It’s amazing the lengths that these fake check scammers will go to convince you that their scam is legitimate. This scam was created just two days ago and has a fully functioning website, really legitimate looking forms, and one hell of a convincing story.

It makes you wonder what these scammers could accomplish if they focused their efforts on real work instead of deceiving people.

Advertising in Motion, LLC. is a Scam.

Here is the job offer email that is going around…

Good afternoon,

This is Eva Melkova. I’m writing you to tell you more about our Company and the available post of the Customer manager with our Company. This position is related with the customer service, but I want to tell you first of all, that if you don’t have experience in it, that’s not a problem! You will have a free training, and so it doesn’t play a role.

Our HR department has fully reviewed your information on the yahoo portal and decided to offer you the position of Customer manager. In this message I will explain you what exactly necessary from you to take this post and how to do it. First of all let us introduce our company to you.

Advertising In Motion, LLC is the global business company which is a recognized leader with deep industry, business, and technology experience. We appeared not so long ago on business market but we already have a notable and big clientele all over the world.

International Marketing Agency started its business in a little town with an attempt to let people know more about consulting and help them in making their business modern. Through the years the staff and the competency of the company was growing. We manage to evoke a positive response to the service we provide. We help companies drive true organic growth – revenue and profit increase from continuing operations. Nowadays we have a lot of clients all over the world and they still recommend us to the people they know. Our Company got a lot of awards taking part in world-famous contests. We are proud that today we are a top agency which can offer different kinds of service all over the world. We are also glad that we have an opportunity to give a job to such specialists as you are.

With the help of opportunities we possess, we plan to carry out our activity through the regional Customer Manager. Basically, we need a person to coordinate the delivery of services to the customer. The main duties are: receive and cash bank checks from and to our clients and partners from all over the world, using bank systems.

Due to the world crisis and a cut in company expenditure we decided not to open a new office in your region, but to hire an official representative of our company. That’s why the representative will carry out all the financial and other dealerships according to international law.

We need you as a Customer Manager to control the payment of our customers from your state, made with the bank checks ONLY. The required skills of yours are team work, basic knowledge of MS Office, accuracy. Your general duty is to accept checks from our clients and partners. For that you should give the correct address where those checks will be received by you as an official representative of our company. Actually, your main duties are:

1. Receive cheques addressed to your name as an official representative
2. Get the cheque and cash it in a bank where you have an account (it is not necessary to establish a new account, your existent account is enough)
3. For cashing the check you will have to wait from 2 hours to several days (depends on a bank). This period is called clearing.
4. After the check is cashed and you get the money you will need to contact our manager
5. Follow the instructions from senior manager

Concerning you salary, it depends on the work you do – from $3,000 to $5,000 a month. Your income will be 5 of cashing checks. For example: You cashed several checks totaling $50,000, which means your income will be $2500.

If you have read, understood and accepted all the information written above, you need:

1. to fill in and sign the employee’s Application Form, Employment Agreement
carefully and correctly.

2. You may send a copy of of your signed Employment Agreement and
Employment Application two ways:
-To my Fax: +12062024163
-scan and send a copy to my e-mail

IMPORTANT: If you are interested in this position and are ready to begin work, you must send me a signed Application Form and Employment Agreement as soon as possible. If I do not get these documents for three days, your nomination will be rejected.

You can easily find additional information on our website.

Right now we are at the very start of the process.
I am here to help you with any question you may have while reading the information.

Best regards,
Eva Melkova
Advertising In Motion, LLC
Fax: 206-202-4163
Tel: 206-222-2293( 8:00-12:00 CST )

Known Contact Information
Advertising in Motion, LLC.
OCALA, FL 34470 US
Fax: 206-202-4163
Tel: 206-222-2293
Eva Melkova

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There is NO such thing as a check or payment processor.

Any job that requires you to receive checks or payments will always be 100% a scam. With a check cashing scam, you’re asked to receive a check, deposit it into your bank account, and forward most of the amount overseas while keeping a portion of it for yourself as a “payment.” The checks you receive are either fake or stolen and it’s only a matter of time before they bounce.

Unfortunately, most banks don’t spot the fake checks and will allow you to deposit them. Federal law requires banks to immediately grant you access to the funds even though they haven’t cleared. This allows you to complete your “job” and send the portion required overseas.

The fake check you deposited WILL eventually bounce. It can take weeks, or even months but that check will bounce. Unfortunately for you, you’ve already wired the money overseas and there is no hope of recovering that money. This leaves YOU responsible for repaying the cost of the check.

Follow this one simple rule: NEVER accept a job that requires you to handle someone else’s money. If an “employer” want you to receive a check and forward the money elsewhere, it is 100% guaranteed to be a scam. Every. Single. Time.

Do Not Work for Eva Melkova or Advertising in Motion

I know Advertising in Motion has a legitimate looking website, but rest assured, it’s absolutely a scam and doing work for them will cost you thousands of dollars and can get you in trouble with local law enforcement or even the FBI.

Take a step back and think about this logically for a second. This “company” is trust you, some random individual from the Internet, to receive payments, cash them in your bank account, and wire the money overseas. Nothing about that sounds legitimate. Why would a major international company be outsourcing it’s payment processing to some random person in the middle of the US? That’s not how companies operate.

If you have any additional information or emails to share regarding this company, please leave a comment below!

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  • Justin Graney, Director of Operations
    Justin Graney, Director of Operations

    The Advertising in Motion that is depicted in this internet post IS NOT Advertising in Motion of Raleigh NC, the DBA of DS Services LLC.

    Advertising in Motion of Raleigh NC was created in late 2013 to deliver mobile advertising services to central North Carolina.

  • Chris D Wells
    Chris D Wells

    Thank you for addressing this. I first received a email from Eva Meikova asking if i were interested and I emailed them back saying ‘yes’ but that I needed more details so that I can research the firm. I also told them that the email did sound like a scam. My background does include working for the Internal Revenue Service and this system does appear to me as money laundering. When a check is deposited into your bank account that money is recorded as revenue and becomes taxable which is why a person needs to be very careful. The fact that US laws do not apply to foreign nations is how they would get by with this. Then you mentioned bounced checks. Yes, this is a strong possibility as it will take 5 to 10 business days to clear a check.

    The message also reflects numerous grammatical errors which is also an indicator that it was not done professionally, but I do wish to point out that there is such a postion as a ‘payment processor’. I just applied for a postion with Hyundai Capital America (Maker of Hyundai cars) that was called under the same name.

    I am in the process of putting together a consumer advocacy website called, which will address issues similar to this. I would like to connect with you and this website. I am very happy to see that I am not alone in addressing abuses of our system.

    Chris D Wells

  • Stephanie

    Thank you do much for posting this!

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