A good number of you guys have written to me lately expressing interest in starting Internet Marketing careers, but you were still a bit unsure as what exactly Internet Marketers DO. I can see how that could be a problem.

This post will explain to you exactly the type of work you would do as an Internet Marketer and how you would earn money. Some of what I’m about to talk about is going to go over your head and THAT’S OKAY! This is why I recommend you join Wealthy Affiliate if you’re at all interested in getting started. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to do Internet Marketing and will provide you with tons of tools and resources to help you save money while building a successful career.

Before we dive in here, I want to clarify something. The term Internet Marketing is pretty broad. It encompasses many different aspects of marketing. I want to focus on article marketing for this post. It’s the easiest field of Internet Marketing for beginners and usually requires little to no extra funds to get started.

What do Internet Marketers do?

First, I want to give a quick example of basic Internet Marketing and how you’re already familiar with it. Let’s say your old TV broke and you want to buy a fancy new 60 inch flat panel TV. You head to Google, and start researching which TV is the best value for your money. One of the search results is a review of the new Samsung Mindblower 5000. After you finish reading the review, you click on a link that takes you to the TV for sale at Amazon and you make a purchase.

The person who originally wrote the review and provided you with that link will make a commission on your purchase. Let’s say the price of the new TV is $2,500 and the reviewer makes 6% commission on each sale. The reviewer just made an easy $150 off of ONE review only. There is a lot of room out there for anyone to make a lot of money. Now, this is just one small example and Internet Marketing is by no means limited to reviewing TVs and Amazon.

Did I lose you already? Here’s a quick image to help you visualize the process.

When you become an Internet Marketer, you get to be the person who writes the reviews, gets people to visit your site, and then receives commissions from retailers like Amazon for sending customers their way.

This is basically how I’ve been working full-time from home for over a year now. I follow trends and provide people with the information they’re looking for.

You’ll be watching search engines like Google and Yahoo to find out what people are searching for and then you’ll write articles or create websites to help these people find what they are looking for. I know you don’t know how to do this now, that’s why you need to join a training program like Wealthy Affiliate.

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate for the following reasons:

  1. They’ll teach you everything you need to know. There are hundreds of tutorials available to you and new ones are added every single day. This isn’t just a static ebook you’re downloading.
  2. They’ll provide you with the tools you need at no extra cost, saving you a ton of money each month. Click here for a list of everything that’s included with your membership.
  3. Their support system is unmatched. You can ask questions and get real people to respond and give you answers.
  4. The site is built around its community. You aren’t left to try and figure this all out on your own. You will get to meet people including other successful internet marketers and you’ll be able to follow in their exact footsteps and personally ask them questions.
  5. Finally, I recommend it because I’m a very active member there. I’m on the forums daily and always available to lend a hand. You can talk to me and ask me questions directly.

This has been a very, very basic look at Internet Marketing. If researching trends and writings articles for commissions interest you, then take the leap, change your life, click here and come join me at Wealthy Affiliate and learn exactly how to make money online as an Internet Marketer.

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  • LadyDi

    I just joined WA and even though I’m still a bit overwhelmed I love it and see the potential. I investigated other ways of learning Internet marketing, such as through actual online universities. The cost is much higher and thee are nowhere near the resources/hands-on help that there is at WA.

  • Careen

    I shd have known its an article to market Wealthy Affiliates even prior to reading this… LOL… But I guess its a product worth marketing.

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