A couple of weeks ago, a commenter on one of the Niche Blitzkrieg posts asked:

Is there anyone who actually has a solid ’success’ story with this program who can talk about how long it took them, what the obstacles were, how they overcame them, and how satisfied they are at this point (by success I simply mean making more money than they invested…doesn’t have to be thousands of extra dollars…)

I thought it was a fantastic question, so went searching for a success story. Today’s guest post is by Shaun. No claims of millions for little work, but a solid success story. He will probably even answer your questions in the comments. Thanks, Shaun!

I would like to take the time and give a brief review of Michael Brown’s Niche Blitzkrieg program. I purchased his program about 2 1/2 months ago and have been taking my time working through what he teaches.

After one month of putting up two niche sites my earnings had totaled a whopping .32 cents. Even though the number was low I was still encouraged by the course because it was so well laid out and actually showed you excactly how people are making money on the internet with niche and affiliate websites. The structure is all there, it is just up to the individual to ensure they pick good topics and follow through to build the traffic to the site.

In my second month though, my google adsense earnings jumped to $16.86 and I had one affiliate product sale that netted me about $6.00 in commission. So with two good functioning sites, I have made almost $23.00 on my niche sites. Keep in mind, that is without either of these two sites being in the top twenty pages of google. With the link building and article marketing that Michael’s program teaches you I will now be focusing on moving those pages up the Google rankings to drastically improve the earnings.

I will now also be attempting to incorporate some affiliate eBooks into my plan and promoting his products to capture commissions there as well. I know that once people see results they will be interested in trying this program out. You simply can not beat it for the price and the support (he responds directly to his customers questions) he provided in the classroom forums.

My goal for the next six months is as follows:

Niche Sites – Have total of 20 sites up and running. Based on current CTR’s I am seeing and traffic, each of these should be making at least $10.00 per month on Adsense. I will also start to work on promoting specific products to boost commission sales. So realistically I would say that I will be bringing in at least $250.00 – $300.00 a month in revenue from these website each month.

eBook – Using his methods I am working on writing my first eBook and will be pairing that with the promotion of his program. Through this I would like to see atleast $200.00 a month starting out through sales of the book and affiliate commissions.

Goal for 12 Months –
Large portfolio of niche sites, expanded knowledge, ability to move sites up google quickly, and my MAIN goal is to leave corporate america and quit my full time job!!

I would have to say that his program is AWESOME! It truly takes someone with no experience and shows them a way to make money soundly on the internet!

If Niche Blitzkrieg is working for Shaun, it could work for you, too.
You can see some of Shaun’s niche sites here at the links below. I’ll include Shaun’s caveat:

Keep in mind, these are from someone who was TOTALLY new to this, so they are probably not the best of sites, but I think I am getting better. Just got my third site up today.

I will perhaps post another success story from another user soon.

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  • Steve

    Other Steve-

    You’re reading old posts. You can join the active discussion of Niche Blitzkrieg in the comments section of this post: https://ivetriedthat.com/2009/02/27/the-niche-blitzkrieg-review/#comments

    And for the record, domains do not cost $10 per month. Registrars charge by the year and you can get a domain name for $7 per year. That’s $140 per year, not the $2400 you’re estimating.

  • Steve

    I’m so damn skeptical about claims of how to make money on-line; funny though, because That is exactly what I want to do.
    So I couldn’t find anything negative about this informational guide… except from a few who expect to “Get Rich Quick” without lifting a finger.
    I’ve visited a few sites, of whom followed the NB guide and, questioned why so many have either never updated their sites or found their last updates from 2009. That’s the kind of thing that makes me wonder if it’s the course or the student.
    First thing I guess I’ll have to remember is, Not to bite off more than I can chew. I’ve read where one fellow posted about making .32 then $16, and expects to increase to a few hundred per month, with 20 domains. Fine except that 20 domains at 10/month and a “Reliable” host like Big___, (rounded off to) $8/ month.. that person is mot looking at the big picture IMHO, as along with “Income” there are “Expenditures”. Why go into the hole before you grow any capital?

