I’m sure you’ve heard of “the cloud” before when it comes to The Internet. It probably makes sense to you that a lot of people are making money on the cloud. You aren’t sure exactly how, or even what the cloud is; you just know there’s money to be made. Hopefully then this Cash Cloud Systems review will shed some insight for you.

Cash Cloud Systems In A Nutshell

This is a new “make money online” program that promises (even guarantees apparently) to make you $1,000 a day online, on autopilot, every single day, with just 5 minutes set up. You’ll have a “cloud optimized” website which will automatically let you get your piece of the billion dollar industry being dominated by the big companies like Google and Microsoft.

Well, that’s the sales pitch anyway. If you keep reading, you’ll find out why anyone who buys this product almost literally has their head in “the clouds”.

Early Warning Signals

If you’ve read any of my other reviews, you’ll know that I like to get a feel for a program before I sign up to learn more. With a bit of practice, you can usually spot whether something is not going to be what it claims to be just by watching the sales video. In the case of Cash Cloud Systems, I was pretty much convinced that I’d not be recommending it before I’d even finished the vid.

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Here are a few things that put me off:

  • When somebody mentions “$1,000 a day” about 15 times a minute, you know they’re trying to hype you up for a sale.
  • It claimed to be 100% automated and 100% free. This is usually a lie or an excuse to give you an upsell later on.
  • When he says “You don’t need to know what the cloud is or how it works” I knew that he was doing the classic “Don’t tell them what it is because they’ll find out it is nothing” technique.
  • His claims that 91% of online traffic and sales go through “the cash cloud” is a complete fabrication. There’s no such thing as a cash cloud.

This last point particularly bothered me. I had to laugh out loud. “The Cloud” basically refers to The Internet. When you store files online in a place like Dropbox, Google Drive, or other “cloud storage” systems, it means you are storing things digitally. That’s what the cloud is. There’s no “cash cloud” which has “cloud optimized websites” for you to plug into.

This is all BS to get you thinking that you’re onto some winning system that the big companies don’t tell you about. You’re told how easy and automated it is, and that a team will do everything for you.

This is just sales hype so you’ll think “Fantastic! I don’t need any skills and it’s free! Where do I sign?”

The same goes for the “This is only free today” line. Like one of those businesses that is forever having its closing down sale, this program will ALWAYS be on its last day. It will never be the $997 that it claims it will be tomorrow. It’s just another technique to get you to sign up.

On that note, let’s move on to what happens if you do sign up.

More Warning Signs

Once you’ve signed up and moved on to the next screen, you’ll be told how the secret to making your commissions is to use Cloud Pro Hosting.

Apparently, hosting your site on cloud hosting is like a secret loophole to make money automatically. Right, because that makes sense.

Apparently, sites hosted on Cloud Pro Hosting get 1000 x more traffic than any other hosting. Which is complete garbage, since hosting has very little to do with getting traffic.

At this point, you are instructed to set up a Cloud Pro Hosting account (don’t worry, the mega bucks you are going to earn will easily cover the fees!) so that you can get your “free money making website”.

What I find troublesome is that at this point we STILL haven’t been told how one of these websites is going to make us money, and suddenly the “free” has become 40% off hosting instead.

This is where these guys get money from you. Monthly hosting fees.

You have to choose your hosting plan, which is 40% off (yay!), and comes in either 6, 12, 24, or 36 monthly plans. The longer your plan is, the bigger your discount.

Of course, you have to pay the whole thing in advance.

This means that the lowest amount you will pay is $89.70!


Still think this is a free system?

This price is an absolute joke. If your website REALLY is going to earn you money, you’re still getting ripped off. You could get hosting for a lot cheaper than this, more like $12.

On top of that, once you’ve got hosting, you’re going to be hit with more upsells for other products to make your website work even better. It’s a free website, but you’ll need to buy more things. All these things are just going to be putting money in the Cash Cloud Systems owner’s pockets.

Just Stay Away

If you are still thinking “Well these are still small prices to pay compared with earning $1,000 a day!” wake up and leave the cloud. You’re being ripped off and lied to every step of the way, do you still think it’s going to earn you a dime?

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