Quick Summary of Fast Cash.biz

Rating: 1 It really is just smoke and mirrors for yet another Binary Options scam.

The Good: Decent video production values

The Bad: It just promotes a lavish lifestyle It offers zero evidence that it works It never tells you how it works It uses actors for both the narrators and testimonials It's just promoting high risk Binary Options

The Bottom Line: This "system" only offers a high risk, no guarantee of making money online: Binary Options. If you want a way to build a real business, read my top recommendation.

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Fast Cash.biz Review

A lot of people write of marketing, especially online marketing, as merely being full of liars who sell to you via smoke and mirrors.

This is at least in part true; good marketing plays up the good sides of the product/service and down plays the less desirable attributes.

Take coffee for instance: you can buy cheap coffee that in reality can still be as good as expensive coffee. The price difference comes down to who they are marketing to. Cheap coffee can be marketed as cheap and that it wakes you up in the morning, expensive coffee plays on the idea that it is luxurious with fuller flavor and so forth.

The negative attitude to online marketers comes from the actions of just a few, who take this smoke and mirrors concept and blow it out of proportion. Often their product has little value yet they make it out to be the best thing since sliced bread.

Take Fast Cash for example; these guys aren’t selling a Binary Options system to you, they are selling you a lifestyle.

The Fast Cash.biz Sales Pitch

The main focus of the Fast Cash sales page is their 30 minute video.

This video has really good production values compared to most Binary Options systems out there. Instead of a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with a narrator, they have obviously heavily invested money into the video production: hiring actors, renting a Bentley, renting a private jet (though I doubt it flew anywhere) and so on.

Sadly, this is really just so they can sell you a lifestyle, not anything that has intrinsic value.

The video is hosted by two actors, who call themselves Madison Clark and David Graham.

Fast Cash private jet and bentley

Hired cars, hired jets, hired actors: smoke and mirrors!

I’m not sure where the person or people behind this system hired them, but I think they hired them more for their perfect smiles rather than their acting abilities.

The 30 minute video starts by the two actors telling you they have made $55 million dollars in just 3 years using the Fast Cash system.

They offer up evidence in the form of fast paced screenshots that can barely be seen as they fly past you.

The lifestyle they are presenting is one of great opulence: they start by getting off a yacht, then getting into a Bentley, then flying on a private jet-

The thing is, none of this looks real to me: there is no way to confirm that they own any of these vehicles, and it feels more like they are merely hired for the video shoot. The private jet especially, I’m not convinced it even took off from the tarmac.

I can’t prove my thoughts, but I have witnessed enough Binary Options videos to see through the smoke and mirrors they show you.

On the plane they show a “live” account. This live account could have been easily faked. I would have been more convinced if the camera man had recorded them actually bringing the website up, and logging in. Instead we are treated to a screencast which was obviously done later as they would not have been able to add in the additional markers.

Screencasts are useful to unethical marketers as it allows them to showcase what seems like truth, when in reality they can be very, very easily manipulated to show whatever they want, including excessive bank balances.

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Fast Cash fake balance

I can give you a screenshot of my bank balance that has $70 trillion in it if you want :)

Throughout the video, we are treated to no actual evidence of any kind. Instead the video simply pushes an extravagant lifestyle, hoping that you in your current situation will be desperate enough to put on a pair of horse blinkers and ignore the obviousness of the situation: that it is just BS!

The video offers three testimonials. I cannot confirm these are fake, but I have also seen enough daytime T.V. to know crap actors when I see them.

Pushing Binary Options Like Drugs

The Fast Cash.biz website and videos have been made with one purpose in mind: to sell you the idea that Binary Options systems work. They barely mention what’s behind the system in their video; in fact I can’t remember them telling anything about the system except that they don’t want to “bore you to death” with the details.

Drugs are often sold on the premise that you can escape your life and current situation, and that’s exactly what Fast Cash is offering here.

What are Binary Options?

In case you need a recap, Binary Options is a method of trading stocks and commodities. You never actually own any of these stock or commodities; instead you trade on whether the price of them will go up or down over a set period of time.

This time period is generally very short, just 1 to 5 minutes at a time.

Stock prices are notorious for being volatile, not just over long periods, but even at the micro level. Over a 60 second period, the stock price will change 60 times.

As such, there is no software that can accurately predict the outcome. Sure there is software that can give you a general idea over time, but how can it predict something that changes up and down over 60 seconds? It can’t. If it could we would all be millionaires.

Combine then, the volatility of the micro time period trades, alongside the fact that no software can predict the outcome and you have a high risk trading method.

Any so called system that promotes itself as being able to accurately predict Binary Options trades 100% of the time is lying to you!

Fast Cash push button

Let’s think about this rationally for just a second.

There is a 100% guarantee that you’ll make 3.5 million dollars per year on average, just by pushing a button. I am not personally exaggerating this. These are the exact claims made by Fast Cash Biz, taken DIRECTLY from their website.

If it were that simple to make $3,500,000 per year, why on Earth would I ever advise against joining? We could all be millionaires overnight! The $250 I could generate per lead for sending you to sign up for Fast Cash Biz would be peanuts compared to the tens of thousands of dollars per day I could earn.

So why would I ever advise against joining? You already know the answer to that…

Because what they claim isn’t possible.

The only people making money here are the scammers suggesting you deposit money into these shady brokers. Not you. That’s all there is to it with all of these binary option scams.

Signing up to Fast Cash

Unsurprisingly, once you jump through the hoops and sign up, you are requested to deposit some money. This is all they want you to do, once done they will send you to their member’s area which is using some generic white label Binary Signals software and leave you to it.

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Binary Signals software is worth nothing and you may as well guess your way to riches or destitution.

The Bottom Line

Fast Cash is an ethical marketer’s worst nightmare. It’s the sort of sales pitch that makes everyday people mistrustful of marketing, especially online marketing.

It offers no substance, certainly no evidence, and it promotes a method of making money that is so high risk the FTC forces promoters to include a warning alongside it.

My honest appraisal of this system is this: avoid it!

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