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Hmm…a philosophical question: do I review the program itself, or the website that promotes (and presumably profits from) the program? I’ll go for a minimalist approach and let you draw your own conclusions, except when I draw them for you with such comments as “Work at home sites shouldn’t promote jobs that are not legitimate.” If I were making such a judgment, you understand. Not that I am right now.

Where to start in my assault on the Data entry jobs juggernaut? At the top. A Google search for “data entry work from home” brings more than 82 million results, the first of which is a jobvertise.com site, which led me to workathomecareers.com, which is prominently displaying Fusion Cash banners. I’m suspicious of banners, so I went for the first sponsored link on the page that mentioned “data entry.” It led me to Fusion Cash.

Fusion cash banner

Want more money?
This video will show you the simplest and fastest way to make money online today. Watch it for free right now.

Uh-oh, another banner, featuring fistfuls of cash and promising “Free Money.” Red flags all over the place. But I try stuff. That’s what I do. Here’s a data entry job promising easy money, and I’m the sworn enemy of all such scams. I had to sign up. The page has some of the elements Steve and I have warned you about, such as the banner, claims about you setting the hours and deciding how much money you want to make.

Here’s what I learned. Though the link that led me to Fusion Cash said, “Data entry clerk needed,” I think it was slightly misleading. If you follow through on the application and FAQs, you’ll see that you’re getting paid to do data entry, all right, but the data you’re entering is your own, and the “forms” are applications to sign up for programs, trial memberships, and so on. To their credit, workathomecareers.com does not try to hide this fact. They spell it out for you clearly enough in the FAQs and “more info” links. So if you have no qualms about giving out your personal info and inviting junk mail to your virtual and literal boxes, and can get others to do the same (they have a referral program), you can probably indeed make some money. Pizza money, probably. Not pay-the-mortgage money.

Fusion cash homeSo I signed up. Here’s how it works. You select offers that interest you (some typical ones are shown in the screen cap here; click on it to magnify), sign up for them, follow the conditions imposed by the offer, and then your Fusion Cash account gets credited for the amount shown in the offer, anywhere from 0.25 to $25. You have to earn a minimum of $25 to cash out.

But I hit a couple of snags. First is this little stipulation in the terms and conditions:

Users must try only those offers in which they have a legitimate interest. If a user is found, in FusionCash’s sole discretion, to be in violation of this provision, his/her earnings will be forfeit and his/her account disqualified.

See, I don’t have a legitimate interest in any of what they’ve got. I am generally averse to marketing gimmicks and consumerism. And this program is consumerism on broadband steroids. I just can’t proceed, knowing I have no real interest in their stuff and that I’ll have to give my credit card info to dozens of companies just to reach the $25 cash-out minimum.

So I’m done. Somebody could probably make some money with Fusion Cash, but that somebody ain’t this body. Anybody wanna buy my membership? Act now! A limited-time offer for $75 $25 $1.25!

How Does Fusion Cash Compare?

I did a review of a program called SwagBucks a few months back and just wanted to give you guys a little update on my progress, show you how much I’ve actually made with the program, and give some tips on how to quickly start making some money with them.

A quick overview: the concept behind SwagBucks is that they’d pay you for using their search page to browse the web. They make money through Google’s sponsored results and then pass some of their earnings on to you in the form of SwagBucks. You can also make money by filling out surveys, shopping online, watching videos, and many many more ways.

All you have to do is use their search page and every so often, you’ll be awarded SwagBucks which you can redeem for cash or gift cards.

The best part is the SwagBucks search bar uses Google, so you’ll get the same results you’re used to, but now you have a chance to make some extra money. It takes no extra effort on your part either. It’s a fun way to make some extra money each month.

And you can join today and see for yourself why I rate this program so highly, absolutely for free. Plus, you get a free $5 bonus just for signing up.

There are a lot more ways to earn, but searching is by far the easiest and the quickest. You’ll see the other ways in just a minute, but first…

Proof SwagBucks Actually Pays

Here’s an inside look at most of the orders that I’ve placed with SwagBucks since I’ve joined. This is a look inside my own personal account. I’ve cashed out and received $890.00 worth of gift cards so far.

