I picked up a cheap little internet marketing product today: Dynamic Cash Flow System.

I only bought it based on one line from their sales copy. Honestly, the rest was littered with spelling errors and wasn’t written with enough skill to pique my interest.

That line was:

“Discover the most overlooked step in Affiliate Marketing”

Want more money?
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What could this be? Will it actually be mind-blowing or will it be something already pretty obvious?

I had to buy the product purely on that single hook.

The idea behind the product is to provide an over for getting started with Affiliate Marketing, so it is obviously aimed at newbies, possibly intermediates and of course those of you out there that can’t resists something shiny.

The Cost

At the time of my purchase it was selling for $4.80 though it apparently should retail at $9 bucks.

This is a loss leader for the creators David & Wally, as affiliates will get a 100% commission for each sale of Dynamic Cash Flow System.

Really this product is just there to try and sell the upsell which is an, allegedly, limited access to a private Facebook group, plus direct contact details to the creators of the product and a video of an interview with a fulltime internet marketer.

As well as that I’m sure the mailing list will earn them some cash too.

The upsell is $12 though again the affiliate page states this will retail at a higher price of $27.

Access Denied

Often a poorly written sales page suggests that the product itself is not top quality. Well before that I couldn’t even gain access to the product!

This is the internet not a mail order system; you’ve got my cash so give me access!

It took some time (12 hours or so) but I eventually got access, there was some sort of issue with the marketplace website they use (JVZoo).

On The Inside

The product sales page advised me that this product consists of “a complete video walkthrough and pdf.”

Well, I couldn’t find the relevant PDF file and the walkthrough is a single video about 30 minutes long.

There are two short bonus videos as well, one with an accompanying PDF, both running at 12 minutes each.

I know that you can’t say just from a video length whether it will be feature packed or just waffle, but they do seem kind of short compared to other products out there. OK, for the price I paid I know I shouldn’t expect much, but it doesn’t stop the sinking feeling of having purchased yet another thin product.

The video focuses on setting up a funnel system, and he heavily focuses on the “making money” niche when doing so, but this could easily be applied to other niches.

I was also sorely disappointed to realize that “Discover the most overlooked step in Affiliate Marketing” was merely referring to sales funnels, rather than being something new and exciting.

The authors of the product are right though; sales funnels are often either missing or done rather poorly, and having a good one can increase conversions and revenue.

The length of the whole video is very telling here, and I think that this product could be better described as advice rather than a guide.

Making money online has never been easier...
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If you are a newbie, you might not find the assistance you need with figuring out how to create a squeeze page or funnel. If you are an intermediate then you may glean some worthy information from Dynamic Cash Flow System.

It seems that the videos marked as bonus videos are really part of the product as the main video refers to them at various points.

I found the narration a little hard to follow: lots of uhms and jumping from one topic to another.

The actual advice is brief, and fairly well known. In fact, you could figure out most of what’s being said here by spending half an hour studying a few real life sales funnels, though it is nice to have it laid out.

The narrator was very keen on emphasizing that you should provide value to your potential customers at all points of the funnel, which I applaud him for.

Did I get value from this? Not really. Perhaps that’s because I already knew a lot of what he said. Maybe someone new to internet marketing but with a grasp of the basics might get more mileage from it.

The Bottom Line

Is Dynamic Cash Flow System a scam? No, you do get something for your money.

Is it value for money? Perhaps.

If you have no idea what a funnel is or how it works, then for the price this might be worthwhile to get a basic overview.

However you could also just Google it; I didn’t see anything in the product that isn’t available for free online.

If you already know what a funnel is, the product is potentially a refresher course and does offer a few tips, but overall I was seriously underwhelmed by Dynamic Cash Flow System.

If it had done one or two things outside the box, or had gone into more detail about setting up various funnels then maybe it would be worthwhile. In reality, it is just the Front End Offer of a sales funnel itself, designed to get you in to buy the upsells within.

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