Quick Summary of Complete Profit Code

Rating: 1 Lies & Unethical Practices

The Good: The only thing that you might get from this system is the knowledge on how to avoid future scams.

The Bad: Lies from the outset! Promotes an unsustainable method of making money online. The earnings hype cannot be proven.

The Bottom Line: Don't even bother with this one. Link posting is not a sustainable business model and the absolute lies spewed int he sales pitch should be raising red flags in your mind. Stick with our top recommendation instead.

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Complete Profit Code Review

Fake news is all the rage at the moment, seemingly everywhere.

Unsurprisingly unethical marketers have also jumped on the bandwagon with this. I recently came across a fake news site that showed a page about President Trump and Elon Musk.

It appeared to be, at first glance, from Fox News yet with very little investigation it turned out to be a front for an internet marketing system called Complete Profit Code.

The News Site

Complete profit Code news site 1

As fake news sites go, this page does not take much scrutiny to reveal its intentions.

It starts with a legitimate looking news site structure using Fox News logos and has a topical heading regarding President Trump and Elon Musk.

The content seems to be completely made up; I was unable to find any legitimate sites with the same or similar content, barring one Binary Options site.

This isn’t surprising as the content is geared towards pushing you to the Complete Profit Code system.

In fact, and this should be a huge warning sign, every single link on the page (and there are dozens if not more) goes to the Complete Profit Code site.

This is fake news at its absolute worst with it only trying to promote a singular program.

This page breaks at least one law (trademarks) and is without a doubt a scam.

This does not bode well for Complete Profit Code: when scammy sites point to a system, it often means the system itself is scammy.

The Complete Profit Code Sales Pitch

The sales pitch is actually separated into two pages. The first being an email capture system (be prepared to be inundated with spam!).

The second page is the true sales pitch, brought to you by on Karen Evans (likely a fake name).

The pitch for Complete Profit Code, is barely better than the fake news site that promotes it. I saw lie after lie after lie as I was reading through it.

Let me break some of them down for you:

Featured On

Apparently Complete Profit Code has been featured on a variety of news channels. They have logos to prove it! And a video!

Of course this is BS and this system has never been featured on any legitimate news channel. This is here purely to help legitimize the system in your eyes.

Complete Profit Code featured on

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Only X Positions Left

There are several sections in the sales page that suggests that there is limited access to the program, but guess what, there isn’t! Come back tomorrow, the day after, or even next year and so long as the site is still up, there will still be access.

This is merely a scarcity tactic to make you rush your decision without thinking it through.

Complete Profit Code scarcity

Guaranteed Money

Apparently if you work an hour a day you can make $379 per day. That’s amazing really as I have yet to come across any business model that can achieve that level of income with no skills, experience or knowledge required.

The calculator on the sales pitch is there to also reinforce that this system can make you a boat load of money, because when you engage with something on the screen it sticks in your mind easily.

The truth is that there is no proof of earnings that this system can make you $1 dollar let alone over $300 per day.

Fake Testimonials

The testimonials on the sales page are designed to look like real life Facebook messages. I say designed, because these are not real Facebook statuses. Not only are they hard coded into the page but they use stock photos for the users.

I like Wesley R’s photo, as the file name is called Harry. Or Kimberley who apparently needs to use a stock photo of a woman and two kids as her Facebook profile picture.

Complete Profit Code fb 2

If the customers were real and successful why would they not be happy to sing it loud and proud from the rooftops?

These are simply fake that’s why.

Selling the Dream

While this might not be a blatant lie as such, throughout the sales pitch there is heavy emphasis put on how your life currently sucks and how this system can make it better – including fancy cars, exotic holidays and other trappings of a wealthy lifestyle.

This is just a technique used to make you jealous/envious and to be honest to make you greedy.

We all want more money, more stability and a better standard of living, and that’s what the people behind Complete Profit Code are banking on (and they do bank from it believe me).

How Does Complete Profit Code Work?

If all the lies of the sales pitch aren’t enough to turn you off this system, then let me explain what it is you’ll be doing after you hand over your hard earned cash to these people.

“Link posting.”

That’s right the aim of this game is for you to add links to websites, forums, social networks and so on.

The premise is that if people click the link you get paid.

The sales pitch angles it in a way that makes it seem that companies like Amazon, Netflix, Google etc. are wanting people to post links for them and paying them well to do so.

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This is bullshit. Firstly, why would a company like Google want to pay you $5-$30 to post a link for them on a forum about nail polish or whatever?

They wouldn’t. If they did want a link to be added to that site (and really, they don’t) then they would pay someone in a far off country pennies to add it, certainly not $30!

What Complete Profit Code is really doing is pushing a mutated version of affiliate marketing at you. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online and has been proven to work and yes, companies like Amazon actively want affiliate marketers.

