I almost passed over My Real Income as a review, its initial site looks just like an email harvester, very little information except that it’s automated and that you need no skills.

Digging a little deeper showed that this is a mixed bag of a system. After giving away your email address, the My Real income site looks like a scam, proudly boasting being advertised on the likes of CNN and ABC yet disclaiming they are not “associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored” by them. This is a typical bad marketing technique to evoke trust and tend to be found on the less legitimate sites.

On top of this are the generic, unproven earnings screenshots, the fake testimonials and the obscure winner of/voted the best etc signs without actual evidence of them winning any such awards.

At this point, it isn’t looking like a good purchase.

The Real Cost of My Real Income

There are two base levels, a 5 day trial for $4.95 and thereafter $27 a month. You can get the 5 day trial for just $2.95 by following the “downsells” (leave the page and when the pop up comes up, click stay on this page).

Inside MyRealIncomeOnline.com

There is a larger amount of information inside the membership area than I thought there would be. I was, honestly, a little surprised.

There are ten main areas:

Getting Started

This section leads you through 6 areas that enable you to get a “business” set up online. Of course there are upsells and affiliate links, and the language can be a little confusing, for instance:

Claim your FREE website Worth $2500

Well, no, it isn’t free as you still need to pay for hosting and a domain and it’s essentially just a WordPress site, and while I personally love WordPress, I have no idea where they got that price tag from.

The rest of the stages push more ebooks your way. These are free and contain some useful information but at this point I’m wondering what do I get for my $27 per month fee?

The next steps go into more detail regarding SEO, traffic generation and so forth.

Fast Cash Strategies

Additional ways you can make money, so yet more ebooks! These are on subjects such as Squidoo, Kindle publishing and creating PLR products.

Core Strategies

These could be considered advanced techniques but again its just a collection of ebooks that you will need to wade through, some of which I was not particularly keen on as they themselves appear to be yet another “system”.

Video Library

An interesting mix of content with some basic teachings on CPanel but also some recorded webinars with other marketers.

Audio Library

Similar to the video library, but well, audio only.

eBook Library

Yet more ebooks, these are different to the ones already put in front of you but something that can still be found online.

Timesaving Tools

No tools provided, these are links to free and premium services for various areas of an online business, including: art software, website software, hosting and domains, writing services and so forth. A good collection, though of course there are affiliate links dropped in there.

Your Resell products

Provides some information about PLR (Private Label Rights) products, what they are and how to use them. Personally I hate anything that provides PLR content, even if it states it shouldn’t be used as is. The temptation for new marketers (and experienced ones!) to use the content as is can be high and Google will slap you for it.

It is said that you can use PLR stuff so long as you amend it and this is true, but the time it takes you to amend it you could have written something unique yourself. For me PLR is about idea generation and nothing more.

However you can resell/give away these things so it could be useful for garnering peoples email addresses.

WordPress Essentials

25 basic videos about creating a WordPress site, useful but nothing that can’t be found in many, many other places online for free.

There are also links to free themes.

Traffic Library

Videos for generating traffic via sites like hub pages, or social media outlets like twitter.

The Bottom Line: Is My Real Income a Scam?

There are a lot of upsells intermingled in with some basic content, but mostly it revolves around a collection of other peoples ebooks and PLR content. I’m not saying this is inherently a bad thing, but if you are being asked to hand over $27 a month then it would be nice to not be bombarded with additional sales pitches for products which might be OK, but certainly aren’t needed, and to get some more detailed, unique content and guidance.

There is also a complete lack of a support network, no forum or chat system in place to which you can go to in order to find answers to sections you don’t understand or that are not clear from the documentation.

While I cannot label My Real Income as a scam, as you do get some information and ebooks etc. for your money, I certainly can’t recommend it on the basis that the monthly fee is ridiculous considering it is pretty much just a collection of ebooks and files. A few hours on the internet and you can bookmark all of the same information available for free.

If it was a single one off fee, with less additional sales pitches, I may consider it as a reasonable collection of resources for the beginner, but in its current state it is not good value for money.

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