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Stay Away from Diana DeAngelo and Process Affiliate Rebates.

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Calm down! Take a deep breath! You didn’t time travel. Rebate Processing jobs are still popping up on the Internet today. It’s sad, but true.

Angela Penbrook Update

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We and our readers are collecting quite a little bit of knowledge about “Angela Penbrook,” the force behind the “rebate processing” scam that is burning so many people. Here are some of the goods.

Angela Penbrook? Angel Stevens? A Scam by Any Other Name…

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Hey, you! “Angela Penbrook!” We’re calling you out. You are deliberately misleading people desperate for legitimate work so you can sell your “rebate processing program.” We’re gonna expose you.

Coming Soon: Mortgage Refunds Processing

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Can you make money by processing FHA and HUD mortgage insurance premium refunds? I’ve Tried That is about to find out. Or rather, one of our Secret Agents is about to find out.

Rebate Processor Jobs Are Scams!

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We signed up at rebateprocessorjobs.com. Read our review to see if the hype about this and other “rebate processing” sites is true.

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