The way Complete Profit Code angles it though is a really poor and ineffective way of doing it, one that is more likely to see you waste time and money, as well as being labelled a spammer, than actually making you money.

Affiliate marketing takes time, effort and the desire to provide value in order to reap rewards.

The Bottom Line

Everything about this screams scam. The fake Fox News article. The sales page filled with tactics commonly used by scammers. The outright lies about the possibilities of affiliate marketing. Nothing about this system is legitimate.

It lies from the start, has a very hyped up sales pitch and pushes a method of making money online that is simply not viable!

Avoid this one.

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  • Bernajean Jasmyne Pareja-Washington
    Bernajean Jasmyne Pareja-Washington

    Thanks Steve I just got scammed I wish I found this site first. I am now going to call my bank to stop payment. I am disabled due I am a survivor of a violent crime. I can afford sometimes to even pay for my electric bill and i was hoping i could earn some extra money thats all. There are places here to get help. I took a chance on hope I foud an answer to my prayers to help my self financially. I wish there was a way to prosecute people who take advantage of the less fortunate. I was only looking for a way to make some money to help myself so i can afford to get the things I need to live , like electric ,possibly repairs to my trailer that’s all. So thank GOD for your site

  • Tom K.
    Tom K.

    Thank God that there are people like you Steve. Lets face it, there are many good honest people like myself that are currently looking for an honest opportunity to earn a living from home for one reason or another. Mine just happens to be a recently developed handicap. I could apply for disability but feel that I am capable of some work rather than further drain the already hurt U.S. Gov’t. I’ll just continue looking for something legitimate. Once again, THANK YOU STEVE for what you do.
    Tom K.

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      You’re quite welcome Tom. It’s bad enough that these guys are operating these scams, but they tend to target and attack those who need help the most. It’s quite disgusting and I’m hopefully helping prevent any more money from falling into the wrong hands.

  • Alicia

    Sigh. I feel saddened. Lots of persons are realizing that being an employee is just not enough and they are only looking for a way out of their “9 to 5” and these are the things they encounter…scam after scam.

    Thank God for sites like yours! Sites that show us the cold reality of what is going on and thus open our eyes to the truth. A word of encouragement to everyone: all good things take time; put in the hard work but remember it’s not an overnight success thing.

    Thanks Steve for being the “guinea pig” (testing the waters) :-)

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      Thanks for the comment Alicia. You explained exactly why I started this site in the first place. I wanted to make sure no one else fell for another one of these ridiculous scams ever again and at the same time, help them find something that truly does work online. Complete Profit Code is not one such solution.

  • Michel

    Thanks for the warning on Complete Profit Code. Funny enough there are quite a few of these post links to sites and get paid a fortune kind of sites revolving around at the moment.

    I wonder how many people actually check that the reviews on these sites are not fake. I love the way that you check the photographs. I will definitely remember to use that tip next time I want to sign up to a dubious site.

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      People are still visiting my site so they are definitely doing their research first (thank God!) A lot of people have wised up to these scams lately though and there are actually a lot less running around than there were even just a few years back. Complete Profit Code hasn’t caught on that ripping people off is a bad look.

  • Mitch

    Thanks for taking the time to write up a scam alert on Complete Profit Code. There are so many scammers out there and it is really easy for people who are new online to lose their money to these scammers.

    What is your top recommendation for a great online training system to get started making money online?



    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      Hey Mitch-

      Thanks for the comment. At the moment, Wealthy Affiliate hold my top recommendation for two reasons. 1. It’s free to try. You can get in the doors and start building your business at no cost. And 2. They have the best community and support system online. I do have a full writeup about it here: https://ivetriedthat.com/wealthy-affiliate-review/

  • Brian

    Thanks for doing the researching. I was interested in this program, but you’re right. The idea of making that much money in 1 hour without doing any work or having any skill, it seems impossible.

    It seems like there are so many scams out there, that you really can’t be sure what works and doesn’t work.

    Keep up the reviews.

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      A lot of these scams like Complete Profit Code are easily debunked by asking yourself “is this too good to be true?” There’s a reason why that mantra exists. As always, do your due diligince before sending any one any money.

  • Mikael

    I have seen so many scams online and it keeps suprising me how creative the scammers are and that any people can have so little concern to lie and do whatever to lure money out of people just just want to improve their life.

    Glad you are warning people against Complete profit code. Unfortunately that is not the only site that uses methods like this. Using fake logos, pictures etc, to make it look legit is soo low. Hopefully scams like this will have a harder and harder time to get money from people, if you and others keep revealing them and revels the signs we have to look out for.


    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      Cheers Mikael and thanks for the comment. If these guys put a fraction of their effort into developing a legitimate business, they could be a lot more successful and build something worthy of buying. Instead, they rob people and lie to them just to make some money quickly. I’ll keep reviewing them though to keep the public safe.

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