Now, there are thousands of items you can spend your SwagBucks on or you can even redeem them for cash. I chose the giftcards because they’re a little bit cheaper than the cash redemption so you get more value for your SwagBuck, so to speak. Plus, I shop at Amazon often and this really helped cut down on costs.

Here’s a look at my total earnings so far: SB Cash

1 SwagBuck roughly equals 1 penny. So I’ve made approximately $928.78 since joining!

And here’s a look at just some of my rewards so far!

SB Money

Oh, and did I mention this was all free?

Making money online has never been easier...
And this free video will show you exactly everything you need to do to get started. Click here to watch it now.

The Bottom Line

SwagBucks is a scam free way to make extra money online. It’s an excellent alternative to Fusion Cash and you’ll make money much faster. I’ve been a member for about six months now and I’ve been paid over $890. It’s completely free to join and will help you bring in some extra cash by doing things you already do online. What more could you want from a program?!

SwagBucks is awesome and I highly recommend you click here an create an account right now. You get a $5 bonus offer just for signing up.

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  • jesus

    I am waiting for my first check from fushion cash and it just seems they have too many rules to keep you from getting what you have earned ,We shall see

  • Jenni

    I have also had plenty of help from customer service. Even since I have been back. They have actually improved their site tremendously since I took the break.

  • Jenni

    As you can see, I posted February 12th, 2012 At 2:38 Pm. I took a break from the site when I had my son, but I am back on the site. I have made over $300 with that site. My last cash out was for $107. You only get paid once a month and can only have one pending cash out at a time. I don’t see that as a scam. If you weren’t allowed to cash out and your whole amount got revoked, you must have broken the rules. Only one person per address and you are to use your home computer. Hopefully this is the site you are trying and not some other one. http://www.fusioncash.net/?ref=jadedjenni

  • pat

    Total SCAM! Fusioncash is a RIP OFF. They wait until you have $25 to cash out. Then they say you have to wait 1 month for the cash out. Meantime, you keep working and making them more $$. When a few weeks go by, they DENY your payment for no reason & KEEP your money. NO customer serv. BIG CROOKS!!!

  • hi lo
    hi lo

    I’m doing IFW right now too. Well…I’m actually stopping for awhile. Haha, I closed my debit card because one of the offer sites gave my phone number away to some spam company. So no IFW for awhile. I still like it though. I’m also doing a day to day update about it on my blog.

  • mena

    They paid me so are you all sure you have the right site. The only problem i have is that you want get alot of money for your time.

  • donna castlegrant
    donna castlegrant

    ALERT Fusion cash is a scam, I had been a member for a year before I was ever paid, then I received only 25.00 after my first paycheck I was taking lots of surveys from different survey routers and fusion cash froze my account and refused to ever pay me again. They kept all the money from at least 8 survey sites that I was going in and taking surveys daily. they robbed me of a lot of money. I wrote and told this same story to all the survey sites that are on fusioncash, letting them know that fusion cash does not pay it’s members and finds reasons to stop payment. They are a scam site and I complained and also had 23 different people who have had the same problem complain to the better Business Bureau.

    BEWARE Of FUSIONCASH a scam site.

  • Jenni

    Fusion Cash is ABSOLUTELY NOT a scam. My paychecks prove it. Unsatisfied people tend to be the ones looking for get rich quick garbage that does prove to be scams. No one shoud discourage you from Fusion Cash. I’ve made over $130 in three months with little to no effort. I’m busy and don’t expect to make thousands. I’m a reasonable person that knows Fusion Cash pays appropriately for the work. You don’t need to give anything more than your addess to receive your pay. No credit card needed. Unless you make over $600 in the year, they don’t even ask for your social. And they need that for your tax forms. Whatever you do, do not but that bogus account they offered. Start your own successful account.

  • Joe Hector
    Joe Hector


  • jami

    wow i really thught i could make money too have not cash out on any sites yet but not going to do so now reading your reviews i am unsubscribing and blocking their emails thanks so much for the input

  • Santiago

    Searching for a while in the web it seems not to be totally serious, I couldn`t find any complete good review or comment about it. But workathomecarreers is a serious site I think, if they promote it shouldn`t be a total scam.

