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Why I’ve Tried That Exists

I want to address some claims made against the blog. We think we do a pretty good job with this blog, but that hasn’t stopped people from calling us crooks, frauds, thieves, liars, and Angela Penbrook.

Jul 15, 2008
Work From Home

The New Telecommuting Guide Is Ready

We’ve been threatening and promising for a couple of months, and it’s finally here. The Complete Guide to Telecommuting, version 2.0, is sitting on the shelf waiting for you to drop in and pick up your copy.

Jun 25, 2008

Urgent: Numerous Secret Agents Wanted ASAP.

Okay, I think I very well may have uncovered the greatest scam of all. This website is heavily promoting an eBook that supposedly teaches it’s readers how to find real work at home jobs. Given the nature of these claims, I’d like to send one of our readers in to take a look and report […]

Mar 28, 2008

Seeking Detailed Refund Stories

The most common question asked on I’ve Tried That is “How can I get my money back?” We don’t have the time or money to sign-up for every single program and attempt to get our money back. So, I’d like to make this an active community effort to compile a list of known scam websites […]

Mar 19, 2008

Secret Agents Wanted

One thing is becoming increasingly clear to me and Steve: two guys can’t keep up with the sheer volume of money-making and money-saving claims online. We can point out a scam here and there, or show you when one or two programs can’t deliver what they promise. But we’re just two guys against hundreds and […]

Feb 08, 2008