We all know that there is no such thing as free money, whatever happens you will have to give something back in return whether it’s your time, expertise or labor.

But is there such a thing as easy money? There sure is! Usually though easy money is in limited supply, which is why when a product labels itself Easiest Money Ever it’s worthwhile at least taking a look (on your behalf of course!).

The pitch

The main premise of the sales page is of course the fact that this product will make you money very easily. In fact so easily you don’t need:

  • An email list
  • To invest money
  • A website
  • A product
  • To pay for traffic
  • Marketing knowledge
  • Coding skills

Now that really worries me because for most online ventures having at least some of the above is a necessity, whether its coding skills or the money to pay for them, and a website is normally a definite.

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Apparently the system works with any affiliate or CPA system and only takes 30 minutes a day.

It all sounds promising but is this just pie in the sky or could it really deliver?

The sales page hints that this is all about YouTube or video marketing, but let’s see shall we?

Purchasing Easiest Money Ever 3

The product is on a dime sale and was about $10 bucks when I picked it up and according to the affiliate page it should max out at $9.95.

Just before I purchased, I noticed that the product is allegedly on an “extreme discount” which will only last 6 days 23 hours 30 minutes and 22 seconds, and dutifully it counted down.

Strange then that a video I saw about the product uploaded to YouTube 4 days earlier showed that the countdown was also at 6 days…

Easiest Money Ever 3 Fake Countdown

That aside, the purchase went through easy enough via JVZoo and along came the first upsell.

This is for some “done for you” system which includes various methods and strategies regarding video marketing.

At a cost of $31.756 on a dime sale, this might be a bit pricey.

The second upsell is for a limited access (which based on the initial sales page I have a hard time believing) membership site. The cost for this is $17 per month. It states you get access to various items including e-books and interviews. What’s omitted though is whether you get access to your peers or the product author to bounce you questions and worries off of. My gut says that you won’t.

The product

After purchasing you are auto logged into a membership site (nice touch not having to wait for login details) and it consists of various sections: Easiest Money Ever, Bonuses and Mindset & Psychology.

The core product is made up of a download consisting of 4 e-books and a mind map, then 4 sections containing one or more videos.

I was a bit confused as what to do here to be honest, but it seems the download is precursor information: an introduction to marketing on YouTube if you will. However it may well confuse people as it doesn’t just ground you in the basics but is in fact a system in its own right.

The information is pretty good though and takes you by the hand through setting up a YouTube account and channels etc.

Step 0

The first section has three videos between 3 and 6 minutes long.  These cover basics such as mistakes to avoid, niche selection and affiliate networks.

The videos are quite brief, but where necessary Peter (the author) provides additional third party training to bolster the information.

Step 1

Here you will find another really short video, this time concerning keyword research, the author even starts it by saying “this will be the shortest research video you are ever going to see”!

While the video has lots of information (it’s a picture of a mindmap) the actual video tells you nothing about how to research keywords. There is a link to some software that helps, but overall this was poor training.

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Step 2

Next up is video creation tuition. This video starts off by covering a wide variety of ways to record your videos, but in absolutely no depth.

It continues to then provide a basic structure to creating the video for example by asking the viewer a question or another way to grab a viewer’s attention.

When it comes to video creation, while this training gives some direction, it is certainly not going to actually guide you. In fact you will need to figure out most of it yourself.

Step 3

The final step in the core training, if you can call it that, covers getting your video to rank. The video discusses how to use the video title, description and tags to improve the on page SEO of the video itself.

The rest

There is a ton of further information on the membership page, some that directly relates to video marketing and some that is broader in use.

While this is nice to have, and can no doubt be useful in a personal development kind of way, I see a lot of this as filler content.

Easiest Money Ever 3 Mind Map

Lots of information that is never explained.

The Bottom Line

Easiest Money Ever 3 is laid out beautifully, and there is a lot of content on here.

The problem I have with the product is that it is not in depth enough, especially if you are picking this up when you first get involved with internet marketing.

As this is not a hold you by the hand type of product, I would only recommend it to you if have some online marketing experience under your belt.

IF you do, then you may also find the content to be fairly basic with very little that isn’t already out there in the wild.

You might find some nugget of information from the numerous mind maps that he shows but never really explains, but I doubt it will be worth $10 bucks.

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