A new scam warning for you guys. It seems we’re heading back to the old data entry scams.

This scam is being spearheaded by a guy named “Henry Walker.” He’s posting fake clerical/data entry jobs online and offering $25/hour to do menial work online. He is scheduling interviews via Yahoo! Messenger. The goal of these interviews is to steal as much money from you as possible.

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Beware of Henry Walker & Strategic Partners Group

Here are a few comments from someone who has had a run-in with Henry…

The last one I got was for a company called Strategic Partners Group. Mary Yorn at deskofficemary@gmail.com was the first to reply to me with this message:

The Hiring Desk of the company has reviewed your resume and we believe you have the required qualifications. This is an Online work from Admin Assistant home position and you will get paid weekly doing data entry inputting (alpha and numeric data) into excel database,work is sent via email and you will be working M-F.Earn $25 per hour

Do you have a yahoo messenger on your computer. To proceed with this position you must undergo an online interview via yahoo messenger.

I want you to setup a yahoo messenger (IM) Mr Henry Walker and Instant Message this ID (operatingdeskwalker) asap for the interview so you can get considered for the position. IM her for the interview as soon as possible




Basically I was offered $25 an hour to organize documents and verify their content. Wow, sweet right? So what’s the catch? It wasn’t really clear to me until I was told I had to buy some software for the job. I basically told him I was too broke to be buying anything, but he said he’d provide all the money needed. Right.

More evidence of the scam from other victims…

I was stupid and did this. They want you to pay about $300 for an accounting program. So like a dumb*** I sent the money Western Union, and then Mr Randy Martin asked for another $300. When I said no I was told I would get a refund check. That was a week ago and I still have no refund. He says the vendor won’t give money back and unless I pay the other $300 I am just out of luck.

And another…

I too am questioning this company. The link that is posted by one of the other persons answering is not the same link given in the interview. The website is “conveniently under maintenance”. I just finished my online interview. Yes, this is a SCAM. They want you to pay $312 up front via Western Union to a so called third party vendor, who is suppose to install the needed software onto a laptop that the company will send to you. The website given by the interviewer is: www.strategicpartnersgroup.net

Known Contact Information

Henry Walker
Mary Yorn
Marie Woodbery
Randy Martin
Linda Klingler

Email Addresses:


Strategic Partners Group is a Scam

There is no job available. It’s all just one big scam to gain access to your personal information and to rob you of your money.

Legitimate companies…

  1. Do not use generic free email addresses
  2. Do not interview over Yahoo messenger
  3. Do not require you to pay for company software
  4. Do not want you to send them money via Western Union for startup materials

Please DO NOT send this guy money. Do not give him your personal information. Do not accept payments or checks from him. It is all one big scam.

I’m sure there are plenty more names and email addresses used by this guy. If you had a run in with him, please post any names or email addresses he used. Help us protect others!

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  • Gary Sonnenberg
    Gary Sonnenberg

    Anytime I see the Western Union red flag I know it’s time to run.

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