After I posted about the ridiculous claims made by and, several reviewers quickly stepped up and offered to go deep under cover to expose the truth about these companies.

It’s amazing how much a few smart people can find out just by poking around and reading the small print. For example, here is part of the preliminary report of one person about

Briefly, the site offers to pay you $100.00 per view of an email. When your account reaches $20,000.00, you can cash out. [Editorial by Joe: $100 to view an email?? You’re a loon if you believe that.]

If you do the math, you will view about 200 emails and then you make the money. Seems reasonable….so I click on the “Free sign up” and it takes me to a site where they want me to give them my email address.
Hmm, only 386 people have visited this site so far. At least that’s what I think, since I scrolled down to the bottom of the site and saw the counter.

To be honest, there are about a dozen red flags here. On the right of the screen is this sign that says 69,134 members, but the counter only shows 386??? and….they’ve paid out over 3 million dollors so far…..WOW!!!! Something ain’t right!!!

Red flags all over the place on the second page. I have to give them my email, they will send me a conformation email. I click on the link in the conformation email and that will take me to another site where I will fill out an “affiliate application”. What I think is going on here is some sort of “cookie” program whereby by clicking on the link, a tracking cookie is placed on my computer.

I give them an email address and they send me the “affiliate application”. This is where it gets weird. They want my name, address and an account number where they can send the money, along with my password. I could not find any “Terms of use” on the site, so this is where I stopped.

Read that last sentence again. No “Terms of Use” document? I’m outta here! David is exactly right.

Is a Scam?

Stay tuned for an inside look from another smart I’ve Tried That reader who will give you all the goods.

Is a Scam?

$100? To view an email? Yeah, in that world, your car also runs on water and every time someone clicks on the Internet you earn money! It’s a happy world, but it has no basis in reality.

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  • Kurt

    Wow-$1,000.00 bucks signup for free????1. The counter at the bottom of the page tells you how many people are viewing the site.2.If you click on the counter it takes you to a site called “WhoSumongUs” ???This site is intresting.More details later.Whether your a free member or Paid ,try to find the so called “FACS” LOCATION, there is none!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Whats so disturbing is if you paid for a membership for one,IF they reach the 99,999.00 members they have just scamed about 20 to 25 million dollars from people.The construction of this cashmails site is 95% LIGIT-SO WHAT ARE THEY UP TO OTHER than the membership money,check this out.They are using Liberty Reserved — PayPAL ETC.. LOGOS– I CALLED PayPal and they would only tell me that there are two -so the logos are ligit.These people are smart.Think about it.When you open the emails to veiw site’s ,you will see some site’s from some very prominant people in the industry.So its safe too say they wouldn’t be doing this because there already rich.Someone has set up this cashmails site to get paid click thru rates,all the people are thru clicking these emails and the owner of this site is getting paid-he is affilaiting the sites your are veiwing,Who is responsable for paying,can they be tracted down- YES- They are using an Autoreponder some where,it can be tracked down but the money may never be seen again.BASTERED

  • Joabar

    I am not saying the site is not a scam but if you bothered to click on the counter it’s only the people who visited in the last 24hours NOT visited the site total.
    Do a little research before you post!

  • Cass *aka* CopperTantrum
    Cass *aka* CopperTantrum

    Super Scammers!
    at I did notice the button at the bottom of the screen that continually says: 381- supposedly it is how many people are ‘online’ now. There is no contact person for these MEGA Scammers either!

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