This week I am not going to review a product as such, as I haven’t tried it (I know, bad Dean!).

It is being launched this very day, so I wanted to give you all a heads up about it as you may see it in your inboxes.

I want to explain why purchasing it may have a negative impact on your online business.

The product in question is called Content Gorilla, and it is a WordPress plugin that enables you to obtain new and hopefully targeted content for your website.

What Does It Do?

Have you ever heard of a content scraper? This is what Content Gorilla is. To explain, a content scraper goes to other websites and copies the content and then will either save it, or publish it to your website, which is what this plugin does.

This is my first real concern with this software – the legalities and the ethics of it all.

“How To Legally Steal Amazon, YouTube & Yahoo’s Hottest Authority Content To Publish on ANY Website on AutoPilot – Point & Click All The Way To The Bank”

While I get it that sites like YouTube and Amazon, actively want to you to promote what’s on their sites, there is a risk factor about pulling in content from other sites, a huge risk factor. Plus there is most definitely the temptation to start pulling in other content from competing sites, which will not end well.

Duplicate Content

In this era of the internet, search engines like Google praise quality and unique content. OK, they get it that there might be some duplicate content – videos, quotes, etc. However I do not believe they will be at all happy seeing massive amounts of duplicate content from other sources on your site.

That is exactly what this software is pushing. The makers sales page tells you to “screw Google” and that this software will solve all your traffic woes.

“Youtube, Amazon and Facebook are the new kingpin daddys of traffic”

How exactly? If I want to find something on YouTube I go to YouTube, same with Amazon. How will that generate traffic for my site?

Scraping content will of course give you content, and perhaps by using Facebook (see below) you can generate some traffic, but other than that you are still reliant on using the other social networks and most definitely the search engines.



The above picture says it all, he got Google slapped (dropped or removed from the rankings) and perhaps rightly so, who knows. What I do know is that by using duplicate content you face the real chance of being Google slapped yourself.

Upsells and Downsells

Recently I got a comment that, in my own words, said “Upsells are part of internet marketing, deal with it”.

I understand that marketing both on and offline has cross promotions, upsells and downsells. That doesn’t change the fact that for the most part, internet marketing products tend to have crappy or at best unnecessary cross promotions, often these are also expensive.

Content Gorilla has two main additional products: a Facebook app and a theme.

I haven’t seen either of these so I am speculating here, but my words of caution are these.

Facebook App

Initially this sounds pretty cool, anything to automate publishing to Facebook is always handy. However, this costs twice the price of the main product at $47 and if you can spend half an hour learning what RSS is, you can go to a site like IFTT or Zipier and set it up so that your content automatically posts to Facebook for FREE.

WordPress Theme

Always be careful with themes from promotions like these, generally the promotions don’t last that long and a lot of the time the theme ends up not being updated, therefore providing possible security risks. For the price of it ($47) go and find a theme shop like Woothemes that you know will continue to provide support and updates into the future. Yes, you may need to spend the same or a bit higher, but for me at least it gives me some peace of mind.

The Benefits

I have a tendency to bash on products, and I am not trying to do that here, I just want to give you some food for thought.

I do see some potential good in this plugin, if it is used correctly. Having some related videos fed in regularly, or twitter streams sounds great and if the plugin delivers then all is well.

But there are free alternatives out there. As of August this year there are 26,000 free plugins on WordPress’ site, and I can bet you plenty of those will import videos and twitter streams for you.

The Bottom Line

The product might be OK, it might be quality, but my concern is what it does and how they are selling it. The fact that they believe scraping content onto your site will bring you in traffic is ridiculous, if anything it will hurt your site rankings, reducing your overall traffic.

Is it a scam then? No, I don’t believe it is, the product will no doubt do what it says it will.

Do I think this is a worthwhile purchase? No I don’t. Unless you still believe that duplicate content will get your site ranked (good luck with that) then I think you understand why this would be a bad purchase.

It certainly will not help you make money online.

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