The Internet is slowly becoming plagued with FREE GRANT ADS!!!!! I can tell you two things right now: Obama isn’t going to give you money and you probably don’t qualify for any government grants. Don’t buy into the ads as they’re simply trying to steal as much money from you as possible. With that said, let’s look at JeffsGrantsBlog.

Special Note: Please note that Jeff DonOhue (the lawyer, wingsuit skydiver, photographer, dad of a nine year old daughter, adjunct professor at BU Law, who works for Novartis the pharmaceutical company and lives in Cambridge, MA) is not the person that this article is about. Click here to find the real Jeff Donohue.

Jeff Donahue and the Art of Deception

First, visit JeffsGrantsBlog and read his presell page. Don’t click on any links posted there. The page will open in a new window, so close it once you reach the end. Click here to visit now.

Pretty convincing right? Jeff Donahue seems like a normal guy, just like you. He has a mortgage, utility bills, and debt. His job isn’t paying as much as he likes and he wants to change that. Well, he created a one step plan to do so. His plan consists of sending away for a “free” grant kit. After you receive that kit, the government will be unable to contain themselves from giving you as much money as you ask for. Solid plan there Jeffy boy.

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Now, here are some things you might not have noticed when viewing the page. First, is the picture of Jeff’s “grant check.”

Odd how every single word in that picture is clear except for the name “Jeff Donahue.” It’s ridiculously blurry. That my friends is what we in the biz call a terrible, terrible job with Photoshop.
[Update 2/20/09 by Joe: We found the source for this image. It was stolen from a Flickr user who posted the photo to talk about her IRS refund experience. Once we alerted her to how her check was being used, she pulled the image down.]

Further down the page you encountered the following image.

Did you notice that family-man Jeff is posing with a freakin’ statue?! I didn’t at first either. I’m not going to lie as I completely thought Jeff Donahue and girlfriend just returned from a lovely fishing trip with their son too. Needless to say, his son is fake and so is the fish.

Okay, terrible pictures aside, can we trust Jeff Donahue, if that is his real name? Absolutely not. Why? Because he has multiple sites up and running that are using the same exact template with different names. Jeff is also Kevin Hoeffer at You can find Jeff as Mike Donahue. Here Jeff is now Jim Donahue at and the list goes on and on and on.

In fact, you can find Donahue posted on the following websites:

I’m stopping here because there are over 60 more sites using the exact same template and I’m tired of looking at Jeff Donahue. Don’t believe me? Click here and check out the Google search results.

I’m personally avoiding each and every one of these websites as they’re all peddling the same garbage: Government Grant Solutions at which operates solely on hidden fees buried deep within their terms and conditions.

Once again, the government isn’t handing out free money to ordinary citizens. It doesn’t even make sense.

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  • A. G.
    A. G.

    Jeff’s latest scam url…

  • Wilfredo Diaz
    Wilfredo Diaz

    I am actually writing a Blog on WP about Government grant scams. I almost paid 200.00 for their services just until I realized that these grants are not available to ordinary people and business owners alike. I’m glad I ran across this blog. It helped open my eyes and also inspired me to write a blog about these type of scams.

  • Cam

    haaha! I just clicked on Jeff’s fine ad on, of all places FACEBOOK!!!! Somehow this crap found its way into the right-hand crap ad column put up on my Facebook homepage! I knew it was crap even before I clicked it, but did so out of curiosity. My biggest puzzlement is how can this scam even exist!!!? People who don’t have two cents to rub together have to buy in hook, line and sinker!
    People are stupid! Good that a site like this exists to compare notes on scams like this…
    The saddest part, and I only know a small part of it, is that this scheme preys on people who are already down with credit debt! (I’ve only been slightly there)
    They have negative figures for the money in the bank account, and these guys are stealing from them!!!!
    Friggin lowlifes!…
    I know people who are setting up commerce websites in hopes of riches, they are a computer-set into motion to continuously send ads. This scam is just a commerce website with a different sort of ‘PRODUCT’ It is infinitely reproducible.
    These ads will proliferate as long as people are taken in by it!
    If they got absolutely no response, I’d give them a couple of weeks to fold up the operation, but crazy dumb-asses keep sending them their money, and onward it goes! Yes, up into Canada, with the same goofy picture of guy with fishing statue and girlfriend, accompanied this time by an official looking Canadian government check with blacked out area where name and address should be!

  • Mandy

    I saw an ad for this on Facebook, so I was suspicious when I read that it was free. I googled Jeffs money blog and scam and it brought me to this website. I am going to post this website on Facebook for other people to see. Thanks for the info! :)

  • Karlee

    Wow, there’s the same ad for an Ontario government grant. This Jeff guy must live everywhere! Stupid scams!!!!

  • Suzanne

    This guy must really think people are stupid….the photo of his “cheque”, with the name blacked out, states it has been sent to an address in Ontario, but he claims to live in Calgary, which is in Alberta…..and the gnome statue is priceless…..

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