Quick Summary of FB Easy Money Formula

Rating: 2 It's bundled software and 3 affiliate product promotions advertised as bonuses.

The Good: You get access to a lengthy e-book that discusses Facebook marketing. You get access to FB Timeline Express software.

The Bad: Your 'bonuses' are nothing more than other promoted affiliate products. You can buy the software alone for a much lower price. The e-book is filled with generic advice that only introduces you to Facebook marketing.

The Bottom Line: There are better programs out there that don't overhype how much they'll help you. These programs are even free to join.

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FB Easy Money Formula Review

One of the incessant problems that most blogs and websites suffer from is low views and traffic. A certain “critical mass” of traffic must be present if your site is to convert and make money for you. However, how do you get this traffic without paying an arm and a leg for PPC and other ads?

Enter FB Easy Money Formula, which “guarantees you an avalanche of visitors [that] come to your page on autopilot.” You don’t even need a website because this system uses Facebook as your traffic funnel, where you create and manage your “world class profit producing cash magnetic pages.”

So, does FB Easy Money Formula deliver on its promises? I bought the system for its discounted price of $17 in order to find out. Here’s what I learned…

Inside FB Easy Money Formula

As soon as my payment went through, I found myself on a upsell page that was even labeled as ‘upsell-1’ in its URL:


This item supposedly cost $497, but was now discounted to a free 14-day trial. After I left this page, I was directed to my download page. This page offered at least two download products and three bonus products.

download page

download page 1

What is the first bonus? It’s none other than access to a sales page for Click4Surveys.


It’s not that online surveys can’t make you (some) money, but making this product into a program “bonus” is a cop-out. Click4Surveys is already available online, and the only reason it is offered through FB Easy Money is so that the program’s creators make money by referring you to Click4Surveys.

What about the program’s actual products?

There are two main products: FB Easy Money Formula and FB Done-for-You Fan Pages.

Inside of the FB Easy Money Formula, you obtain a zip file containing the following assets:

FB Easy Money files

The largest ‘chunk’ of this asset is the FB Easy Cash Formula PDF. This 72-page e-book explains how you can make money through Facebook by creating Facebook pages and groups, advertising your pages and products via Facebook Ads, analyzing your traffic and conversions, and optimizing your campaigns. It’s good info and advice, but it’s not exactly revolutionary. Furthermore, the advice is very general, and few real world examples are provided.

Furthermore, the provided advice is very general, and few real world examples are provided. Example niches, keywords, tactics, offers, etc. are missing. You’re left to speculate on how to find sellable products or how to best market to your audience.

One example of this e-book’s generic advice is on how to choose a product to market. The e-book’s advice is to “find something that addresses a heavy interest or serious problem.” Yeah…and then what? The only specific advice you actually get is to find a product that doesn’t cost over $200.

There are also 12 email swipes provided, and they are all geared towards promoting FB Easy Money Formula. The provided one-page cheat sheet file summarizes the e-book as follows:

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Cheat sheet

As for the videos, these seven MP4 files focus on topics related to Facebook advertising. Example videos include getting to know your buyers, extracting and creating custom audiences, creating a Facebook squeeze page, creating a Facebook ad image, etc.

Again, there is good info here, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

The other asset is the FB Done-for-You Fan Pages. There are several files located here, including a file that contains 50 or so .jpg timeline covers such as these:

facebook covers

facebook cover

You also get a URL file that contains a link to the following YouTube video about FB Timeline Express software, as well as the software itself:

Fb timeline express demo

It was a challenge for me to find the actual software because you first need to install Adobe Air in order to open it. Incidentally, FB Timeline Express is available to purchase on its own for $9.90.

The other ‘bonuses’ included with FB Easy Money Formula are a Copy and Paste System and a Product Creation System.

When I clicked on the Copy and Paste System, I saw the following:

CB Passive Income

The promoted product is CB Passive Income, which is available through Clickbank for a monthly fee of $37/month or a one-time fee of $97. The URL that took me to this page listed a referring affiliate ID, by the way. So, if I had signed up for CB Passive Income, my referrer (ahem, FB Easy Money Formula) would’ve made a nice affiliate commission.

The Product Creation System was actually the following product: Instant Product Engine.

Instant Product Engine

This product isn’t yet launched in its 2.0 form, but after looking at its JV page, I learned that affiliates earn up to $508 per sale. I’m suspecting that the creators of FB Easy Money Formula are offering this “bonus” in order to earn referral commissions from it too.

FB Easy Money Formula isn’t a scam, but…

The creators of FB Easy Money Formula are, in essence offering a Facebook software program that normally costs $9.90. Now that this software program is bundled with an e-book, its price is $17.

All the other bonuses are actually affiliate products that the program creators are striving to earn referral commissions from.

While the software itself might be useful to you, there is no reason you need to pay $17 for it. You could just as easily purchase FB Timeline Express on its own and learn how to create Facebook fan pages and groups by reading Facebook’s own tutorials and help pages.

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Also, when I attempted to obtain my refund from the merchant (Second Chance Investors, LLC), it didn’t go through until I started a dispute via Paypal. It’s a good thing I didn’t pay for this product using cash or my bank account!

Overall, this program overhypes its potential to help you succeed online. Other programs fare much better in helping you succeed online, including Wealthy Affiliate which is our number one recommendation.

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