The world of internet marketing doesn’t solely focus around affiliate marketing, though most basic training and systems point you in that direction.

There are numerous alternatives, and one popular is called CPA or Cost Per Action.

It is similar to affiliate marketing, but instead of getting someone to buy something, you need to get them to do something such as filling out a survey or signing up to a trial.

This week’s review focuses on a new product which states it can make you money through CPA’s. It’s called CPA Cash Demon and it’s by Naidy Phoon, Gaurab Borah and Tom Yevsikov.

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The Pitch

The sales letter for this product is a master class in hype, and throws in a bunch of cheese along the way.

Lots of garishly highlighted text and a sob story of being a lowly newbie marketer making pennies gets it started, and of course then comes the eureka moment of finding the latest, greatest way of making money online.

The basic premise is that you make lots on mini-sites for CPA ventures. These sites will allegedly take you just 45 minutes each to make, and can earn a steady income for 1 to 2 years.


Purchasing CPA Cash Demon

This product is on a dime sale and caps at $13.95. There are 2 upsells that kick in after purchase.

The first of these is for 3 case studies that will supposedly assist you in your endeavour. It costs $17, but if rejected there is a downsell at $9.95.

The second upsell costs $37 but wont show up if you skip the first upsell. It is a “done for you” package of 2 gigabytes of e-books, articles, images etc. My guess is that this is just PLR crap.

After skipping the upsells you are forced, yes forced, to sign up to their mailing list in order to get access to your product. That to me is downright rude. Yes, it offers some email training, but having to give my email address again with no option to politely decline is a poor show.


The Product

Once inside the “members” area (a single page) there are three broad steps to take.

Step 1

Buy more stuff! Yep, this is a pure advertisement for their upsells, in case you missed them

Step 2

This step is for bonuses. Why this is a step I have no idea, but there you go. Most of these look like email harvesters at best and are obviously paid advertisements from other marketers.

Step 3

Finally you get to the actual product. This step is still a little confusing as it mentions quite prominently about extracting files. This is probably for the upsell content, but may confuse some people as for the basic product there are no files needing extracting.

As far as the product goes, it’s in e-book format. It’s 120 pages long (but is well spaced out), looks clean and clear to read and has plenty of images.

As well as those you get two other e-books and access to a pre-recorded webinar on CPA.

The Training

The e-book is certainly large; more often than not nowadays you get a flimsy 20 page or less e-book.

The question is whether it is any good.

The first thing I noticed is that the training seems to be lifted from elsewhere, not an unusual practice, but they could have edited it to make it less obvious.

“Again, like we did with Clickbank products, we’ll want to vet the products”

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Uhm, that was the first mention of ClickBank.

Obviously this might cause confusion to new marketers as being told to replace gravity with EPC without being told what either of those mean won’t make any sense, but if you have played around with ClickBank before it should fall into place.

The first section of the book covers fairly basic things such as signing up to a CPA network and getting a domain and hosting.

The directions are straight forward and fairly easy to understand, it does an OK job at guiding you in setting up a WordPress site, though some areas might cause confusion (In Google Analytics click Plugins. Wait, what? Oh I’m meant to go back to WordPress am I?).

In fact the confusion gets worse as you continue to read. It’s like the author has either chopped and changed an original document or thought they had written something but actually hadn’t and never proof read the e-book.

Further training includes how to get backlinks from various sources such as guest blogging, forums and so on. As wells as that there is training on setting up a Facebook page

Overall the book does provide a reasonable, albeit confusing, grounding in making a very basic mini-site. The techniques it uses for SEO and traffic generation are all white hat as well.

An Example CPA Cash Demon Site
An Example CPA Cash Demon Site

The Bottom Line

CPA Cash Demon is not a scam; you get some reasonable information for your money. That being said, all it is teaching you is the basics of affiliate marketing, but with CPA offers.

While I think that it is possible to make money with a sites like these, unless you start throwing money into PPA (paid adverts) then it is going to be slow going. This is especially so if you follow the authors lead and have about 4 posts on the site (Google hates thin content).

Would I recommend this product? Not really as there are much better grounding in affiliate marketing and CPA for similar costs or even free.

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