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  • Frank

    Hi Steve,

    These scams are becoming easier to detect. However, people will always pay for these programs if they are not informed about what it takes to make real money online. The problem is that these “miracles” obscure the real chances that people could find online, as an alternative to their current jobs. Do you have any idea of how a newbie can find real information in regard to earning money online?

    Thanks a lot.

  • Jacquie

    Another day, another scam revealed – there are so many out there, it’s scary!

    I really like how you systematically go through their facade, picking on points that can otherwise catch out others that are less watchful. And the tactics that snare the most vulnerable, like price reductions when you try to leave.

    As for the use of stock photos and anonymity – yup, fishy!

  • Doug

    Glad I got to read your review, it was on my list of opportunities to check out.
    All these scams are getting so good at selling their systems, its getting harder and harder to tell them apart.
    I did join your #1 pick wealthy affiliate not that long ago. Its been the best decision I have made in a very long time.
    It has put me on the right track and I am now well on my way to having 2 sites. The university feel the site has with its classrooms and live video training is far beyond any other site out there.
    Thanks for all the good info, my money will stay in my pocket now.
    All my best,

  • Dana

    Hi Steve,
    Thanks for the great review in how to recognize a scam. There are so many scams out there with a lot of fake testimonials and fake reviews all stating how they became rich overnight. I was shocked about marketers using stock pictures for their testimonials. Everyone should be leary about any program that offers rags to riches fast, because like anything we all do it takes time and effort. Thank you again for the great information, it is well worth checking out these programs in detail before getting involved with them.

  • Ben

    Thanks for the eye opening post. Showing all the stock pictures is almost shocking.

    We should be wary of amazing claims like “Lots of money with no effort” but they do seems seductive. This proof of false advertising should be convincing though – I hope.

    Do you have advice for a sort of rule of thumb when you see a great looking offer? Surely they’re not all scams… I hope?

  • Kathy

    This is an informative review of a service and how to pick up what is a scam. A lot of what you mention in the article is what I have seen hundreds of time. Sometimes you see this fake reviews and testimonials and with a little bit of google search, you realize it’s all fake! Ugh. Anyway great article!

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