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Known Scams

Angela Penbrook Update

We and our readers are collecting quite a little bit of knowledge about “Angela Penbrook,” the force behind the “rebate processing” scam that is burning so many people. Here are some of the goods.

Apr 21, 2008
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We Signed Up for Rebate Processing

We did it. Forked over our hard-earned cash and signed up for First impressions? Steve is quite direct: You have no idea how incredibly used and dirty I feel for sending these scammers money. It doesn’t look promising. PLEASE, if you’re considering any kind of rebate processing job, just wait a couple of days […]

Feb 21, 2008
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Next on Our Radar: Rebate Processor Jobs

Several people have written lately to ask us to check out rebate processing jobs. Two Web sites in particular seem to be attracting a lot of attention: EZ Rebate Processing and Rebate Processor Jobs. They look cut from the same cloth: stock photos of smiling, happy people, pictures of cash, testimonials, slashed prices, and yellow highlighter. We’ll find out and post the results right here.

Feb 18, 2008