Rarely do I await a product launch with eagerness, but I saw a video recently of a new system, and its sales video was a bit funny, a bit cringe worthy, but very slick.

The quality is probably not professional but it’s certainly not far off it, and you can tell a fair amount of time and money has been pumped into it – even the bad acting suited the video well.

It was a whole level above most other sales pitches, and it got me intrigued very quickly.

However, I also like to take advantage of discounts, so I waited for the $1 trial to become available!

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The product is a membership site called Genesis Labs, from Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins.

The site offers up 6 videos for free going over a number of topics, though they are of course a soft sell to get you interested in the product.

These videos are roughly an hour long each and provide a ton of free knowledge.

Due to these and the sales video, I had to give this one a whirl.


The system runs at $29.95 per month IF you skip the trial, otherwise its $1 for 21 days and then $37.95 per month.

I think this is a bit cheeky, but a good marketing technique really; get the customers commitment from the get go by offering them a much better price than someone who is a bit unsure will get.

There is of course an upsell (when isn’t there?), in this case it is for their Mad Scientist Mastermind group, which boils down to a group networking community.

This punches in at $97 per month though they instantly drop it down to a $1 for one month trial. I didn’t notice if they did the same system where trial users have to pay more, but at that amount per month I doubt it.

What, where did it go?

After being logged in automatically, I was sent to a completely different site, though obviously part of their “group” of products: marketinggenesis.com.

The members area continues with its fresh, interesting look, having a polish that so many other internet marketing communities lack (and yes that’s the wannabe designer in me speaking), it’s clean, it’s fresh and it makes it look professional, you can tell that all the money spent didn’t solely go into the video, which gives me greater hope that the content has also had some tender loving care given to it.

It looks like you will get access to 6 things, but in reality it’s just 2: Genesis Labs and access to the Facebook group.

The others are upsells, including one for the Genesis Live Event, but at the time of writing this had already passed.

The other upsells are for the previously mentioned Mad Scientist Mastermind, and a Mad Scientist Workshop which offers the chance to work with the authors personally, but will set you back a cool $1994…

Oh noes, video training!

Every time I find something that looks interesting it always gives it to me in video training (I like my videos full of spaceships and my books full of training).

I did feel let down that there was no other media available, especially as it wouldn’t cost a whole lot to get the videos transcribed and a few drawings thrown in.

Aside from my own feelings, the quality of the videos is not lacking, and not only that but the amount of training is quite astounding.

It breaks down into 9 episodes (currently) which are sub divided into smaller, bite sized videos averaging 8 – 12 minutes apiece meaning that each episode is roughly 40 or more minutes long.

That’s a short TV series on internet marketing.

Each video segment also has a short blurb describing it and occasionally some time stamps to pertinent information.

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The training

First off, you need to realise that this isn’t for beginners. The training will touch on concepts that assume you already have a website or process in place and that you understand marketing at least a little bit. There will be no “how to buy a domain name” type training here.

To give you a broader understanding of what’s available, here is the episode list:

  • Video App Review
  • Facebook Retargeting Test
  • Why to Split Test
  • Headlines
  • Platform & Branding
  • Triggers
  • Funnel Tips and Tricks
  • Market Research

These topics cover a wide range of aspects to internet marketing that are either over looked by most guides and systems, or only touched on and often when they are spoken of, there usually isn’t much detail.

The videos certainly cover the information, and they do so in a very relaxed and easy going manner. Sometimes the relaxed attitude can be a little grating and the lack of a formal script means tangents often occur, but they quickly get back to the point.

If I had to picky, and I am, I hated the fact that on some videos they ended them mid-way through a sentence, and that there was no easy click next button to load the next video. Minor stuff, but takes some of the polish away which is a shame.

It’s clear in some of the videos, that they weren’t specifically designed for this membership access, or maybe there is textual information missing, I don’t know but they sometime referred to links and information that simply wasn’t there.

The Bottom Line

The quality and production is excellent, the information and training provided is broad enough to allow you to formulate your own ideas, rather than being trapped in a do this not that mentality, but specific enough to make you walk away in the knowledge that you had learned something.

To me they are trying to blur the supposed boundary between marketers and internet marketers, and to expand online entrepreneur’s knowledge of general marketing, but in an online setting.

This is quite welcome, as I don’t personally know of any internet marketers who started off as marketers, so people tend to push on regardless without understanding the basics. Perhaps that’s why so many people fail to make money online?

It’s definitely not a scam, but I would say the main flaw to this product is the pricing. A monthly fee for nine hours of video? That seems somewhat steep, especially as there is no mention of further videos being added, though I think it is likely that they will add more.

There is also a lack of other media: no transcriptions, diagrams etc. While they do a good job of using a white board, having things like this makes it much easier to refer back to rather than trying to pinpoint a section of video that might have the info needed.

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