  • Miriam Henry
    Miriam Henry

    Hello, I’ve been thinkng strongly about joining NBK….and am currently looking round at reviews. Not to take in any way from Shaun’s pride in his acheivements, and fully acknowledging that we have to excpect to work to earn – is that the most we can hope for? He seems to have worked very hard, even purchased the extra software, yet made a minute amount of monney. And Hally’s storry is not very encouraging! Yet, every time I read a post from Michael Brown I am reassured that he is honest and willing to help people succeed…..what are the realistic expectations we should have? I can devote about 20 hours a week it necessary to the project. Thanks in advance for any helpful answers!

  • Ray

    I am a complete newbie to online business. Does your system teach where to find products to sell on the website?

  • Troy

    Hi Shaun:

    I’m back with some more questions for you….
    I’m going to give Niche Blitzkrieg a try and see what I can do with it. From what I have gathered, there are additional programs you can purchase to help you. What one/ones would you recommend I start with?
    Thanks again Shaun and have a great day !

  • Jen

    Hi Hally,

    I’m new to all of this, but from what I’ve learned so far in Michael’s course, this is just like any other business venture, you have to work to make the money. I’m not putting you down, but I find that many people put up a site and expect to go gangbusters making lost of money right away. It just doesn’t happen, or very rarely happens.

    From being a recruiter and being responsible for our advertising, I know that it takes time for people to find you. Additionally, it’s often a numbers game. By that, I mean that, the more places I post our jobs, the more potential candidates are going to see it and the more resumes I’m going to receive. And then, the more resumes I receive, the higher the potential I will find the most qualified candidate. But it definitely takes time, work, research, and of course, money.

    I also think that, the more niche sites I create and publish, the more successful I will be. It will take a lot more than one site for me to see some good revenue coming in, for the most part.

    And I truly believe that you have to spend money to make money. I don’t mean tons of cash. But so far, it has been so worth the few dollars I spent on the Niche Blitzkrieg course to get me moving in the right direction.

    And the forums really are great. I’ve already used them several times and haven’t even had to post a question, most have already been asked/answered by others. You will see many, many posts from Michael in there. Very supportive system.

    One additional item, I found that the picture you have at the top of the page loads quite slowly. For someone like myself, who likes to move quickly through pages and websites, it was a little cumbersome.

    Good luck to you!

  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown


    I am Michael Brown the creator of Niche Blitzkrieg.

    Thanks for leaving the feedback. Inside Niche Blitzkrieg we have an extremely helpful forum that would have been happy to help you with your sales issues.

    That’s what we are there for – to help you. That’s why we’ve had outstanding positive feedback because we actually help our students rather than just give you a course and say “Have fun with that!” So at anytime we’d be happy to work with you and see what the problems are so you can help correct them.

    I see from checking your site that you are ranked #5 for gelato maker which is cool because actually I had never even heard of this thing lol.

    One thing you can try here is removing the picture on the front page and maybe moving it down later in the post. If you’d add a small 486 x 90 adsense banner where the picture is sitting you’d probably see a sharp revenue increase.

    Also you made this statement…

    “Thanks to all this advertising, my site quickly made it up to Google’s Top 10. On Yahoo, my site was #4 in the listings. And yet, the sales just aren’t there. And neither are the page views, for that matter.”

    The main thing I really want to point out here is you mention that the page views are simply not there. That’s probably your biggest issue. For sales to happen you need traffic. If you’re in the top 10 and you’re not getting traffic then your niche probably isn’t strong enough or basically the keywords aren’t getting searched enough. I noticed the keyword you picked as the main keyword is getting around 2400 exact a month which isn’t bad but you’ll need additional pages to bring in more traffic to have this site generate a substantial amount of income.

