Quick Summary of Website Traffic Factory

Rating: 1 This is yet another ad pack Ponzi scheme that will cost you money.

The Good: The terms of your WTF membership are noted fairly well on the site's Details and FAQs tabs. A set of YouTube videos describe the program and its "merits."

The Bad: You're spending money on ad packs and hoping that members downstream of you also purchase ad packs so you get some of your original investment back. A sizeable portion of your earnings are held in an ad repurchase account, and not paid out to you. Your ad traffic consists almost entirely of other site members, not actual customers.

The Bottom Line: This is a clear ad pack scheme designed to pay members at the top of the program. Avoid this scam at all costs.

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Website Traffic Factory Review

Website Traffic Factory (WTF) is an advertising platform akin to Traffic Network Takeover (TNT). Ryan Hauser is the creator of TNT, and he also lends his support to WTF. In WTF, advertisers (i.e., you) purchase ad packs in $10, $25 and $50 increments. These ad packs contain ad types like banner, solo, text, login, PPC and other ads.


The ad packs do not currently have an expiration date and their earnings are solely dependent on how many purchases are made by incoming WTF members. This may be due to the fact that WTF is still a fairly new platform and cannot estimate its total earnings. Purchased ad packs are set to expire at 120% of their purchased value.

For every ad pack purchase of $10, you are also given 100 business directory credits.

WTF is also an ad revshare platform where current members share in the revenue generated from ad pack sales. WTF offers a generous 25% referral commission structure that is divided into 4 levels. That 25% payout is organized as follows:

  • Level 1- 10%
  • Level 2- 7%
  • Level 3- 5%
  • Level 4- 3%

Members are required to log into their accounts and view at least 10 ads per day on the site. If they cannot do this, they forfeit their ability to participate in the profit sharing plan from WTF. However, members who pay an additional fee per month aren’t required to click on ads.

With that said, is WTF a worthwhile investment and can it make you money?

I say no.

Why WTF isn’t a good investment

There are many concerns that I have regarding WTF being a good investment over the short and long-term. Here are just a few:

1. The ad pack payout structure is skewed.

It’s mentioned that you get 120% of your original ad pack investment when your packs expire. So, you would assume that the $10, $25 and $50 ad packs will eventually get you $12, $30 and $60, respectively.

However, that expiry money doesn’t all return to you. In order to keep the WTF platform running smoothly, the payout structure is divided 30/70 between the payout to you personally and to your ad repurchase account.

That’s right: Most of your expired ad pack funds must be used to purchase new ad packs. For example, once your $10 ad pack expires, you’ll be able to withdraw only $3 for yourself, and the remaining $7 will go towards ad pack repurchases.

So, if you’re looking to get out of WTF, you won’t- or at least not without significant financial loss.

2. The ads are…lackluster.

If you’re wondering exactly how your ads will look and what they will advertise, wonder no longer. On the WTF website, a dedicated “View Ads” tab showcases member ads.


It seems that a majority of your purchased ad packs will feature other revshare programs akin to WTF. Aside from the revshare programs, there are a few work-at-home opportunities advertised on this tab.

Nothing is mentioned about whether or not you can use your ad packs to advertise your own products and services. You’re also not told whether your purchased ads can be displayed anywhere else besides WTF.

3. Your ‘traffic’ is other WTF members.

WTF emphasizes how you’re bound to get a lot of opt-ins and views on your placed ads, resulting in product commissions. As if to prove this claim, member ads are shown with tally buttons for clicks and views.

However, what’s not mentioned is that these clicks and views are coming mostly from other WTF members.

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You see, WTF members who wish to continue in the profit sharing portion of the program are required to click on 10 site ads/day. So, your traffic consists of other advertisers who are simply looking to make money from WTF, not interested customers.

As for possible outside customers who’d come to WTF and click on your ads, don’t even think about it. The WTF website started last April, has zip for quality content, and is not about to get indexed by any search engine for products that you’re trying to sell. You also can’t place any of your own content on the WTF site to actually promote your stuff (beyond the ads).

Sorry, but low quality traffic isn’t really traffic.

4. You don’t know when you’ll get paid.

WTF is touted as a new platform, so the ad packs that you’re purchasing have no timeline set for their expiration. The site even says so on its FAQ tab:


Website Traffic Factory cannot and do not provide a time frame or guarantee you any earnings from our site. Adpack earnings solely depend on sales made in the site. So if there are no sales, your ad packs will not earn.

When a program specifically tells me that my personal earnings depend on how many other people sign up for that program, my mind instantly registers two words: Ponzi scam.

Legitimate programs earn money through outside customer purchases, not member recruitment.

Website Traffic Factory- WTF?

When you take a good look at WTF, you are left scratching your head as to how this website manages to make money beyond member recruitment. There is no useful content, for starters. There are no actual products beyond the ads, and those ads live only on WTF. Why any outside customer would come and peruse this website is beyond me.

When something looks and smells and feels like a scam, guess what? It probably is.

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