Believe it or not, it’s quite difficult finding qualified candidates for jobs. This is especially true when the job is in a niche field (e.g., orthoscopic surgery) and/or requires experience with specific software, machinery or lab equipment.

As a result, many companies are more than happy to pay third party recruiters and headhunters to find good candidates for their posted jobs. In fact, companies will actually pay recruiters a handsome sum for finding candidates that are well-qualified and ready to be hired.

The best part about this arrangement is that as a recruiter, you don’t need to report to an office. In fact, many recruiters work remotely from their home, completing all work via computer and/or phone.

A recent addition to the at-home recruiting front is Indeed Crowd. This platform, which operates from the Indeed career site, takes a crowdsourcing approach to finding job candidates in that it asks the public to become the recruiter. The difference, however, is that you are paid a very generous finder’s fee for your efforts. In fact, the finder’s fee is so generous that I felt it necessary to give Indeed Crowd its own post.

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How to work-from-home as a recruiter with Indeed Crowd

The Indeed Crowd site offers a fairly lucrative deal to online recruiters. For every lead that you locate and which is later contacted by Indeed Crowd about a posted job, you earn a $10 gift card or other equivalent reward. For every lead that is not only contacted by Indeed Crowd but later actually hired by the posting company, you’ll earn not only the $10 referral but the bonus money listed next to the job.

In the case of Indeed Crowd jobs, those bonus money amounts are quite substantial. Successfully locating a qualified accountant, who is later hired by the advertising firm, could mean around $2,000 in bonus money for you. Other jobs, such as those in programming, pay out as much as $3,000.

How do you get started with Indeed Crowd?

First, you’ll need to sign up with the site and complete your profile. After your information is verified, you can start looking through available jobs in your preferred industry/ies.

Once you locate a given position, you’ll need to locate people who are ideal candidates for it. Granted, you could stick to notifying only your friends or family members about these positions. However, if you really want to cash in with Indeed Crowd, you’ll need to expand your search and include people outside of your immediate social circles.

So, how do you find those qualified people?

Indeed Crowd provides several resources for this purpose. To begin with, you can scour your own professional network to locate ideal candidates. You might already have a LinkedIn profile, complete with a network of contacts. If not, then you may wish to sign up with local professional societies and attend their social/networking events. Within such events, people are usually looking for work, so you’ll be a popular item.

Another tactic for sourcing talent involves getting on social sites and inputting advanced search operators to locate candidates. You can learn about using advanced search operators on LinkedIn here. CareerBuilder offers a great tutorial on running Boolean searches to locate job candidates. And Monster provides a nice tutorial on how to input Boolean searches to locate its jobs and job candidates.

How do you find someone’s contact information?

After you locate qualified candidates, you’ll need to collect their names, emails, phone numbers and resumes and send this info back to Indeed Crowd.

But what if your ideal candidates aren’t posting all their contact information? There are several different tools you can take advantage of to get in touch with candidates. RecruiterStack offers a list of tools (e.g., Prophet) and useful advice for obtaining someone’s contact info. In essence, you can pretty much bank on the fact that people leave their contact info via other online means (e.g., Facebook)- you simply need to know where to go to retrieve that intel.

You may wish to peruse Indeed Crowd’s resume database and reach out to individuals who match the job qualifiers. You may also wish to repost the job on your social media profiles. The only thing you can’t do is repost the job to Indeed itself, as it will be considered duplicate content and result in the deactivation of your account.

Once you have located some reasonable candidates for posted jobs, you’ll need to reach out to them and find out if they are interested in the opportunity. LinkedIn InMail is a great platform for such communication, but it’s not free. However, you can also just use your basic email account and create formal and polite letters of inquiry.

If Indeed Crowd discovers that your referral is actually a good match for the posted job, that candidate will receive an invitation from the site to apply. This is where you score that $10 gift card for your referral.

If your candidate does end up applying and getting hired, you’ll get the referral bonus too- and as noted before, it could be as large as $3,000 (or more).

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  • Cheryl

    I have been trying out Indeed Crowd as a recruiter for a month now. I have received a bunch of amazon $10 gift cards and even have some candidates pending for the employers decision. Some of my candidates get through to phone interviews (when you get the $10 gift card) but then indeed ends up not calling them at their scheduled interview time. This has happened to about 8 of my referrals. One of them went on an interview with the employer and the employer asked them to apply directly on their site. I am wondering if this is a way for them to hire the person and not have to pay indeed, or me, for my time? I haven’t heard of one person actually getting a payout from this.

  • Tina

    I am totally curious if ANYONE has had any success with Indeed Crowd? I’ve earned Amazon gift cards but that is it. It seems as though Indeed Crowd is only collecting resumes for Indeed Prime.

  • Lakeshia

    I have had qualified candidates but no success yet with indeed im going to give it about another week then im out dont want to waist my time.

  • Rhonda

    I have been a Indeed recruiter for 4 months now and still no success not even a match reward. I’m thinking these jobs are not really hiring or the company always replies with “candidate no longer considered for the position”. I think the companies are extra picky about the person referred because they really do not want to pay the referral? I’m giving up on this bogus rat race.

  • Gg

    I earned a 10$ amazon gift card for a match no hires just yet but ive been doing it for maybe a week now..

  • Kellie Rich
    Kellie Rich

    Do you know of anyone with any sucess in Indeed crowd?

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      Hi Kellie, I don’t have any examples at the moment, but any one reading should feel free to share their experiences with the group.

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