There are some things about the Enigma Code’s sales pitch that are true, and then there are some things that are not. You probably only care about one thing though: will this “secret” trading software make you a million dollars in 5 days?

I first discovered the software over 7 days ago, while reviewing a different one. I’m still here reviewing binary options scams, so if that tells you anything, it’s that you might be disappointed by this one.

What Is The Enigma Code?

First off, in case you’re wondering about the name, we’re talking about a piece of trading software. What the software’s creator tells us is that he discovered the Enigma Code in a library at Cambridge University (as you do) while finishing up his PhD.

The code, which was originally used by Nazi Germany to encrypt secret messages during WWII, didn’t offer much insight to him, but the counter-code, the algorithm invented by the Allied forces to break the code, offered a LOT more.

He realized that this code was able to create an algorithm that could *think* (I know, it sounds tenuous already), and long-story short, he was able to apply it to the financial markets.

The result? A top secret trading app, based on this secret algorithm (he uses “secret” a lot to make it sound better) which can make a million dollars in 5 days, from just a seed amount of around 250 dollars.

To make an even longer story short, he’s giving that app away for free (as you do), to you guys (who are apparently trustworthy enough to keep the secret..even though he’s not met you).

All you have to do is drop $250 into a new trading account with his broker of choice, and you’ll be a millionaire 5 days from now.

Boom. Take that Nazi Germany.

Is It Real?

Well, the Enigma machines used by Nazi Germany were real, and the Allied forces did indeed crack the code and were able to read the secret messages. That’s about as far as the truth goes.

The rest of the sales video is just that, a sales pitch.

Yes, you’re not technically being sold anything, since the app is yours to use for free, but you ARE being sold that it works.

You’re told time and time again that it is secret, it makes you millions in 5 days, and you can’t share it with anyone. Even though the video is fully open to the public, and is being promoted like mad.

In fact, they’re giving people $500 as a commission to promote it. Seems weird, since it’s supposed to be secret?


So What’s The Deal Here?

Good question.

I think what makes a lot of people jump in and think “I’ll give it a try”, is that they cant immediately spot the catch. If you were told “this software is amazing, it works, and it costs $1,000 to use,” you’d probably think “Yeah…sounds like BS to me”.

These guys come along and offer it to you for free, and you think “well, what’s in it for them?”. Some of them will give you a story about philanthropy or giving something back, but it doesn’t really matter at the end of the day.

They hype it up and sell you and promise you riches, and it’s free, so you think “What the heck, I’ll give it a go!”.

You deposit your $250 into the trading account, and…..they’ve got you.

Good luck withdrawing that $250 once you realize the software is a sham, it doesn’t work, and you’re not a millionaire overnight.

Unfortunately, this elaborate video and “app” story is all designed to earn the creators a commission from the broker platform you sign up with. As soon as you make a deposit, they get the big cash payout.

This means that they don’t care if their app works or not, they only care that you sign up with the right account.

Wonder why they insist it only works with this one company? Now you know.

My stern advice is to not risk it at all. Don’t think “Well I’ll try if it works for a bit, then get my money back,” because there are no refunds, and you can’t withdraw funds until a certain threshold has been met. A threshold you’ll never meet.

So for the sake of keeping your money, please stay away from the Enigma Code.

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