In the comments on Steve’s post about programs he makes money with online, John said,

I would like your advice on this web site. It was on the top 10 list for making money online opportunities. I just reviewed it and need some direction.


So I took a look. I won’t be signing up, though. Would you trust someone with this as a header image?

Forexenterprise header

I mean, good Lord! That’s tackier than dried orange juice on the floor. If that image says to you, “Legitimate Business Opportunity,” you need new glasses. It shouts, “USED CAR SALESMAN. BLING AND CHEAP COLOGNE.”

All the warning signals
If it looks like a pig (close-set eyes, wide snout), sounds like a pig, and above all, smells like a pig, you can be 99% certain that it’s a pig. Sure, there’s a small chance that it’s actually a valuable Arabian stallion, which, for some reason, its owners dressed as a pig to make it more appealing. But there’s also a small chance that you could win the next Powerball lottery and that the girl on the other end of the “Hot Dates” line looks like her picture.

This obnoxious website is a classic pre-sell page. It has the required pictures of wealth, the length, the testimonials (from “Asdhgasdui Adskfughiau??”) the Guarantee, and on and on. But it also shouts “SCAM” with these red flags:

  • He never says what his “system” entails. He asks the question rhetorically, “What does this system involve,” but then launches into another story-based sales pitch. If someone promises to teach you how he made money, but won’t tell you even the basics, he’s a scammer, not a teacher.
  • He never says what you get with your paid membership. $50 in exchange for what? A pony? An ebook? A members-only area with super special contents? You don’t know. If someone wants your money in exchange for a mystery surprise, don’t do it!
  • He makes ridiculous claims: “You Can Take Part in a Money Making System That Has Never Yet Failed!” That’s bunny socks. Bunny socks, I say! There’s no such thing as a money-making system that has never failed. Actually, I guess that’s not true. Taking money from desperate people by lying to them always works. That and prostitution. If someone wants your money in exchange for something that “never fails,” why do they also offer a money-back guarantee? And why all the fine print?

But what about the proof?
Testimonials are easily faked.
The “newspaper clipping?” Please.
The video of Marks logging into his PayPal and Credit Card Merchant accounts? That’s intriguing. He may very well make the kind of money he claims. But it’s from selling crap “systems” to people like you, not from the magical mystery “system” he claims he’s going to show you. Also remember that he already has distribution channels—websites and email lists that allow him to directly put products in front of customers. You don’t, and it will take a lot of time before you do if Internet marketing is your path to financial freedom.

Learn more
If you would like to learn more about “Nick Marks,” the scammer in this particular scenario, check out Keeping the Bastards Honest. Phil Miranda takes a close look at other sure signs that you’re about to prove the old maxim, “A fool and his money are soon parted” if you’re going to give money to Forexenterprise or any other of Nick’s online scams.

What YOU can do
Scams like this one thrive on ignorance and emotional appeal. You can help put these guys out of business by spreading the word about this post and the dirty tricks of scammers that want to kick you when you’re down. Help us get the word out:

  1. Share this post by clicking on the “Share This” link below. We also love Stumbles.
  2. Learn more about this and other online scams by reading the Related Posts below
  3. Report fraudulent activity at Scam Victims United and to your local police

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  • Brian

    There is something new I just checked out which is,
    its a e-book that teaches how to take pictures and sell it online.
    Seems to work for me, and it was only a one-time charge of $35.95. Maybe you should check it out..

  • john dixon
    john dixon

    i dont have a web site….there are to many scamers out there 1000’s of them
    they are out to suck every last dollar from your bank Acc
    it is very hard on a pension , trying to earn an income …just to make ends meet, it is very hard
    THANKS for the info on Forexenterprise
    JOHN D

  • Neta Laird
    Neta Laird

    Thanks for the heads up on some of the these internet businesses–been scammed out of $197.00 and it might as well have been a thousand dollars; a lot of small amounts as well–very skeptical anymore.

  • rod

    So I was going to say first that it’s “Forex currency trading” that would be the purpose of the system but somebody else mentioned in a reply that it has nothing to do with that either. Then what a screwball. lol.

    I just wanted to mention that these guys have a clickbank account and you get $111 something for every referral you send them.

    I’ll bet you the guy’s making alot of money from this right now either way.

