Quick Summary of Five-Figure Funnel

Rating: 2 Decent idea, poor execution

The Good: The idea is legitimate & money has been made following similar systems.

The Bad: Most people won't reach the claimed earnings. The training is very brief and certainly not a step by step system.

The Bottom Line: If you want actual training that can teach you how to build a real, sustainable business from home, click here to check out our top recommendation. It’s free to get started as well.

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Five-Figure Funnel Review

I can’t tell if the problem with internet marketing lies with the marketers or the buyers.

Every time I see an internet marketing product sales page, it’s all hyped up showcasing the complete extreme possibilities with little in the way of showing the reality.

Is this because marketers just want to put the absolute best light on their product, without caring that very few if anyone will actually attain the lofty heights of earnings they say is possible?

Or is it that we as consumers want to be dazzled by products regardless of whether the claims are true for the vast majority of the customers?

I don’t know what the answer is here, but it happens every time a product is sold, even with a product that doesn’t have an overly hyped up sales pitch like Five-Figure Funnel.

What is Five-Figure Funnel?

This internet marketing product proclaims it can make you a boat load of cash quickly via its system. The sales pitch suggests that the product itself is an e-book guide to creating a product funnel.

The Sales Pitch

The first thing you see on this pitch just underlines the fact that all marketing products go to the extreme.

It states:


It doesn’t say that how on average you might earn a $1,000 or so a month after several months or more of hard work. It doesn’t state that most people will walk away with no earnings at all.

Nope it states the boldest claim possible.

Following this is a screenshot of the alleged amount earned. Now, as a consumer you’re simply told to trust this screenshot but it doesn’t mean anything. It might be money earned from this system, it might not. It might even be faked. It’s not evidence!

five figure funnel not evidence

Yet people take this sort of screenshot as gospel!

Of course, the marketing tactics continue in the sales pitch and they are obvious as day. The majority of it revolves around hating his (your) boss, hating how he (you) has no money, wanting to give his (your) J.O.B the drop, and so on.

Thomas, the guy behind this product, is using this sort of basic tactic to simply get you on his side.

The sales pitch continues with more random earning screenshots, telling you how easy it is to make lots of money and how you don’t need skills, experience or much money to get started.

All hype intended to soften you up for the purchase.

The F.A.Q. listed at the end finally has some truth to it when it says:

This system has the potential to make you 5 and even 6 figures a month! But, you’ll need to put the work in. We’re talking A LOT of work.

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Well, no $*%! Sherlock!

Nearly every internet marketing system out there can make you money if you put the work in.

Purchasing Five-Figure Funnel

The product itself sells for just $9.95 and this is just a loss leader for Thomas as the affiliate page confirms that his affiliates walk away with 100% commission on this.

After that there is an upsell which includes video training, templates and PLR products for $24.95. This in itself isn’t surprising, there’s always an upsell.

The affiliate page mentions a secondary upsell and downsell but I didn’t see it so perhaps that only comes if you purchase the first upsell and confirm you’re willing to put money into Thomas’ pocket.

What annoyed me about the upsell was the link to move forward. Normally these things are passive aggressive techniques to make you feel bad, but here it’s just a No Thanks. What’s wrong with that you ask? Well, it is in plain text right at the bottom and very easy to miss. It just adds frustration for people trying to access their product!

five figure funnel no thanks

The Product

As the sales pitch suggested, the actual product is a PDF e-book. In total it contains 52 pages, containing just over 8,000 words in large font with plenty of images.

The first 7 or so pages are introduction and Thomas’ story so can be safely skipped.

From there, there are 6 modules.

The first covers niche selection and the author pushes you towards JVZoo and make money online/digital product style niches. He doesn’t give any actual training here, but rather states go here and pick something at the top of the list.

The second module is confusing. At first I wasn’t sure what he was talking about but after re-reading the book it seems he wants you to find a problem to solve and to solve it by creating a product.

It covers getting a mind map software and then designing a product such as e-book, video, audio or software.

He also talks about upsells and graphics, but like everything so far, the training is far from complete, more like an overview than something a real newbie could follow.

Module 3 is a brief overview of building a website that barely teaches you anything. If you were hoping to get a decent tutorial on setting up even a basic WordPress site, you’re out of luck.

The next module is likely the longest, and certainly the most detailed in the e-book. It covers signing up to JVZoo and creating a sales pitch and funnel. As well as that it covers adding people to a mailing list via the sales page.

Module 5 covers the best ways to get affiliates to promote your launch. This had some interesting ideas but again it felt rushed and lacking detail that a lot of people new to marketing would need.

The final module is short but it does have value. It advises some basics about how to cope with launching your own product including things that first timers get wrong, like not having a server capable of handling a sudden spike in traffic.

The Bottom Line

five figure funnel socks
My socks never left my feet…

Five Figure Funnel might not be a scam, but you may walk away feeling cheated still.

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For anyone with experience in marketing you probably won’t learn much if anything.

That being said the e-book does contain some information that is useful and in a high level kind of way it does provide a grounding into how to launch your own product,.

The problem is that Thomas said, and I quote “all you need is the ability to follow instructions and take action”. That’s great but how can you follow instructions when everything is vague and high level.

How would anyone know what a good product or niche is just by looking at a list? They wouldn’t, as it’s not told. The same goes for things like product creation and website building and to a lesser extent sales pitches.

The ideas are there but there’s little in the way of actual training. You will walk away after reading this e-book with more questions than answers.

Overall, Five-Figure Funnel is a poor product, with a few saving graces but if you’re after real training I’d say to save your money and look elsewhere.

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