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Work From Home Review…and hundreds of others

I’ve Tried That reader Susie, who likes to attend nude soccer games, (inside joke; just kidding, Susie) suggested we take a look at In her words, I see this program and the woman’s name popping up everywhere, which of course, makes you wonder if it’s legit or not. When I’ve searched on it I […]

Jul 04, 2007
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Data entry jobs: Stay Away from

Want to get regular scambusting updates? Sign up for e-mail or RSS updates. Another one bites the dust. I keep hoping for a legitimate data entry job, but this one is not it. cannot possibly fulfill its promises. It’s heavily promoted by, which should be ashamed of itself. It won’t, of course, because […]

Jun 29, 2007
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Data Entry Jobs: Fusion Cash Review

Want to get regular scambusting updates? Sign up for e-mail or RSS updates. Hmm…a philosophical question: do I review the program itself, or the website that promotes (and presumably profits from) the program? I’ll go for a minimalist approach and let you draw your own conclusions, except when I draw them for you with such […]

Jun 26, 2007
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How To: Find Work-at-Home Jobs

This post is the next in a series of “How To” posts to help you find and keep legitimate work-at-home jobs. Unlike other sites, we’re not going to sell you an outdated employer list or an e-book about working at home. You’ll find no Satisfaction Guaranteed! links or pitches here. Just tried and true advice […]

Jun 19, 2007
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How To: Catch the Clickbank Stat Images

A reoccurring theme in typical online scam programs is the elusive Clickbank image. We’ve all seen it time and time again. It’s plastered across many different sites and it’s often renamed to trick its viewers. It has an entire arsenal of disguises which it will use to deceive you and make you think you can […]

Jun 11, 2007
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How To: Spot the Ebook Presell Page

As technology continues to progress, nearly everything is making the transition to becoming a web based application. Unfortunately, the number one thing we could do without are used car salesmen doused in cheap cologne. That’s right. These annoying people have found their way onto the web in the form of ebook presell pages. What is […]

May 31, 2007
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Google Pack Review — Useful Free Software

At IveTriedThat, we love nothing more than to review something that won’t actually cause us to lose money. That’s why, when Google released the Google Pack, we were jumping with joy to hear that we got a whole mess of free software to review. Seriously. I had a hard time convincing Joe to keep his […]

May 29, 2007