Quick Summary of Commission Cartel

Rating: 2.5 I'd give it 3 but the fluff was just too much!

The Good: It's definitely not a scam as it offers real training, covers a lot of angles, and lends some interesting ideas. However...

The Bad: The hype on the sales page is overblown and frankly unlikely, there's just too much fluff for what amounts to basic email marketing training.

The Bottom Line: Overall Commission Cartel should have been a decent product but the hype and BS on the sales pitch doesn't match the product, and the training itself could have been more succinct and detailed. If you've never studied email marketing before, this product may help but it's far from the best email marketing training out there. If you're already experienced you might glean a few ideas from it, but overall it's pretty basic.

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Commission Cartel Review

When you review as many internet marketing products as I do, you start to notice patterns and trends.

Recently there seems to have been a move towards focusing on video sales pitches rather than text, and when there is text it’s pretty short.

That’s why the sales pitch for Commission Cartel stood out to me. It has the usual video but also a long (really long) form sales letter.

That was just the first of things to stand out, the second being the hype that this sales pitch contains!

The Commission Cartel Sales Pitch

The first thing Michael Cheney, the guy behind this system, tells you is that everyone (really, he says everyone), that uses Commission Cartel makes “at least $500 within 30 days”.

If that statement isn’t bold enough for you, he suggests others have made $500 in 48 hours, and that you don’t need a website, list or to use adverts.

As an internet marketer who has used and reviewed hundreds of systems, I am confident that there is nothing out there that can take a newbie and help them earn $500 in their first week. Someone experienced “might” be able to do it but even then it’s not the norm.

From that point, Michael starts telling you of a story about how he “made it” after being invited into a secret syndicate of internet marketers. In Manchester, UK. Yeah right, Manchester is not the go to place for a secret syndicate of millionaires so this story is already starting to stink.

The pitch continues and stresses how you can make $500 with virtually no skills, resources or even a platform on the web.

He punctuates this by showing the aged old “proof of earnings”. The screenshots he links to are JVZoo screenshots, so in all likelihood these are simply earnings from his own products that he has sold previously. Screenshots are the worst form of earnings proof as they can be so easily manipulated, yet people seem to accept them as proof – DON’T!

commission cartel earnings

As well as these screenshots, there are also a bunch of testimonials for Michael Cheney. Not that these are for the guy, not the system! As well as not really focusing on the product at hand, there’s no way to validate any of these testimonials.

The system behind Commission Cartel is supposedly making Michael $1,442.29 per day, which is an extremely precise figure, so why would he share this system that makes him over half a million dollars a year, with you?

His reasoning is that you will then share his products to make him more money. It’s a valid reason, but it’s more likely just so he can justify selling you this system.

However, the disclaimer at the bottom states that basically his results are atypical, so it neatly refutes his claim that anyone can make $500 in 30 days.

commission cartel refuting the hype

On and on the pitch goes, spewing out features and statements about what the system contains, but it doesn’t really tell you what the system is about.

Buying Commission Cartel

The price of this system was just under $17 bucks when I got a copy and as usual there were a couple of upsells that came after buying.

The first is a $27 Godfather Package that provides you with cookie cutter affiliate campaigns. While this might help by giving you an idea how to structure the campaigns, you couldn’t use the ones he gave you as others would be doing just that.’

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The second upsell is a Secret Weapons package for $47 which is, well, I’m still not sure what it is. I think it’s some sort of walkthrough/hand holding exercise, but the sales pitch was that full of hype and BS I couldn’t cut through it to the essence of the product.

The Members Area

Inside the members area you’ll see a basic page with a few menus. Unless you bought the upsells only the Core Training menu is accessible to you.

commission cartel membership area

What then do you get for your $17 dollars?

  • Core Video Training
  • The Dossier
  • MP3 Audio
  • Step by Step Blueprint
  • Copy & Paste Promos
  • Big Commission Bootcamp
  • Affiliate Marketing Masterclass

Core Video Training

This is the meat of the course, and it consists of a single one hour video.

The Dossier

The dossier is just the core training written down. I’m not much of a watcher when it comes to training courses, I zone out. As such it’s nice to see a written version that I can get my teeth into.

MP3 Audio

Similar to the dossier, the MP3 audio is just the audio version of the video training.

Step by Step Blueprint

This is a short 7 page PDF file that is basically just a very concise check list for the training.

