There is a word that I hate. Not because it’s an awful word, not because it has bad connotations, but simply because it’s overused by online marketers everywhere.


Yep, I love ninjas and kung-fu films and stuff, but why does everything have to be ninja-this, ninja-that. It’s almost as bad as guru!

Anyway, there are a bunch of marketing specialists out there who mix things up and have fun with their work: SumoMe.

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I mean, straight off, they have taken this over used word and turned it on its head: no ninjas, just a sumo wrestler!

All jokes aside, SumoMe is a marvelous company, which provides a single plugin that can help marketers and business people alike improve their websites traffics, social shares and sign ups.

SumoMe Easy to setup and use

What is SumoMe?

This single plugin is made up of lots of smaller modules which can be enabled as and when you want them.

These modules cover 5 broad areas:


This section covers getting email sign ups. This is important for any marketing or general business as we all know that email marketing is incredibly effective if done right.

You can choose from four different ways (or mix and match them) to improve your sign up conversion rates.

  • List Builder – this is a standard, but pretty, optin pop up.
  • Scroll Box – this optin form only appears after the user has scrolled to the bottom of your content. As the blurb says, this is a non-pushy way to obtain subscribers.
  • Smart Bar – this style of optin was pioneered by the Hello Bar, and has proven very effective while remaining subtle.
  • Welcome Mat – in order to instantly grab your visitor’s attention, the Welcome Mat option is a full screen optin form, which obscures content until dismissed.

The fact that SumoMe has some pretty cool optin forms built right in is excellent. They are all customizable as well, with tons of options.


We are all guilty at one time or another of either fanatically watching our analytics stats or completely ignoring them. Both of those situations are bad, but monitoring your stats is still an important thing to do.

SumoMe allows you to connect your Google Analytics directly to your website, so you can see your traffic data with just a couple of clicks directly in your WordPress dashboard.

One of the most interesting modules they have is the Content Analytics module. This shows a kind of heat map that advises you which parts of the content is being read.

For example, it might be that your 3,000 word article is only being read up until the 2nd paragraph which gives you the information to know that there’s something wrong with the article – perhaps it’s boring, or off-putting.

I honestly didn’t know there were systems like this available, and it really can help get into the mind-set of your visitors and see where content is failing.

The last module in the Analytics section is a true Heat Map. These maps allow you to see where your users are clicking, which can help you decide where the best placement for CTA’s should be or what links are working and why.


Any marketer worth his or her salt knows that having sharing functionality for your articles is important. Otherwise how can people find out about your glorious article on dog whispering?

SumoMe provides 2 modules for sharing:


Share is a standard social network sharing tool. Not much to say on this as it’s quite run of the mill, but being included with everything else is a bonus.

Image Sharer

As images tend to be shared more than the written word, it’s important to make it easy for users to do so and this module does just that. Hovering over the image gives users instant access to share buttons.


This cool little module allows users to highlight sections of an article, say a quote or something, and share just that with a link back to the article. If you have ever seen Medium where people comment on sections of an article, it’s kind of like that but with shares instead of comments.

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There’s only one module in this section, but boy is it a cool one.

If you have ever seen those “You May Also Like” or “More From the Web” links at the bottom of articles then you already know what this module does.

If you haven’t, what happens is that every SumoMe user that has this module turned on (250,000+) can then promote your site automatically, and you do the same for their site. It’s a win-win for both parties, though it does have some obvious downsides, the main one being losing traffic to other sites.

Sumo me discover

That being said, if you can find new users who then want to become a regular visitor or signs up to your mailing list, it’s worth the leaching of traffic now and then.

As with the rest of SumoMe’s modules, you have a lot of control of the design and settings, allowing you to fit in with your audience. There’s even a Rating section so you don’t end up with porn coming up on your child friendly site.

In order to keep things balanced and fair, it uses a credit system, where you earn credits for views and clicks of other people’s sites and the more credits you have the more you’re featured on other peoples sites.


If you want people to get in touch, then a contact form is usually the best way to go and SumoMe has one built in. I wasn’t entirely sure about this, as I already use Gravity Forms, but for those not wanting to spend money it’s a great contact form.

It not only includes beautiful designs, but comes with and “autoresponder” that will send the contact a quick message when they contact you. (It’s not an autoresponder like Aweber, so no email campaigns!).

Easy and Beautiful

As a dabbler with code and a love (but sadly no skill) of design, I really can appreciate the work that has gone into making this suite of marketing tools.

Everything is really easy to use, almost fool proof in fact. It’s intuitive and simple – almost Apple like in ways.

The designs are gorgeous, so much so you won’t need to do much tweaking of them at all if you don’t want to.

SumoMe Mind Blown

What’s the Cost?


Yep, that’s right, it’s all free, sort of. All the basic services that I listed above are free.

However, if you want support and for the branding to be hidden, you need to pay $10 a month, which isn’t too bad, though I’d love there to be a one off fee to just remove the branding.

If you want everything they have to offer, which includes A/B testing, Pro Insights and more, then you will need to stump up $100 per month, which is quite a jump.

How Can it Help Me?

I see the main purpose of SumoMe as an amalgamation of several common marketing tools that everyone needs, plus some extra stuff that you may not have even thought of.

It reduces the need to have multiple plugins in order to achieve the same results.

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This combines with the fact that the basic tools are free, makes SumoMe a must have for any serious internet marketer.

But I Don’t Use WordPress

Why not?! No, seriously, it’s cool. SumoMe also offers their services for the following website types:

  • Squarespace
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Shopify
  • Weebly
  • Tumblr
  • Blogger

The Bottom Line

When I first stumbled upon SumoMe I actually ignored it. It wasn’t until recently when I came across it again that I gave it my inspection.

This might have been a good thing, because what I see with SumoMe is a polished product that has numerous features that will help a marketer out, along with a little bit of humor thrown in along the way.

In my opinion, you should give SumoMe a try, because you may end up falling in love with it like I did. And if not, it won’t cost you a penny,.

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