It started last week. My phone rang and an unfamiliar number flashed up on screen. It was (949) 540-0781. I ignored it seeing as it was on the other side of the country and if it was important they would have left me a voicemail. The next few days were quiet, but then I received a call from the same number. I ignored, but they called back again. And again. And again. Finally, I was fed up and I answered. Big mistake.

Mr. Steve! You win free trip!

Her English was broken and her accent was heavy, but she assured me that I had won a free round trip for two anywhere in the US or Canada. I assured her I didn’t enter in any contest, but she was insistent that I was passing up a great offer. Again, I told her not interested and told her to have good day. I hung up. She called back.

This time she was a bit more pushy. She rudely asked why I didn’t want a free trip and what was wrong with me for turning down such an offer. I said this was shady and I don’t want to hear from her again. She said hold on while I get my manager. I hung up but this time the manager called back. I could understand her a bit more, but before she could get a word in edge-wise, I told her not to call me back, remove me from whatever list you have, and just leave me alone. I hung up again. A few minutes pass and I feel that I had bested whoever was trying to get in contact with me. In the midst of my glory, my phone rings AGAIN. It’s the same number. This time I was prepared.

I had Hendrix playing before she called. Since she so rudely made me pause my music, I was going to give her a bit of a show. I cranked the volume just as Jimi broke into his guitar solo during “All Along the Watchtower.” The volume was loud enough that I couldn’t hear a word she was saying. I was yelling into the phone that I was at a concert and I would be here for the remainder of my life and if she called back, this was how we were going to have to communicate. I again, hung up. Surely I had won. Until my phone rang again.

Now, this part I’m not very proud of and I’m sure my neighbors aren’t too pleased either, but I was determined to make her stop calling. A quick Google search landed me some free video porn and I decided to share my glorious findings with the telephone. I skipped ahead in the scene to the really raunchy stuff. Armed with men and women in pleasure, I answered the phone and held the receiver up to the speaker until the phone flashed that the call had ended. A full 58 seconds had passed before she gave up. The war was finally over.

The Company Behind 949-540-0781

In between one of the calls, I did manage to Google the number and read a number of complaints regarding whoever was calling. Apparently they run a number of scams and offer free prizes ranging from car warranties to computers to vacations. They apparently are spoofing their phone number and routing it through Orange County, California.

I haven’t been able to pinpoint the company exactly but a bit of research has revealed a lot of information. They are operating under the following names and phone numbers:

  • Pioneer Company, Pioneer, Pioneer Communications
  • US Website Builders and
  • Westwood International, Point to Point Destinations, Westcoast Timeshare, Geo Holiday
  • United Digital Solutions, NSI Group, Tom Duncan
  • 816-389-2688, 213-340-0809, 213-340-0817, 213-340-0620, 404-134-0809, 213-316-7159

I don’t know why one company is operating under so many different names and phone numbers, but whatever they are peddling, it can’t be good. I didn’t stick around long enough to want to try to figure it out either. Has any of these numbers or companies called you? Or have you been offered a free trip, computer, or car warranty? Post in the comments below. I’d really like more information on this one.

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    Reply Sucks Blows Scam Reviews
    —You see you stupid SCAM Artists, I have just optimized this post for all your targeted keywords, FREE OF CHARGE for you losers.
    —IF ANYONE IS SUING THESE S HOLES, PLEASE POST HERE. I WILL GLADLY JOIN AND TESTIFY AGAINST THEM ANYTIME AND AS MANY TIMES AS NEEDED. They are in violation of National “Do-Not-Call” list, as well as many directories’ terms of use and policies, as they simply access those directories to solicit their paid customers. THIS IS A PURE SCAM! Few posts above describe how they do it.
    But here is how their “Guaranteed Top Rankings” SCAM works: If you don’t see your site listed in top search results in 6 months, we will continue to work on it for another 6 months. By then you will not be able to dispute the charges on your credit card and we make money doing nothing but promissing you all you want to hear. I swear if it was legal, I’d shoot these mf myself.

  • Jenny

    I’m not sure if it was from one of those numbers, but recently I did get several persistent calls notifying me of my car insurance being on the brink of expiration, complete with the lie “this is our final attempt to reach you regarding this matter.” The first time I politely explained that I did not even have a driver’s license let alone a car that needs insurance so would they please take me off of their list and scam someone else… The next time I was not as pleasant (though I did not resort to porn, lol)

    Be very careful of recordings with statements like that which route you to call centers for “more information” about your account!!

  • Jshua

    Lol, that’s why I screen all my calls now… well them and debt collectors. I’ll spend 30-45 min. just trying to shut them up. I had a classic one a few weeks ago. They send you “Free” tickets and travel info., you call to confirm, and if you don’t they call you ro confirm. Long story short, you spend 45 min on the phone only to find out it’s not free at all, you send in $800 for all these vacations and in the fine print you’ll read at some stage while on hold, you notice that the wording allows it to be “Greatly Discounted” when I pointed that out to them and insisted that I have no money for this. I’m toatally on board with what you did to handel this! Of course if my girlfriend is around I’m not sure I’ll resort to internt porn, the real thing should have a better results, lol, that and least that way I will be getting some thing out of their phone call. Oi, maybe if every one goes out and gets a Heavy Death Metal CD for such an occasion? Lol, I dunno, great work though and nice research!

    • Joe

      I’ve seen it coming for months. Steve is just one step away from this approach.

  • Steve

    Hah, I said I wasn’t proud, but desperate times do call for desperate measures.

  • Jessie

    I just had to say how you handeled this is possibly the most awesome thing I’ve ever heard. I should try that the next time I get a sales call and the person just won’t shut up and go away…well minus the resort to porn. :)

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