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Customer Service Background Information

Are you interested in doing some customer service work from home? If so, you picked a good profession to break in to. The requirements are low, the work is relatively easy, and the pay is good. As a customer service representative from home, you may find yourself answering support calls, doing market research, or even some (gasp) telemarketing. You should expect to find yourself on the phone nearly the entire time while you are working. Great communication skills are a must.

Most companies insist that you meet these basic requirements: access to a computer with a broadband connection, a landline phone connection, and a headset. Other than that, you may find yourself having to pay for a background check in order to start working. You may find yourself dealing with personal and private information and it is the company’s responsibility to ensure the security of their customers.

Recommended Customer Service Jobs

  1. 1800-Flowers – Seeking work at home customer support agents.
  2. Accolade Support – Answer support calls as they come in. No experience required and you set the hours you are available.
  3. Alpine Access – Work as a Customer Care Professional. No experience required but will have to pay for background check.
  4. Balance Your Books – Seeking experienced Bookkeepers or CPAs to provide support from home.
  5. BookMinders – Seeking Home-Based Accountant and Sales Representatives.
  6. BRG Research Services @ Home – You will conduct market research surveys over the telephone, and enter the responses into your computer.
  7. Brighten Employment – Work as a business-to-business telemarketer. Some cold calling/telemarketing experience preferred.
  8. ClickAccounts – Virtual CPA firm looking for home-based accountants and bookkeepers.
  9. Cloud 10 Corp – You will be taking support calls, placing or canceling orders. Training provided. No experience or background check required.
  10. Customer Loyalty Concepts – The calls you make for CLC are customer service related. You will be contacting existing newspaper subscribers.
  11. Ecallogy – Hires independent contractors for customer support
  12. Grindstone – Seeking talented outbound cold callers. You need to have experience.
  13. Live Ops – Numerous positions available. Just check the site for something that fits you.
  14. O’Currance Teleservices – Sales and training support calls. Utah based.
  15. Service800Inc. – Seeking stay at home customer service reps from the following states: Florida, Texas, Wisconsin and Minnesota.
  16. Team Doubleclick – Seeking virtual assistants
  17. Westat – Administer questionnaires over the phone and report your data findings.

Do you have experience with any of the companies above? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  • Lisa

    I work for and I have been with the company for 3 years now. You start as a temporary employee for a holiday, and if you are really committed and do a great job, you can be chosen to be core. Plenty of room for advancement as well.

  • Chonnette

    Currently I work for liveops and they are great!!!!!!! They have many opportunities. Check them out.

  • alicia

    I just got done working at home with a company ..Think direct marketing..check the site im not sure which geographical locations they hire for home agents, they did pay and training was paid as well.. the hours cap is nice too, and they even pay you for the software download requirements. I will say that even if you have children, really take the time to consider is working at home for you…discipline for being confined to your computer is

  • Bill D.
    Bill D.

    Is there a listing of jobs I can apply for working from Colombia, South America? I have perm residence in Orlando, bank account there and US virtual # using voip. Please help

  • Melony D
    Melony D

    are there any company that offer work at home positions in the caribbean???

  • Sherita Smith
    Sherita Smith

    Hi, i am a mother of 2 beautiful girls, and i will stay in contac. Thanks for letting visit this site. I would love to be able to work from home. And spend more time with my daughters. THANK YOU.

  • Vickie

    I worked for Cloud 10 for 1 project. The company overall seemed to be pretty decent. They paid.

    My problem came about that I had just bought a computer with Windows Vista and they reported that Vista should be ok; there were many technical gliches that needed to be worked out and it took forever and ever and ever. They did not see that coming. My friend also worked the same project and had XP and experienced zero problems.

  • CSR

    Surprised you did not mention West at Home on your list, they have been around a long time. I have worked for them several years now; they have many different client groups and they offer you a skill group based on need. I work for more than one group. It is the only company that allows you to choose your hours in 30 minute increments and no set schedules. Everyone else assigns you a set schedule and you must commit for months before you can change.

  • Chris

    I wish there were companies that accept Canadian applicants…

  • steve miller
    steve miller

    Your Comments

    i trained extensively for westat and met all their employment requirements with very little work offered. What good is the job without steady work? They never mentioned that fact during the application and training process.

  • Andrew Berkey
    Andrew Berkey

    I didnt put the company name in my previous posting.

    I did a Better Business Bureau check regarding Brighten Employment.

    They have an F rating with several unresolved complaints filed by former employees

  • Barbara Kenzik
    Barbara Kenzik

    I stumbled upon this website in my job search and I am so glad I did. I contacted a couple of companies and finally landed a part time job with two of them (35 hrs a week total).

    Custom Loyal Concepts really has nothing to do with newspapers (I don’t think). I work at home contacting people who are interested in getting information on online colleges. I love the job.

    The other company involves surveys and I will be going through training next week.

    I can’t thank you enough. This is great.

  • Andrew Berkey
    Andrew Berkey

    I did a BBB check on them, they have a f rating and many complaints from people not being paid.

  • Karen Reed
    Karen Reed

    I’ve worked for LiveOps for almost a year now and the pay is good. The most I’ve made was $18 an hour taking incoming calls. It’s mostly sales based and the real money comes with the upsells. Customers can get a bit annoyed but many of them do buy the add ons. Good work at home opportunity with greater payout potential. All training is provided and free. The only thing you pay for is the required background check because you’ll be taking credit card orders. Glad to see this company on your list! The good part is that it is a 24 hr operation so you get to pick your own hours.

  • Manda

    Convergys is a great and real opportunity, I used to work directly for them in an office building, so they’re quite real.

    I also have a couple suggestions of legitimate jobs I’ve gotten paid from: VIPDesk, West At Home, and Ver-A-Fast.

    VIPDesk is a position where you actually have a schedule they assign based on need, pays great, and they won’t schedule you outside of the hours you’re available. You typically work one specific contract, so you only take calls for a specific company.

    West At Home has a couple different options… Sometimes you’ll get assigned to a specific contract, but the majority of people just take whatever calls come in… it could be an order for a fitness DVD, request for program info, etc. so you aren’t too well versed on the questions customers will have, but the system has all the info you need and it’s easy to find while on the call. Decent pay, and the ability to make your own schedule.

    Ver-A-Fast had me on a contract calling people to ask if they’d received their yellow pages and offering a subscription to their local paper. They pay based on the coding of the call, and call times are usually under 2 minutes. Great if you can talk for hours straight and move from one customer to the next with no break inbetween.

  • Latrice

    Just wanted to tell you that Convergys is a good company to do some customer service work from home. I actually worked with this organization on site and the work from home is legit. The website is
    They do require a separate landline and that your working environment be a separate room from noise and distractions, but what organization doesn’t. For a direct link to the at home opportunities you can visit
    Hope this helps…

  • Steve Schubert
    Steve Schubert


    I have not worked for any of the mentioned companies, however, I am interested in providing value as a customer service consultant. How can I find out more about each of the offerings in order to choose which one that I can be of most value?

    Thank you,

    Steve Schubert

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