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I had the unpleasant experience of coming across Dont-Get-Scammed-Again.com. Immediately, I was greeted by Mark Hodges’ loud obnoxious voice claiming to be the only person on the entire internet that offers free online product reviews. He apparently hasn’t heard of I’ve Tried That. We always appreciate a little competition, but this site falls short of anything coherent.

Where are all the free reviews?

If you navigate to the end of the presell page, you will find a sign-up form that you need to fill out in order to gain access to the free reviews. If you want to review the site yourself, I highly suggest using a fake name and email to avoid the harvesting and selling of your personal information. You may also call me, Franklin McNugget and you may reach me at MrMcNugget@SleepoversWithRichardWilliams.com.

The next page finally gives us some information, including: how to add Mark Hodges’ email to your safe-sender list so he can spam you with useless crap for eternity, and how Mark bought into over 937 different programs but doesn’t name a single one. (Just for the record, if the average program costs $25 to join, Mark would have spent over $23,000. I find this highly unlikely. Anyone with half a brain would stop spending money after the first or second scam.) However, there is a link to Mark’s list of recommended programs and the list is less than shocking.

Mark’s list consists of three programs and they are all conveniently named ‘Legit Program.’ At this point in time, I normally stop the review because it is no longer worth my time or efforts, but I followed the links to the three ‘legit programs.’ The first linked me to a long presell page. Scam. The next was to a data entry program. Scam. The last link was to create your online dollar store. Waste of time and money. If you follow any of the links and sign up for any programs, Mark will most likely make between $20-$30. Don’t just hand over your hard earned money to a scammer.

Don’t want to get scammed again? Don’t go to this website.

Until now, we’ve only reviewed products and programs, but we’ve ignored the sites promoting them. Consider this review the first of many to attack sites like Mark Hodges’ that prey on others’ fears of getting scammed in order to scam them. Stick with sites like ours that don’t require any registration or up-front fees and you won’t have to worry about losing or wasting money.

What YOU can do
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  • phx scams exposed
    phx scams exposed

    Mark hodges is a lead generation page…He don’t exist!!!

  • Phoenix Scams Exposed
    Phoenix Scams Exposed

    dont get scammed again (dgsa)

    Once you sign into your “back office”, there are a number of tools and templates on offer to help get you started. One of the strong recommendations of the program is to write a story about you, and then she provides you with a sample “about me” type of page.

    When I read through the sample “about me” page, there’s a good body of text for you to personalize. In it, there is reference to an industry critic who gave the program a 5-star rating. The reference is somewhat vague – strange IMHO. Frankly, if I were given a 5 star rating by anyone, I’d not only be shouting it from the treetops, but I’d also provide specifics enough for prospects to verify the rating is legit.

    On further investigation, I found that the 5-star rating is given by a Mark Hodges of dont-get-scammed-again.com. The site tells a story of claims of all the gazillions of dollars the author spent on other scam artist’s programs and how his experience has lead him to pick three top performer programs. He does indeed give the Certified Media Placement Specialist a 5-star rating and puts the CMPS program at the top of his list.

    It also recommends two other programs whose links don’t work – interesting. And if you look at the links to the other two programs, they don’t actually go anywhere – they point to pages on his own site that don’t even exist. The link to Mary’s program is the only link that actually goes to another site, albeit without any sort of affiliate link as I would expect.

    Then I noticed the fine print in light grey. My hair stood on end when I saw “THE STORY DEPICTED ON THIS SITE AND THE PERSON DEPICTED IN THE STORY ARE NOT REAL.”

    Come again?

    Not real?!

    So this “publisher and senior reviewer” chap doesn’t even exist?!

    My stomach sank – I think I’ve been had.

    And then I had to tip my hat – clever.

  • Gino

    In February this year 2008 I put a lot of thought and time into buying some kind of money-making scheme on the internet. I’ve been conned once before in the past so I was very weary to take the time to carefully research only the best and most seemingly reliable available options before I made any kind of investment.
    I dipped my toes into the waters by beginning to trust someone called Mark Hodges by subscribing to his website called Dont-get-scammed.com. After a few months I had received numerous emails from this guy who claims to have reviewed 3000 or more companys and people selling get-rich-quick schemes on the internet. It all looked very promising and safe and trustworthy.
    To cut a long story short the very first investment I made was fraudulent. I payed more than $250 to a guy called Gary Jezorski and the guy completely ripped me off. If you are subscribed to Mark Hodge’s website you will probably eventually end up getting an invite from Mark to enter into Gary J’s e-currency trading program. Included with the invite is a really cosy interview with Mark and Gary in which they’re one step away from giving each other a soapy rub-down with all the praise they lavish on one another about how great ecurrency trading is. Gary cannot stop gushing about how much he wants to give you a complete 100% refund if you not satisfied in any way with the program.
    This is a total con, but of the two of these disgraceful human beings advertising all thier worth on a website that looks out for YOU so you don’t get scammed by the myriad money scemes available on the internet, I feel after all my efforts to get in contact with each of them that Mr Hodges is the worst of the two and utterly dispicable.
    Do not trust either of these two. Its taken me a while to get this message out on forums, but this truely should be a small duty of anybody who gets conned by scum like these two so that you can do your small bit to help others who might be redirected to this information and think twice about parting with all your hard-earned money. These greedy contemptuos souls think nothing of stealing all your money and then completely ignoring you.
    I am glad to have done my bit now. Take care!

  • Alanna

    Frickin’ hilarious!

  • Delores

    What can you tell me about the rich jerk website? this sounds like yet another scam trying to suck $10 out of its sad victims

  • Sabrina

    Oh, yuck! I hate scammers….and roaches….

  • Joe

    Ha! Great analogy. One fall when I was a kid, my Mom stored a big box of raisins in the storeroom just off the garage. I used to go out and grab a handful to snack on. Then one night I grabbed a handful and put them in a cup, and carried the cup into the house where it wasn’t dark. They were COVERED with mouse hair! DUH, Mom! You store an open container of raisins where there’s little human traffic, you get rodents! I shudder to think how much mouse poop I ate. The only reason I didn’t eat roach poop is there were no roaches there.

  • Sabrina

    Going to a site with that URL and finding what you did must be similar to finding out you had a roach in your taco, just bad, nasty and wrong and makes you wanna hurl for days….glad you busted that one for us!

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