  • lawstal

    i tried fusioncash for several days now. im a very reasonable and honest man. there couldnt be a more misleading scam to get its so called surveyers credit card numbers. i dont have a credit card number to give them so i cant get past the $15.00 mark with them. and it took countless hours to rack it up to 15! i thought at some point the real money would show itself. but instead they ran me out of FREE offers. sorry, i dont pay to work.

  • Janel

    Does anyone know aboutZeroPriceTags? Is it a scam?

    I don’t want to try it if it’s a scam so if anyone has already tested it let me know! Thanks.

  • Mike

    Try emailing this guy;

    The sites a fake. I tried it, waited about 2 months even though i have a job, and NO money came in. Waste of time dont do it.

  • lesley

    Hmm… Anybody try to email that guy? See if he’s real? (LOL, as I just completed registration… Oy.)

  • Kohler

    Kohler here from FusionCash.net,
    @Tyson — That was because our check printing company, EZPay (had Fortune 500 clients at the time) went under. If you have not already, please send in a support ticket and we can get you going.

    @Hilary — We do not threaten anyone for any reason. The only users barred from the Forum are users who break the rules, as all other forums operate.

    If anyone has any questions you can email me at kohler@fusioncash.com

  • Cat

    Thank you so much for all these comments. I am in desperate need of making some extra money and have been exploring second part-time jobs and several other options, such as online data entry.

    So thank you, everyone for all your advice and please share any successful stories.

    Have a great day!

    Cat :)

  • Tyson

    I joined fusion cash about 2 months ago and worked up the required 25 dollars. The check did come and i deposited it into the bank. Then 3 days later my bank sent me a copy of the check saying that it had bounced. My bank cahrged me 5 dollars for the bad check and now my inbox is constantly bombarded by emails that will not unsubscribe. BAD DEAL

  • noah

    My roomate had been doing stuff on fusion cash for almost a week. Then one day, a check showed up in our mailbox for almost $4,000. He was stoked. Until, two days later, the check was found to be a fake and his bank account was suddenly almost $3,000 overdrawn.

    I will not say that this is necassily the fault of fusion cash, but what I will say is this…

    if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  • josey


    your “fraudulent referral” was because you share an address with your partner. it says this in the terms and referrals section. they most likely did that so you can’t make easy money from obvious referrals like partners and roommates (sneaky bastards).

    another inconvenience is that you are not allowed to use someone else’s computer or a shared network computer, so you’ve gotta have your own computer.

    it also says you cannot refer someone and in any way do a “walk-through” (tell them which offers would be most beneficial to fill out), and you cannot accept a “walkthrough.” i guess you’re out of luck if you happen to pick your offers wisely off the bat.

  • Stephanie

    I was just about to sign up for Fusion Cash and decided to do a search on it to see if there were any reviews about it. I’m glad I found yours. This site would be a waste of time for me. Thank you.

  • Jim

    I joined fusion cash a few months ago and did the whole data entry thing for a couple of days and made 45 dollars and didnt even put my credit card in once. They sent me a check like they said.

    I think the whole only register for what u are interested in is just a stipulation to cover there asses if a company tries to sue them or something.

    very legitimate site.. Dont listen to this guy he never even tried it..

  • Phily6969

    Hey I had called that number that guy said you have the wrong number I was like umm excuse me and i hung up. And to mention I have spent hours on that computer on fusion cash trying to make a quick buck. beleive me it is not worth anyones time unless u are desperate for cash more like chump chance.

  • Phily6969

    Yeah I cashed out to and got my 25 dollars a few months ago. Now I have 17 dollars cause I had just started back and I am not about to use my credit card anytime soon so I guess that 17 dollars will be there forever. And there were people saying that they were having problems with fusion cash. They probably were. But i did not have any tell you the truth. email me.

  • trap8

    If anyone needs to contact them.

    Administrator: Derheim, Tyler
    FusionCash, Inc.
    PO Box 1081
    Santa Cruz, California 95061
    United States
    714-276-9105 Fax — 714-276-9073

  • Hilary

    Fusion Cash is complete fraud.
    They have a “Support” section where they supposedly respond to any stated problems you might encounter using their site. (And there is problem after problem, mostly with completed offers not crediting.) Every response you get (and you hardly get any) does not even remotely address your stated problem. As a matter of fact, their “responses” always have nothing at all to do with the reason you contacted support. – And then they tell you that they have already answered you, and ban you from their site.
    The head administrator there will not give his name; that in itself is very telling. He is just known as ADMINISTRATOR, and very often throws members out for absolutely no reason at all, even if they have not broken any rules. –
    ——–Don’t waste your time with this one.

