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The Niche Blitzkrieg Review

We’ve been taking a look at Niche Blitzkriegthese past few days. We’ve offered a preview up to this point, but here is our full review after spending a few days examining the program.

Feb 27, 2009
Work From Home

Yes, You Can Work From Home!

When we find a work-at-home resource we like, we make a lot of noise about it. In Your PJs is an indispensable resource if you want to make money from home. And you don’t have to have great computer skills!

Dec 18, 2008

Urgent: Numerous Secret Agents Wanted ASAP.

Okay, I think I very well may have uncovered the greatest scam of all. This website is heavily promoting an eBook that supposedly teaches it’s readers how to find real work at home jobs. Given the nature of these claims, I’d like to send one of our readers in to take a look and report […]

Mar 28, 2008
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Review of The Little White Ebook of Homeshoring Jobs

It’s refreshing to see an ebook (other than ours) that delivers on its promise to give you lots of resources for finding work-at-home jobs. After all the crap out there that Steve and I have spent time and energy trying to expose, we’re happy to say of someone else’s book (other than ours), “This is […]

Dec 26, 2007
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Review of

Last week when I announced that our next review would be, alert reader Bob said: It basically lists parties that allegedly pay per unit or pay per piece/batch for craftwork. Trouble is, for most of these companies/parties, only the address/PO box is listed. No contact numbers, no emails. You have to snail mail to […]

Dec 03, 2007