  • Pam

    Is there anyway you can help me find a good legitamite home based business? I’m interested in one of the above but don’t know what to do. After 30 years in a factory it closed up and I just lost a job because of a severe back problem. My very small amount of unemployment that I get will run out soon and I’ve tried many of these Home-based-businesses, but none of them are what they claim to be.I feel there are some out there but I can’t them and would GREATLY APPRECIATE any help you can give me.
    Thanking you in advance

  • Kathleen Viens
    Kathleen Viens

    I feel I was scammed by this site and got nothing out of what it really said and I fell for it being desperately broke and wanting to make money. However, I got smart, took the information off of it, then called them up and asked for a refund. They did refund, but I feel this was not worth the $197.00 that they wanted, plus they wasted my time and energy with false advertising and should be sued. They never helped as they said with a coach and I called and called and nobody called back. There should be a law against this.

  • Sergio

    I should have red more info. about markenterprise and forexenterprise before buying into it.
    On top of that I accepted an offer for a FREE DVD+MAGAZINE a month ago ( just 7.95 shiping ). I never received it and now I get an e-mail in which they charge my credit card $39.95( recuring charges??? ) for that FREE products that I never received + another 7.95 for shipping. Of course, their “customere service” e-mail bounced my message when I tried to contact the.
    I will have to waiste my time and efforts with my credit card company while these guys try to suck up mine and other’s people money.

  • Rebecca

    hi im so glad i googled and found out that this system was a fraud, ( the forex emterprise) anyhow im so confused because i dont know what to do to really make money online can you help with any legit companies

  • bob

    If I were to use an old saying to describe this ‘system’ its ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’.It basically is a wide but unfocused dump of information on the different aspects of making money online.Too unfocused and wordy for starters, yet too useless for those who have a fair amount of knowledge on Internet money-making.It attempts to be an online book, full of what-is but definitely not practical enough.A listing of its table of contents:

    Chapter 1: The New Mindset of Internet Marketing

    Chapter 2: Setting Goals the SMART Way – Mapping Out a Blueprint for Your Instant Success! (Talks about goal setting, measurability, positive thinking and what-nots. Blueprint? Pleeease. -bob)

    Chapter 3: The Ultimate Income Producer – Developing Your Own Products to Sell on the ‘Net

    Chapter4: Riding the Coattails of Someone Else’s Success – Making Money as an Affiliate Entrepreneur!

    Chapter 5: Multiplying Your Marketing Efforts – Funneling Profits from Various Forms of Advertising

    Chapter 6: SEO Strategies for Full Online Success

    Chapter 7: Participation Pays Off – Get Cash for Clicking on Links or Giving Your Opinion!

    Chapter 8: A Crash Course in Instant eBay Success

    Chapter 9: Sales Copy to Crush the Competition – A Step-By-Step Formula for Writing Words That Convert Even the Most Stubborn Traffic Into Lifetime Customers

    Chapter 10: Resource Section – Software and Sites Hand-Picked (Hand-Picked? Feels like random listing – bob) to Help You Find Financial Security and Freedom in the Least Amount of Time

    Bonus #1: A Guide to Sourcing Products for Online Sales Success

    Bonus #2: Capitalizing on Content Creation – AdSense Revenue That Runs Itself

    Bonus #3: Capitalizing on True Data Entry Income

  • Mike P. Kulej
    Mike P. Kulej

    This “Forex enterprise” is a total scam. First of all it has nothing to do with Forex. I purchased their so called “product’ which is nothing more than a bunch of linkls to websites of questionable pedegree. When I requested a refund, first they want to to exchange it for some other “product”. Then they simply don’t respond. Stay away from these scammers. Fraud.

  • ben

    they are all scams?!!! which ones work?

  • Ken

    This is a total scam! Hmmm wouldnt you think that his house would be a lil bit nicer with all those high dollar vehicles around. I mean common sense people!

  • Joe

    Some people make money blogging, but it’s not a fast nor an easy road. It takes months of hard work to show results.

    Yes, I would be interested in hearing about what you’ve spent money on and what you thought of the programs.


  • John Camp
    John Camp


    I am terribly sorry I must be mistaken.

    I meant to say is their any non scam web business’s I can look at?

    I have spent and invested so much money from info-commercials that I need something now get out of the red on my credit cards.

    If you are curious as to the ones I am referring to I can list them as well.



  • Joe

    John, I’m not sure which response you’re referring to. When did I say there were others to consider?

  • John Camp
    John Camp


    Thanks for responding and giving me the heads up once again. In your first response you mention some internet marketing business sites to consider.
    Could you please provide them to me again.
    Yes, I will get the word out to my freinds and family.

    Thanks again!

    Mr. John Camp

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