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How to Dispute Credit Card Charges

When people write to us asking for help getting their money back, the first thing we tell them to try is to dispute the charges with your credit card company. We have found it to be one of the most effective ways in recovering money lost to scams.

Dec 15, 2008
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When They’re Not Scams

Scam sites often use the same tactics as sites offering legitimate products or opportunities. So we’re going to look at two sites side by side. One of them is legitimate, which means it offers a good product and makes honest claims, and the other is what we consider a “scam”—its product sucks and the claims are absurd and misleading.

Jul 16, 2008
Known Scams

It’s Really Not That Hard

Some things should go without saying. I think that to myself every day when I say something to my four year old, like, “We don’t put peanut butter on our sister!” Or to my 12 year old, “Showers work better if you use soap.” Steve and I think it every day in the online work-at-home […]

May 06, 2008
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Open Letter to My Power Mall Members

Dear My Power Mall Enthusiasts, Our original My Power Mall Review has sparked more interest and more comments on this site than any other post we’ve made to date. More and more opinions are added each day as well. People fall under two clear distinctions, leaving nothing in the middle. You either strongly oppose MPM […]

Dec 04, 2007
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Interested in Making Money Playing Games?

One of the more exclusive sites offering you the option to make money playing games is opening up invitations to all users interested in joining tonight from 6:00PM to 12:00AM EST. This is a one-night only event. So don’t miss out on it. I’ve cashed out over $100 in one day through playing games with […]

Nov 06, 2007
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Is Colon Cleansing a Scam?

Tell you what, YOU try it and let us know. I’m not gonna be trying that anytime soon. Never heard of colon cleansing? You’re in for a treat. It can make you younger! Give you energy! Improve your health! You see, apparently, your colon becomes coated with gunk that it can’t get rid of through […]

Oct 26, 2007