I was surprised to learn today that Pinterest is only four years old. Within that short space of time, Pinterest has grown to be one of the top players in the social network sector. While it doesn’t yet rival Facebook or even Google Plus in terms of user numbers, 70 million people is not to be sniffed at. I still happily consider Pinterest to be in the “top 4” of social networks for English speakers.

With that number of visitors it isn’t surprising that there are internet marketing products to teach you how to use (or abuse) Pinterest to make money online.

Though the name doesn’t sound like it, CPA Monster by Naidy Phoon is one of the latest products to specifically use Pinterest to earn money.

Purchasing CPA Monster

Only available via the Warrior Forum, CPA Monster is on a dime sale that is capped at $15. The sales page is pretty standard and conservative as far as sales pages go. It doesn’t boast of making thousands in seconds, in fact he says

“Using this method, I raked in over $50 in my first week, over $300 in my first month and much more since then…”

Those are realistic figures. I also liked the fact that there were no income screenshots.

CPA Monster No Earnings Screenshots

All of this adds up to me wanting to trust this guy, which is a rare day when reviewing internet marketing products!

There are of course upsells with the purchase, 2 in fact.

Upsell one is 1 gigabyte of PLR content for $17. That’s a lot of content. Some might be useful, but most probably won’t be. I highly doubt it has been curated, as it’s a hell of a lot of stuff to sift through.

Upsell 2 is a video and MP3 audio file covering the same topic, as well as the ability to get advice and help from Naidy via email, all for $37.

CPA Monster Funnel

The Product

After purchase I gained access to the “members” area, where you access your download the product, which is a 103 page e-book.

There were also some unannounced bonuses, though nothing that rocked my world, a couple of third party products and a very short e-book about choosing a niche.

The core product is huge by affiliate marketing standards. Where normally you would be lucky to get a 30 page e-book for $15 bucks, Naidy has provided something 3 times as big for the same price.

The content is normal sized text, and has plenty of images to help get a visual perspective of what is happening.

The e-book is designed for beginners, and as such starts out with the very basics. It includes chapters on what Pinterest is and why it should be used. As well as that there are several chapters covering domain, hosting, WordPress and affiliate products.

If you are a seasoned marketer you could probably skip most of the book with ease, in fact you could probably skip the whole book.

The premise is to get Pinterest users to click through and to use CPA offers to make money, and to use optins to build a list. There is nothing out of the ordinary here.

It’s interesting that Naidy uses CPA offers – so things like trial offers – rather than actually selling products. This has an advantage psychologically with the potential customer (who doesn’t like a trial!) and could potentially increase conversions.

As I said, CPA Monster is newbie friendly; it will walk you through each process in a fair amount of detail. Because of that it can be a little dry to read in places, but if you are just starting out the specific steps may be a welcome change to the e-books that simply assume you know what you’re doing.

In fact it goes as far as to even provide pixel dimensions for certain padding…

The e-book also discusses traffic generation, not the “normal” way by say getting search traffic, but instead it leverages the internal traffic of Pinterest, which has a healthy 70 million users.

The Bottom Line

CPA Monster is actually quite heavy reading if you already have some experience with online marketing. It is pretty good for absolute newbies though, because it is so detailed. As with any e-book getting help when you’re stuck is an issue (unless you spent the dime on the second upsell and Naidy follows through with his support).

All in all, CPA Monster is not a scam, it is a thorough breakdown of how to set up a site and use Pinterest to generate traffic and in theory profits.

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