Quick Summary of Millionaire BizPro

Rating: 1 The endless upsells and lack of support make this program a no-go.

The Good: You get some pre-built web pages. You get access to affiliate software and traffic generators (that you pay for). The buy-in is fairly low at just $37. You get a refund if you request it.

The Bad: To use this system as advertised, you'll need to invest much more money and time. The system's creators offer little to no member support. You are upsold into other online income 'opportunities' at every turn. This isn't a turn-key system that a beginner affiliate marketer can easily use.

The Bottom Line: Millionaire BizPro might have some useful features and offer pre-built web pages, but its endless upsells and lack of support make this system a no-go.

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Millionaire BizPro Review

Derek Maxwell says that his system, Millionaire BizPro, will make you thousands of dollars after just 30 days of using it. In fact, this system is so successful, it’s already valued at over $1 billion.

Millionaire Bizpro 4

Can Derek’s claims be believed?

What is Millionaire BizPro?

Derek claims that he’s developed a system that can make you money on autopilot. This is possible because Derek has already spent his own money to develop a software program that you simply activate to let it generate money for you on autopilot.

Millionaire BizPro is programmed to do two things:

Millionaire Bizpro 5

Millionaire Bizpro 6

So, it sounds like Millionaire BizPro is actually some kind of automated affiliate marketing system.

Derek says that he is currently testing Millionaire BizPro with 45 different individuals from 45 different cities. Once these “beta-testers” have verified that the system works as advertised, Derek will release the software to the general public at a cost of $5,000/subscription.

Supposedly, I was the one lucky person in my city to watch the sales video. The only issue?

This sales video was also posted on YouTube.

In any case, Millionaire BizPro offers the following benefits once you pay its advertised price of $47 $37 $17.

  • A pre-designed website (that you can customize).
  • A traffic generator (through Webfire).
  • Training videos.
  • A GVO email autoresponder.

On its sales page disclaimer area, Millionaire BizPro notes in greater detail what it’s actually offering to members:

Millionaire Bizpro

So, Millionaire BizPro is, in essence, a platform where you design affiliate websites, complete with opt-in forms, and then market your affiliate products to your subscribers. That marketing includes email marketing, but may also include paid advertising like Google AdWords.

That’s not exactly automated. It’s also highly unlikely to make you thousands of dollars in mere days, as Derek claims:

Millionaire Bizpro 2

Here are some additional red flags that I found with Millionaire BizPro:

1. The testimonials are fake.

Here are just two of the customer testimonials that Derek plugs at the very beginning of his sales video:

Making money online has never been easier...
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Millionaire Bizpro 7

fiverr 2

Millionaire Bizpro 9


However, both of these ‘customers’ are on Fiverr, offering video testimonials for the low price of $5.

In its disclaimer area, Millionaire BizPro does make the following statement: “PERSON PORTRAYED IN THE SALES VIDEO IS A PROFESSIONAL VOICE ACTOR.”

2. The system will cost more than $17.

Once you enter the Millionaire BizPro area, you encounter a host of upsells. These products are necessary for getting your affiliate websites off the ground and include the following products:

  • A $37.95/month basic membership plan
  • A $347/year Webfire plan (supposedly generates free traffic)

Millionaire BizPro also tries to upsell you on its so-called “Platinum” membership plan, which is a one-time cost of $197 (or $97 if you try to leave the sales area). This premium plan gives you access to additional training videos, a social share button, and a tool that drives free traffic to your websites.

3. You get zip for support.

The Millionaire BizPro platform offers training videos that discuss building your affiliate sites, choosing your products, driving traffic to your websites, etc. That’s a great start, but videos won’t answer all the questions and/or challenges you’ll face as an affiliate marketer. For example, there is nothing said about how to write your email copy.

Millionaire BizPro has no Facebook group (the one that’s on Facebook is for binary options software), user forum, blog, or any other such support network. You can’t attach any faces or names to this system until you go to its affiliate page, where you find contact info for these three “pros,” who I assume are probably the ringleaders.

Millionaire BizPro1

Otherwise, on the Millionaire BizPro sales page itself, you are only provided with a phone number to call if you need a customer service advisor. However, those advisors don’t return your calls.

4. You’re promoting other work-at-home “opportunities.”

It’s funny how Derek never mentions the products you’re going to promote with your affiliate marketing websites. If you search through the supposed “positive” reviews of Millionaire BizPro, however, you eventually learn that the products promoted by this system are other work-at-home scams, mostly offered up by networks like Clicksure.

Why does Millionaire BizPro even have positive online reviews? Because its affiliates make a whopping $55 for every person who signs up to this system, and another $25 for the first upsell.

5. The program upsells are sketchy.

Once you sign up to Millionaire BizPro, you are highly encouraged to purchase a subscription to Webfire, which the system claims will generate “free” traffic to your websites.

First of all, I’ve seen other work-at-home scams promote Webfire, and Webfire has a lot of bad reviews. The system basically looks up work-at-home forums and groups and has you spam them with your affiliate links. That’s its definition of finding “free” traffic and leads.

You don’t build an affiliate business by spamming people, and doing so will eventually lead you into legal trouble with the CAN-SPAM Act.

Our Millionaire BizPro verdict: Don’t bother.

If you’re looking for a quality affiliate marketing system that you can actually get results and help from, don’t bother with Millionaire BizPro. There are far better and more thorough systems on the market, such as Wealthy Affiliate. And unlike Millionaire BizPro, Wealthy Affiliate charges you no money to sign up.

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