Enough is ENOUGH! In the Next 3 Minutes I Am Going to Offer YOU 4 HUGE Breakthroughs!

I am Steve Razinski, head of the research team here at IveTriedThat.com. I have literally spent the last 7 years of my life working for the “good” of the Internet space, one which has become overshadowed with a myriad of scams and low quality products.

It is hard to know who to trust anymore. I feel ya. That is the entire premise of my website. I was so tired of not only being scammed myself, but I was tired of seeing my family members and friends getting sucked into the elusive “cat and mouse” game.

That is where I can help.

I have been there, done that. I have seen it all. I have been scammed myself, had family members lose money to some of the most obscure scams online…and now I want to offer you some “clarity” within the online space.

In technical terms, I want to help you build a really, REALLY successful business online.


OK, we are on the same page. There are 4 specific things that I am fully prepared, in fact on a mission, to help you understand.

THING 1: The Proper Way to Create a Business.

It’s confusing to start a business online, but there is ONE proper way to create a business. You first have to have an “idea” (which I can help you out with), a website, be able to communicate, and then I can show you where to find MILLIONS of products to promote. :)

THING 2: How to Choose Your Business Idea.

What are you interested in? Got a passion, a hobby, or maybe you’re not interested in anything at all. Regardless, I can help you get up and running with your idea online. This is the “foundation” of your business.

THING 3: Understand Where to Go to Build a Business.

This is a biggie. If you don’t have access to the tools I do, you are screwed. I utilize a business building platform called Wealthy Affiliate to run my business. They offer you everything you need to build a business…EVERTHING. They have been around for 11 years and are about the only company I recommend. You can create a FREE account here.

THING 4: Offer my unconditional help to you.

I don’t care if you buy a damn thing from me, I am honestly happy to be able to help you out. Seriously. If you join my homebase, my business building platform, where I not only learned the ropes and learn how to become successful online, then I PROMISE to personally be there for you every step of the way.

Do we have ourselves a deal?

So here are a few really simple steps I want you to take in the next couple of minutes here. Steps that may or may not change your life, but important ones nonetheless.

Simple Step 1: Create your free WealthyAffiliate.com account. This is what you will be using to build your business. They also have a paid membership, but you are going to have your own “niche” website by Lesson 4…for FRREEEEE. :)

Simple Step 2: Contact me when you are inside to let me know you have arrived safely. I want to prove to you that I am a real dude, that I care, and that I am here to help. So you can contact me directly. Here is my direct profile link.


(click this link after you join WA and drop me a message).

That’s it!

I guess the next option you have is to leave this page, click somewhere else and go about your day. That is ultimately up to you, but you can never say that I didn’t offer you my personal help.

I hope you make the best decision for you.

Love and success,

If you don’t really feel like taking any sort of action today but you want to hear about all my rants and recommendations, all the things I am learning about in my 6 figure business, and basically to stay in touch with me, fill out your email below.

I don’t scratch or bite (and I sure as heck won’t share your email addy with a soul, not even my mom). Promise.