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Junk vs. Job: How to Tell the Difference

If you’re new to searching for an e-commuting job, you might be frustrated by the large numbers of scams hiding behind apparently legitimate work-at-home ads. I mean, the ad said it’s a typing job, right? So why is the “employer” now asking you for $50 to buy the training kit? We have lots of experience […]

Apr 21, 2009
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What We All Want

A reader says, “I would like actual real-world advice for getting online work.” You can’t ask for something more solid than that. No gimmicks, no programs, no e-books. Just real-world advice. So here is my best attempt to provide it in 1,000 words or less.

Feb 18, 2009
Work From Home

Yes, You Can Work From Home!

When we find a work-at-home resource we like, we make a lot of noise about it. In Your PJs is an indispensable resource if you want to make money from home. And you don’t have to have great computer skills!

Dec 18, 2008
Real Jobs

Risks of Searching for Jobs Online

We’re still believers in Craig’s List, but you have to be just as much on your guard there as anywhere else. Be smart and cautious; there are telecommuting jobs to be found online. But as you know, it’s also easy to step in bear traps while you’re looking.

Sep 14, 2008