? Get Started Now! Get Unlimited Access To Our Website!

Enticing. Free car, $3,400 per month, easy.. what more could you ask for? How about some creativity in the presell? I copied the first few words, wrapped them in quotes, and submitted it to Google. Hmm, over 238 different websites have the exact line of text. Coincidence? Hardly. They’re all selling the same product. Some of the websites are exactly the same! The only difference is the amount you have to pay in order to receive the information. Prices typically range from $14.95 to $49.95. Absolutely ridiculous.

Further Proof
We’ll let the emails speak for themselves:

On Wed, May 14, 2008 at 9:07 PM, Joestap wrote:

Can you tell me: what percentage of people who purchase access to your database actually end up driving a car for free or getting paid to drive their own cars?



From: Moon Dragon Industries
Date: Wed, May 14, 2008 at 11:02 PM
Subject: Re: Information on Paid to Drive
To: Joestap

I have no idea. I just sell the list.


I’ve gathered a quick list of websites promoting the idea of getting paid to drive:

The Cold Hard Reality
It’s a scam. I know this without even buying into one of the programs. However, for the sake of a proper review (and not receiving another lawsuit threat, again), we are going to sign up for one of the many websites to give you an in-depth look at what you would be buying into.

We would like our readers to weigh in first. Have you paid for this information already or have you read anything about it? If so, drop us a line or leave a comment.

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Join the Discussion

  • Jenni

    To Stephanie: I am really interested in what sited you found that you don’t have to pay, do you only fill out an application for these? I really would like to get into this kind of program cause I am on the road all the time, but I am trying to sort through the paid ones and unpaid ones. Any info would be great!
    And this was a great review, glad I didn’t pay $15 yet!

  • Stephanie

    I dont know about the payed sites but I do know that some sites offer you a list and application for free. I also personally know someone who drives around with a lobster on his car and gets payed $1000 a month. I think it depends on what website you go to.

  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee

    The site does give you a free list when you sign up for the newsletter. The other does seem to be a service that you do not need.

  • Joe

    Um, we’re not asking you for money. We’re warning you not to spend money on these kinds of offers. No, you won’t get paid.

  • Reginald Wilson
    Reginald Wilson

    Are you a part of the Better Business Beau, I would like to check you out before I send anyu money, I just got a 2008 new car and if I put ads on it I wnat to know I’m going to get paid. You can contact me @ 912-294-6710 or e-mail Mr.Wilson

  • Joyce

    I checked into paymetodrive.com several years ago. At that time, it seemed perfectly legit and there was no fee involved. However, after doing a check of my zip code, we found that they already had sufficient representation in our area (I had seen a couple of the cars around town), and they didn’t need any more in my zip code. Not sure about all the other sites you listed, but this one didn’t raise any ref flags for me (5-6 years ago).

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