    To help remedy this you could:

    Add more pages to your site with targeted keywords or reformat the particular page that isn’t making you money. Also the other thing you can do is get your additional pages ranked as well and not just the home page. This will greatly help increase ad clicks and sales at the same time.

    Over time you won’t need to submit many articles to see traffic etc. as the site will rank naturally with very little work. By the looks of it your site is still climbing for it’s main keywords. If you can get that up to the top 3 you’ll do even better with this site. Most people will click ads before they will actually purchase online. It may not be a bad idea to do a review style site for additional models of Gelato Makers. I think a lot of people may not know what these are and may just be looking for information about gelato makers so a review of different models might be helpful. You could use reviews from amazon customers since i see you’re an affiliate with amazon.

    These are just some suggestions and we’d love to help you out more in our forum. So come on back inside the course and meet us in the forum and we’ll be happy to work with you here.

  • Jerry Fyffe
    Jerry Fyffe

    Hello, I was looking at your site Hally and the first thing that came to mind was “WOW”, those things are expensive. I think that just because something gets searches each month, does not necessarily mean someone is looking to purhcase online. In my opinion, you would probably be better off promoting something a little more affordable, as most people are not going to purchase something along that amount online. They are going to do their research online, and then go purchase it in a store. That may be why you are not seeing the sales.

  • HallyZ

    I also purchased M. Brown’s Niche Blitzkrieg system about 2.5 months ago. I have put up one site so far:


    However, the only earnings I’ve really seen are from a few ad views via Google AdSense. I’ve yet to make a product sale of any kind, even though I have monetized the site with Google AdSense, and Amazon (I even put in an Amazon store). I really couldn’t use any other service (ClickBank, LinkShare) because the product was simply not available through these sites. Yet, I do think that Google, and especially Amazon, did a great job of offering my intended products, so I am still stumped as to the lack of sales.

    Furthermore, I carefully researched my site’s keywords and did the requisite articles (2), press release (1), classified ad (1), and I submitted the site to every RSS feed site I could find using RSSbot (a software program advertised by M. Brown). I eventually purchased PRESSbot, which is another software program offered through the NB system.

    Thanks to all this advertising, my site quickly made it up to Google’s Top 10. On Yahoo, my site was #4 in the listings. And yet, the sales just aren’t there. And neither are the page views, for that matter.

    In my first half-month after I put up the gelato site, I made about $2.26 in ad views. That number jumped up to $12.48 in my second month (April), thanks in large part to my constant article and press release submissions. However, for the month of May, since I have not submitted any kind of articles for this site, it just sits there, and will be bringing in roughly $3 by the end of this month.

    I’m not saying that NB is a bad system or a scam, but I do think that there are critical items left out of the teaching manual. For starters, it’s not enough to pick a niche topic that is not too competitive. You must also pick a HOT topic that is in demand. However, in order to do this, you need to get out of niche topic areas.

    Likewise, it helps to market your own items, like eBooks, or your own related products. However, if you already have your own products, you probably also already have a traffic stream that you can tap into, making sales much easier.

    As it now stands, I am rather busy building a blog site, so I have not made a second web site for my NB ventures. However, I may return in time.

    • Joe

      Thanks for the excellent update, Hally.

  • Jen

    Thanks Shaun! :) BTW, I keep a folder in my Bookmarks titled “Gifts” and I have this site in there that I think you may be interested in: http://www.beau-coup.com/ for your Outdoor Wedding Decorations site. Beautiful site, as well as an affiliate program. Good luck with everything!

  • Shaun Minton
    Shaun Minton

    Absolutely, I figured same thing…might as well get it…didnt know what it would do at the time. I am VERY glad that I got it….it will save you ALOT of time doing your keyword research. I would learn the way that he teaches you to do the research manually in the course, but once you have it figured out, you will want to probably use the NRC all the time…..it does save a ton of time!

  • Jen

    Did either of you purchase the Niche Research Commando as well? I added to my shopping cart and figured, for $27 extra, what the heck! But I’m wondering if you’ve found it helpful to have, along with the course.

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