Copy & Paste Promos

This is a text file containing a bunch of email “swipes” which are pre-written emails focused around certain products. They are your typical internet marketing emails but they are not spammy which is good.

Big Commission Bootcamp

Another hour long video, but it has nothing really to do with the product training, I’d consider this to be one of those bonus that you tend to get with internet marketing products

Affiliate Marketing Masterclass

Another “bonus” hour long video – can this guy not talk for less than an hour in one sitting?

Is the Training Any Good?

I went through the written training as this is meant to be pretty much the same as the videos.

The first thing I noticed was a lot of fluff in the content.

Take this random section for example:

I’ve done this multiple times now and it makes a bucketload of extra cash for very little work. You just need to get into the habit of doing it. And of all the habits to get into – the one of making money is kinda an easy one to get into… Okay. So let’s talk practicalities here;

These 56 words offer nothing of value to you, and yet you have to slog through this sort of waffle time and time again in the text (and from my brief foray into the video, it’s not much different!

All of a sudden the 50 page training is more like 20 pages if you cut out the fluff.

The constant fake Mafia tone also becomes irritating quickly, I bet even to fans of the Godfather!

commission cartel fluff and nonsense

The training comprises some broad sections:

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Finding a product

The 4 sections that cover this topic focus purely on JVZoo because, “we’re in the 21st century now”, which makes no sense to me.

Other than random statements, the training provides some decent information on finding products on JVZoo. However it does limit people as it only focuses on one marketplace.

Strategies to creating an effective email/sale page

The 6 sections in this area of the training don’t initially state what they are about, but in the end it is basically training for creating a solid email (or sales pitch if you take it out of context).

The training is brief but solid as it focuses on things like:

  • Using people’s problems
  • Using a “discovery” to get attention
  • Provide a solution
  • Share results of the solution
  • Give them your affiliate link

These strategies are laid out well enough but are they new? Is it something that any other email marketing training out there isn’t providing? Not really.

Using fear, curiosity and clickbait

This is the section that I believe the sales pitch refers to when it says:

There’s nothing unethical or illegal about this but lightweight affiliates afraid of success should steer clear of it.

And he’s right. Most people shy away from this type of thing but the reality is that the fear of loss, stagnancy or whatever can and do help propel sales.

Clickbait is open to discussion but it can and does work.


Upsells are the bread and butter of internet marketing and this section covers them briefly.

If you’ve had any experience with internet marketing at all, then you can see that the general premise of this training is really nothing new and it focuses heavily on email marketing.

Once you cut to the bone of the training there are definitely some valid points, tips and advice in there.

To answer the question of whether the training is any good, then I’d say it’s OK at best. It has a lot of sub-par elements with a few gems shining through.

Issues and Annoyances

The videos are just too long! Sitting down and studying for an hour (or more if you’re taking notes etc) is often difficult to do in one sitting. Even if you can, you may want to revisit the videos later, and here lies the problem: you can’t skip the videos or go to a specific point in them. You either watch them in real time all the way through or not at all.

However, that’s far from the real issue with Commission Cartel.

The main problem is that the sales pitch and the training conflict each other. “No list necessary”, “No website needed”, Michael chants in the sales pitch, but in the training he suggests obtaining both! Which is it?

Also, how they hell can you email people when you haven’t built a list? How can you show people your offers and bonuses without a website?

In short, Michael lied.

Sure he mentions that you could use something like YouTube to put out the offer but that doesn’t cut it, you’d still need a method to generate a list: you’d still need a list!

The Bottom Line

For $17 bucks you’re getting 3 hours of training, maybe one hour if you cut out all the fluff in the videos and e-book.

The training itself is high level overview stuff with limited step by step directions, so if you’re looking for hand holding you’re out of luck.

Yes there are some great point and interesting techniques raised, and the parts that cover buyer psychology are certainly interesting.

However, as a newbie you want to know when you’re getting your $500 and the answer is, not in 30 days, certainly not in 48 hours. Some people might be able to do it, but not a complete newbie and not with this high level overview of a training course.

The reality is that Michael has basically wrapped up some email marketing training and is selling it as the best thing since sliced bread. It does have some interesting angles but for $17 it hasn’t blown me away as you can get just as solid email marketing training for half the price as the internet marketing niche is flooded with the stuff.

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