Quick Summary of Easy Earner

Rating: 0.3 Another lazy attempt to scam you out of up to $500.

The Good: Thankfully, no fake customer testimonials are provided on the Easy Earner sales pages and videos.

The Bad: There is nothing about this product that proves its legitimacy. All you get is a disembodied voice telling you to plunk down at least $400 of your hard-earned cash.

The Bottom Line: Stay away from this binary options scam. Build a real business online with our #1 recommendation instead.

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Easy Earner Review

“I can personally guarantee you an income of at least $150 an hour no matter how much time you decide to work.”

This is one of the lines fed to you by Harrison Clark, who introduces himself as one of the creators of Easy Earner, a system that makes you money on auto-pilot. You never see Harrison or hear about his credentials. Here are some additional whoppers as related by Harrison:

“This is the easiest way to make thousands of dollars per day you will ever come across.”

“You will start earning money within just 10 minutes of accessing the Easy Earner software.”

Why am I skeptical about the claims made by Harrison and his Easy Earner program? First, let’s look at what Easy Earner actually is.

What is Easy Earner?

Easy Earner is an automated trading program that deals with binary options. This system is the creation of Harrison Clark, an entrepreneur who has generated income through various investments and business models. Harrison’s latest and greatest top earner is Easy Earner.

The Easy Earner application is somehow able to analyze market conditions and place call/put orders on specific commodities, stocks, indices and/or currencies. The application does not require traders to follow charts or do anything much more complicated than turn on the software. As Harrison states, “We take care of everything for you.” In fact, you can just let this software operate in the background and never touch it once you’ve actually turned it on.


However, for those traders who might be just a tad skeptical, Harrison states that Easy Earner comes with a members’ only forum that includes all kinds of instructional materials including webinars, videos and ebooks.


Within this forum, you’ll have access to all kinds of “tips and tricks in binary options and engage in the open forum filled with thousands of current Easy Earner experienced members.” You’ll also be able to live chat with a dedicated support team and reach Harrison through email and Skype.

Of course, space is limited and you must act now:


On the second sales page I was directed to, only one copy of Easy Earner was left remaining. Luckily, when I refreshed my screen, 43 copies were left.

It’s absolutely free*

Harrison says repeatedly how Easy Earner is absolutely free and he is not charging you to download his software.”I have enough money,” he claims. Harrison also derides the “so called traders and software developers” who ask you to open a free account, only to disappear once they receive their commission.


Harrison also claims that Easy Earner has been in existence for the last four years, and the only advertising it gets is by word-of-mouth. “There are no paid ads,” and “happy members recommend us to their family and friends.”

Interestingly, WhoIs reports that the Easy Earner website was created on July 16, 2015.

Once you get past this part of the sales video, Harrison’s tone changes a bit. He first notes that Easy Earner has been optimized with at least seven brokerage companies. “In order to complete the activation process, you should register a new account and then click the link in order to allow the Easy Earner to access your account. Then proceed to funding your new account.”

How much money should you fund your new brokerage account with?

“Typically, our members start with $400,” Harrison notes. “This is your money, it’s not going anywhere, and you can withdraw it at any time.”

Who are the brokers?

When I input my email and phone number, I was taken to the Ivory Option brokerage page. In the background, Harrison noted that I would need to deposit a minimum of $250 into my trading account. However, when I went to fund my account, the form stated that I would need at least $500.


Why is Easy Earner highly recommended?

If you search for Easy Earner online, you’ll find several pages of positive product reviews. Interestingly, when clicking on the links to Easy Earner from these pages, you’ll notice that they all produce affiliate codes like this one:

http://easyearner.net/ ?clickID=1712580220&aff=link7252&c=US&tid=10249e002c6e6de1787b78829d4380&aff_id=5604

Why do the positive reviews contain affiliate links? I got one answer for you: Clicksure.


With a $250 affiliate commission per successfully referred customer, it’s no wonder why the positive product reviews are multiplying. So much for no advertising.

What about the members’ forum?

When I went to my trading account, I found no evidence of a members forum or any archived educational materials. There were no tabs or links to a forum, videos, ebooks, etc.

It could be argued that these items would not be made available to me until after I’d funded my account; however, in the second sales video, Harrison promises that you will still have access to the forum and its materials even after you cancel your brokerage account. If this is the case, these perks should be available to you even before you fund your account.

Unfortunately, there was no hint of any of this stuff.


It’s very unlikely that a brand new “auto-trader,” which is introduced by a guy who won’t even show his face to the camera, will magically generate thousands of dollars per day for you. There are no actual customer testimonials available, no real contact or support page, and it appears that the members’ forum is imaginary.

As for Ivory Option itself, the brokerage is based in the U.K. When I asked who the brokerage is licensed by, the response I received was the following:


What this tells me is that if there is any issue with your money or trades, you won’t receive much support from any regulatory agency.

In short, you are best advised to stay away from this brokerage and the possibly associated Easy Earner system.

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