Quick Summary of Explosive Payday

Rating: 1 It's a system that funnels you into buying a program called VW Hosting.

The Good: For $29.95/month, you get access to a web hosting program and an instructional ebook on how to create websites.

The Bad: At almost $30/month, VW Hosting is way overpriced for a website hosting program. As for Explosive Payday, it completely deceives you on how you'll be making money and who endorses this program.

The Bottom Line: You can purchase website hosting for much less than $30/month. As for Explosive Payday, my recommendation is to steer clear of this "opportunity."

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Explosive Payday Review

Have you ever purchased a product that was not at all like it was advertised on TV or on its packaging?

Explosive Payday takes the concept of “item not as described” to a whole new level.

What is Explosive Payday?

I first learned about Explosive Payday when I clicked on an email titled “Home Typing Workers Needed!”


I figured that this work-from-home opportunity involved typing and/or data entry, as its email title suggested.


When I clicked on this email’s call-to-action button, I was directed here:

Explosive Payday facebook

From what is shown above, you’d naturally assume that Explosive Payday involves making money from home via Facebook Money. The sales page even states that “people who are serious about working with Facebook through this program” should apply for it.

There’s also the following customer testimonial by Martin S. Russo, who makes it sound like he’s making money by working from home for Facebook:

Explosive Payday3

Martin isn’t the only customer testimonial either- to the side of the page, several Twitter tweets announce how customers are advertising and posting on Facebook via the Explosive Payday program.

As if pretending to work with Facebook wasn’t enough, Explosive Payday also plays up that it’s been featured on CNN. The following embedded video makes it seem that Explosive Payday was featured and endorsed by the aforementioned news program:

Explosive Payday cnn

However, if you watch this video, you’ll notice that the Explosive Payday banner fades in and out of the screen and is actually NOT part of the news report. As for CNN, the network does talk about work-at-home opportunities- just not the one involving Explosive Payday.

Explosive Payday: Welcome to the land of fiction

On the product’s Terms and Conditions page, a different reality is presented. With regards to Explosive Payday being associated with Facebook and/or CNN, the following disclaimers are listed:


Explosive Payday disclaimer

Apparently, Explosive Payday is not at all associated with Facebook or CNN. In fact, the program’s association with Facebook and CNN should be construed as “fictitious.”

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But what about the customer testimonials? Again, it pays to peruse the site’s Terms and Conditions page:


Sure enough, if you do an image search of the person who is advertised to be Martin S. Russo, you learn that his profile is nothing more than a stock photo.

However, not only are the testimonials not showing the correct customer photos, the statements themselves can’t even be verified.

explosivepayday testimonial

When neither the program’s affiliations nor its customers are verifiable, what else might be completely fictitious?

The “Limited positions available!” storyline

When you click on the sales page call-to-action button, you are taken to a checkout page that notes how limited positions are available for this work-at-home opportunity.


However, given Explosive Payday’s propensity to stretch the truth, can even this claim be believed?

Sure enough, if you return to this sales page an hour later, or even a day later, the same 3 spots out of 50 remain.

Your “free” trial membership

After you pass through to the program’s checkout page, you learn that you can purchase a ‘free’ trial membership of Explosive Payday for just $9.95.

explosive trial

But wait a minute…doesn’t free imply free? As in, you pay no money whatsoever?

If you try to leave this checkout page, the price of your free trial is dropped to just $4.95. Still, $4.95 isn’t exactly $0.

What’s Explosive Payday’s angle?

Again, it’s a good idea to peruse the Terms and Conditions page of this program to understand exactly what you are purchasing with your ‘free’ product trial. What you find out is rather enlightening.

When you purchase the free 5-day trial to Explosive Payday, what you actually end up purchasing is a product called VW Hosting. This hosting program, as well as its short “how to” e-book on website set-up and SEO, are the items you’re accessing in your 5-day product trial and (eventual) monthly subscription.

So, Explosive Payday has little to do with Facebook, CNN, typing or data entry. The only way you’d find yourself associated with Facebook would be if you started your own social media promotion program and paid for Facebook ads.

Paying almost $30/month for web hosting is excessive. There are many less expensive or even free hosting programs out there that not only provide hosting services, but supply you with e-books, training videos, podcasts, etc. on how to set up websites and optimize them for keywords, market segments, etc.

In short, VW Hosting offers nothing special for its hyped-up services and e-book.

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Granted, you could just pay $4.95 to test out the Explosive Payday program and then ask for a refund…right?

About that refund…

Again, it’s best practice to first read Explosive Payday’s Terms and Conditions page before pulling out your credit card. By doing so, you learn that there are no refunds offered for anything you purchase from this program.

explosivepaydays refund

So, while you can cancel your membership at any time, your spent money is not coming back to you.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to Explosive Payday, there are so many red flags and bait-and-switches that you’re best off avoiding this “work-at-home” opportunity altogether. Furthermore, due to the program’s refusal to provide a refund, you’re going to be hard-pressed to make any legal claim if you buy and then don’t like the product.

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