  • bruce

    Update! I got up to $25.75 and they paid it to my paypal account on dec 5th….so maybe it is ok..I gave out no credit cards but joined a lot of things that sent email to my inbox now that I am deleting daily…so hey be careful what u wish for…

  • Nicole

    I signed up for Fusion Cash, after following liks for Data Entry jobs. I spent a week filling out surveys and trial things – I wouldn’t do anything that required a credit card. My partner, who lives with me, wanted to try it, so she signed up too and put my name down as a referral. When I got to $25 (about 3 weeks later) I requested a cash out, and they immediately restricted my account. When I inquired as to why they responded, 5 days later, with two words: “fraudulent referral.” nothing else. they never inquired as to if the referral was fraudulent or asked for any verification information. they restricted my partner’s account as well (she was 25 cents away from the $25 cashout requirement.

    I’m sticking with Inbox Dollars. I haven’t been paid by them yet (I’m due to be paid this week) but I’m still hopeful.

  • Phily

    I just threatened them then they paid me. You have to talk to people in the right way. But you may just get kicked out of the chatroom like I did. But you will still be on the site.

  • Philomenap

    To think they actually payed me when I cashed out.

  • bruce mcdaniel
    bruce mcdaniel

    I got up to 24 dollars and they decided to not let me log in anymore….phooie!

  • Tips

    I cashed out before the 20 of August and I still have not seen any payment. I asked about it I only got one response since then. Now I have not heard from them in two weeks.

  • Jenna Songer
    Jenna Songer

    FusionCash is a good one for a points site but I’ve also found that a number of sites are different in the sense they are “referral sites” as well. You complete an offer and refer friends to do the same. If you’ve got a couple cronies who want to sign up for Blockbuster you can make $40 a pop so that’s kind of good if you don’t want to throw your credit card into the Internet’s abyss.

    I’ve worked with ZeroPricetags.com and I have to say I’m pleased thus far. Payment is scheduled for this evening.

  • Carolyn

    Sure, sounds good! According to Fusion Cash, I can expect my funds to be transfered to my pay pal account by aug. 20th, so I’ll contact you once I get paid :)

  • Joe

    I’ll be interested in your overall experience, Carolyn. Please contact me when you’ve cashed out-I think it would make a good feature post on Ive Tried That (if you’re interested). joe@ivetriedthat.com

  • Carolyn

    I started 2 days ago…like I said, I only gave out my credit card number to the blockbuster giveaway and to emusic, because 1. I know it’s legitimate and 2. because I would have wanted to sign up for Blockbuster online anyways. (I was able to locate easy ways to unsubscribe from the emusic trial too….no long phone calls or anything, it was just the click of a button). There are plenty of offers that don’t require a credit card, so you just have to pick and choose…and be aware that not all the offers are safe (duh, you shouldn’t complete any offer that wants your SSN…). As the writer of the blog mentioned, I can’t really see you getting rich quick from fusion cash (i’ll actually probably stop using it after I get paid for what I’ve done), but they’ve got a low cashout of 25 dollars, so it’s completely doable…

  • Joe

    Hi Carolyn. How much time have you spent working the program to make those $40?

  • Carolyn

    I just recently joined Fusion Cash, and while it may be too soon to tell, I have to say that I’ve already made 40 dollars, and I only gave out my credit card number for one of the offers…it was for the Blockbuster free trial, which I actually had been wanting to do anyway. You can still make money on fusioncash without giving out your credit card.

  • Andrew

    Right now I’m trying to see how making money with incentive based websites works out and I’m running into the same problem. You need to complete offers for free trials, throw your credit card around everywhere, and then wind up with $50 subscription fees in 7 days. Very risky but people are making money doing it. I plan to blog about it soon.

  • Sabrina


  • Joe

    We’ll be rock stars before you know it. Another nice little write-up here: floodofdollars.com.

  • Sabrina

    Saw the mention on E Moms @ Home, glad other bloggers are taking notice :).

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